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SARPtalk is a podcast series run by Wes. As with the SARPcast, shows are recorded from Skype calls and uploaded to Chirbit. SARPtalk episodes are sporadically produced about once a month. They are are casual, mostly unplanned, and usually unedited. Wes's goal is for each show to be roughly an hour long but this is not strictly enforced; the show has lasted up to two hours. Because SARPtalk is hosted by the site's owner, it has a different feel than the user-driven SARPcast but they have unique perk of getting the viewpoint of the site's Setting Manager with every episode. SARPtalk broadcasts have often had a direct effect on the community's direction as the discussions on it have been very constructive and tend to influence Wes's opinion.

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List Of Episodes

Shows Length Date Topic(s) Guest(s) Pimped Plot
Episode 1 24 minutes October 24, 2009 Food SUBLIMEinal
Episode 2 45 minutes October 31, 2009 Abwehrans Matthew
Episode 3 1 hr, 25 min December 8, 2009 Starship Designs Zack
Episode 4 47 minutes January 15, 2010 Plots, NMX, misc Nashoba
Episode 5 43 minutes February 5, 2010 Badass Characters Luca
Episode 6 2 hours April 18, 2010 Streamlining the Setting Revolver
Episode 7 1 hr, 43 min April 25, 2010 New Species and Factions Scot
Episode 8 1 hr, 33 min May 2, 2010 Generators, Epic SARP Moments Soresu
Episode 9 1 hr, 15 min May 16, 2010 Abwehrans Matthew
Episode 10 1 hr, 4 min May 23, 2010 Nepleslia Moon Man
Episode 11 55 minutes May 30, 2010 Origin Industries Kai
Episode 12 53 minutes June 7, 2010 New Players and Character Creation Gabriel
Episode 13 1 hr, 17 min June 13, 2010 Creating Plot Ships, Illustration, Religion Exhack NSS Acadia
Episode 14 1 hr, 6 min October 3, 2010 Revisiting SARP History Doshii Jun Fred's future plot
Episode 15 1 hr, 19 min October 10, 2010 SARP in IRL Lamb Nepleslia/NMX War
16A included in Episode 17 October 17, 2010 Temple Guards and Samurai Bilgecrank
Episode 16 1 hr, 5 min October 24, 2010 Star System Creation phacon YSS Aeon
Episode 17+16A 1 hr, 16 min February 26, 2011 GMing Philosophies, Character Development Samuel 69th Para-Military Squad
Episode 18 48 min May 7, 2011 Recruiting Ira 21st Squadron
Episode 19 1 hr, 48 min May 15, 2011 Miharu Ending, Nekovalkyrja Doshii Jun 44th Fire Team
Episode 20 1 hr, 20 min May 28, 2011 YSS Hokorimasu 5tar Vice
Episode 21 42 min June 4, 2011 Andrew's Return and the 7th Fleet Andrew Seventh Fleet
Be sure to check out Lamb's Calgary Jones, Episode 1: Funky City!
Episode 22 9 min October 25, 2011 General news and updates
Episode 23 54 min November 5, 2011 From A New Player's Eyes… Amaryllis, Arieg 1st SOAR
Episode 24 1 hr, 10 min April 14, 2012 Kingdom of Neshaten Kyle NSV Gam'trosha
Calgary Jones Episode 2: The International Relations Conference
Episode 25 1 hr June 2, 2012 Types of Factions/Making New Factions Kyle, SUBLIMEinal 21st Squadron
Episode 26 57 min September 8, 2012 Alien Diversity in the Star Army Universe Moogle OIF Atuan II
Episode 27-1 28 min October 20, 2012 Post-War SARP (Attempt 1) Arieg, Ira, Jimmy
Episode 27-2 Unavailable October 20, 2012 Post War SARP (Attempt 2) Arieg, Ira, Jimmy
Episode 28 54 min October 21, 2012 Frontier Zones and Economics Arieg, Gallant LSDF Akahar, Unit 4
Episode 29 33 min January 21, 2013 2013/YE 35 Ira 147th Kith
Episode 30 42 min March 31, 2013 Aeonic Species Scot Bounty Hunts
Episode 31 55 min May 31, 2014 Creating Alien Societies panel at ConCarolinas Stephen L. Antczak Davey Beauchamp Stuart Jaffe Paula S. Jordan J.F. Lewis Allen Wold. N/A
Episode 32 51 min May 31, 2014 Warfare and The Military panel at ConCarolinas Chris A. Jackson Edward McKeown Gray Rinehart Janine K. Spendlove David Weber N/A
Episode 33 57 min May 31, 2014 Transhumanism panel at ConCarolinas Stephen Euin Cobb Ben Davis Paula S. Jordan James Maxey. N/A


Traditionally SARPtalk guests are notable SARP community members such as Game Masters. However, guests do not necessarily be GMs or even site members; we also welcome roleplaying experts, community leaders, science fiction writers, and anyone relevant and and interesting to our community. If you would like to be a SARPtalk guest, send Wes a private message on the forums, email [email protected] or call (209) STAR-ARMY.


To be a SARPtalk guest you will need:

  • About two hours of uninterrupted time, preferably in a noise-free setting
  • A suggested subject of discussion. This should be related to the SARP or at least relevant to us.
  • A computer with a broadband connection and a working computer microphone of some sort; these can be standalone, built into your webcam, or built into the computer. On this computer you will need to install Skype (Free download).

Guest and/or Topic Suggestions

This section is for brainstorming, planning, and ideas for future episodes and guests.

  • Mastering DOGA
  • A group SARPtalk with more than one guest. Maybe the entire Setting and Manager staff.
  • Artwork, Tech Challenges of the SARP and other ways to contribute to SARP when not making tech, planning new plots, or actually roleplaying.
  • Standardization
  • Luca - In-Character urban legends, the importance of alcohol in a setting and the role of Education in the setting.
  • Moogle, Gallant - The prehistory of SARP, as well as the place of corporations in Yamatai and beyond (See: Recent lazarus debacle and Origin debate) - pimp 147th plot/PhoenixII


Recurring Sections

The show starts with a brief introduction, followed by news and then segues into the main topic, followed by segments, extras, and shoutouts.


Typically the introduction follows this form:

  • Wes: “Hello! It is [Day], [Date] and this is SARPtalk [episode number].
  • Wes: Today's guest is [Guest Name], known for [Guest's Role In SARP]. For those of you that don't know you, give us a brief intro:
  • (Guest speaks)
  • Wes: Today's topic is: [Episode Topic]. But first, here's what's happening around the SARP!
    • Wes reads the list of news items
      • Site-wide Updates
      • Plot Updates
      • Art/Wiki Updates
    • (Guest commentary on each news item)
  • Main discussion follows
Here's What's Happening

Here's What's Happening (Around the SARP) is a news portion containing the latest IC news followed by the latest OOC news. This information is pulled from plot reports and other sources.


Typically the show ends like this:

  • Main discussion ends
  • Wes: “Well, that about wraps up the topic…” (or something similar)
  • (Pimp Your Plot)
  • (Weekly Weirdness)
  • Wes: I want to thank you for coming on the show and also thank everyone listening. I hope you've enjoyed today's SARPtalk.
  • Wes: please remember to vote for us once a day, every day, and to give us the thumbs up” on Facebook!
Pimp Your Plot

A carryover from SARPcast, “Pimp Your Plot” is a segment where the guest gets to choose one plot that they think deserves recognition, whether they are a player, a GM, or simply read the plot and want to advertise it to the SARPtalk listeners. This segment did not appear until Episode 9 because Wes did not want SARPtalk to be a SARPcast clone. However, with SARPcast on indefinite hiatus, Wes eventually changed his mind about the segment.

Weekly Weirdness

This section contains and analyzes a selected unusual, strange, funny, or hilariously stupid post for humor value. It does not appear in all SARPtalks. The maximum weekly weirdness is 2 posts per speaker.


Wes is also considering adding these segments:


Send Wes your suggestions for future topics of discussions! Any constructive criticism is also welcome.

Drinking Game

Take a drink…

  1. any time Wes accidentally calls his show SARPcast
  2. every time Wes interrupts his guest when the guest is in mid-sentence
  3. every time someone curses accidentally and then comments on it or causes Wes to comment on it

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