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SNV Gam'trosha

The SNV (Shukara Naval Vessel) Gam'trosha is a newly commissioned She’tanora Class Hybrid Exploration Vessel, it was deployed in EE 001 (YE 34) and goes by the registration numbers of 043-EX-1F-2E. The ship is captained by Shipmaster U'Cetrinal Sa'kira Yuna'me, the Game Master is Kyle. The Co-GM is Nashoba.

The ship is attached to the 2nd Exploratory Squadron of the Shukara Volunteer Navy 1st Fleet.


  • EE 001 (YE 34) - Commissioned vessel
    • Prologue - Ship launched due to scramble order.
    • Prologue - Ship suffered mysterious damage, including the lose of communications and weapons.


The Gam'trosha is a hybrid exploratory vessel, designed to venture into deep space on long voyages for the purpose of searching out new life and planets to explore, while still possessing the ability to defend itself. The ships operations are many, from combating forces that attack their ship, to investigating derelicts, to setting up temporary bases on a planets surface for the purpose of exploration and checking for possible colonization prospects.

However, while this may be what it's designed for, the Gam'trosha will find itself doing more than just that, including investigating a mystery….

In short, despite the Gam'trosha being a military vessel under a military command, it'll do things that are not typical of a military vessel.

Latest news


The following is a list of modifications done to the SNV Gam'trosha either at the request of the crew, or its Shipmaster.

Backup computer

A backup quantum computer system was added at the request of Se'verem Keri'cruen. This backup was installed in a free area on deck three, it required additional data-cables to be installed but doesn't effect the performance of the vessel.

Science Lab

A scientific research lab is slated to be built and take up a portion of the ships cargohold. This lab is located in the cargoholds top deck, nearest the secondary entrance and behind a loading elevator.

Roleplaying Forums and Threads

Ship's Emblem

Currently the ship has no actual emblem of its own due to being a newly commissioned vessel with no history

Ship's Name

The term Gam'trosha is a name given by the ships captain, it is Tinacen for Light of Wings, and relates to the ships exploratory nature.

Ship's Motto

Unravel That Which Is There - the motto comes from the ships very nature, but is also derived from the Daur's upmost desire to pursue knowledge.

Ship's Status

As the ship has only just been built and commissioned, it's in pristine condition.

Ship Songs

The song played while the ship is in combat.

Immediate Music - Lacrimosa Dominae

SNV Gam'trosha's Inventory

The following is a listing of the inventory of the SNV Gam'trosha

The following are items stored in the ships armory.


Weapons are stored in the armory, not in the cargohold.

MUM Modules





Lists the types of ammunition that is stored on the ship


The following is a list of items in the ships cargohold.


Equipment (Repair kits, medical, etc..)

Replacement Repair Parts

Additional Supplies


The following is a list of vehicles presently stored on the Gam'trosha.

SNV Gam'trosha Personnel

This page lists the notable crew members of the SNV Gam'trosha and available positions.

Crew Roster


Name Rank Position Player Shift Notes
Sa'kira Yuna'me U'Cetrinal Shipmaster Kyle (GM) Also Swordmaster

Warrant Officers

Name Rank Position Player Shift Notes


Bridge Personel

Name Rank Position Player Shift Notes
Vail'ant Def'leor O'Eytene Starship Aviator Nashoba Also serves as Acting XO
Shi'sha'tra Je'ha'shue A'Fuereb Starship Aviator NPC
Shim'moto, Alis'tarA'Fuereb Agent Soki Ryugamine Also Novice Swordmaster

Support Specialists



Name Rank Position Player Shift Notes
Sa'gesse Elza'beth Che'valier Ini'she (Counselor) Nashoba

Available Positions

The SVN Gam'trosha is currently seeking the following:

  • Engineer (We currently have an over-abundance of Hardware Engineers, thus please pick another sub-occupation)
  • Healer (Medic)

However, due to this being the only navy plot currently available in the faction, any occupation is welcomed, just that those listed above are the most needed.

Please also note that we are overloaded on Laibe and Daur, anyone making a character is recommended (although not required) to please make a My'leke, as the ship needs them


This plot is open to all Neshaten characters, including adult and child characters as well.

Unassigned Players

  • None thus far

Cabin Assignments

Former Crewmen

Former crewmen are automatically transferred to Vectes Naval Base, which serves as the Gam'trosha's home-base currently due to the lack of a properly running station.

Name Rank Position Player Reason for leaving
Selin Akri'bast C'Baruce Healer Samuel Pulled out
Ari'Su Sha'Ri C'Baruce Combat Engineer Dwarfofdefeat Disappeared, removed due to inactivity, unable to contact
Prok'Hor Spyr'Idon Stahp C'Baruce Combat Medic Phoondelmar Left due to real life
Ash'Hareva Sher'Van C'Baruce Marine Recon Specialist Zonr 0 Disappeared, unable to contact
Amauri Rosec'a C'Baruce Healer Orion Lots of real-life problems
Juiy'ne Qyu'amene C'Baruce Heavy Marine Ira Unknown
Levi'Nash Gev'inov C'Baruce Science Aviator genofoxx Hasn't posted in two months
Dominika Da'rya Anas'tasiya C'Baruce Healer Andrew Unknown
Su'kelo Dra'vir Zes'kas C'Baruce Combat Medic Shammy Disinterested
Men'sab - Seu C'Baruce Healer Windra Vanished, can't contact
Vladi'mir Takah'ashi C'Baruce Agent Drenica Disappeared, unable to contact
Tal`Dar Ara`sil C'Baruce Hardware Engineer Daimyon Originally had a downed computer, have been unable to contact in several months.
Bar'Diel Tar'Vas X'Muyeia Ini'she (Counselor) Yoshi Pulled out
Zu'Rel Tar'Vas C'Baruce Agent Yoshi Pulled out
Phra'athit Neha Ay'indri C'Baruce Agent Soresu Real World issues, temporarily removed.
Haun'do Mache'lato C'Baruce Weapons Engineer Zain Snowpaw Disappeared
Ro'sario Erm'olai A'Fuereb Software Engineer Matthew Disappeared
Tos'cana Ye'gor X'Muyeia Systems Engineer BionicSamurai Hasn't posted in months
Mar'Tendo Gai'Tano Tite'Yanus A'Fuereb Heavy Marine Gabriel Status Unknown
Kub'lukov Dom'inic Vik'tor A'Fuereb Marine Mortem Status Unknown
Got'ti Ni'kita C'ross A'Fuereb Swordmaster Shadow Status Unknown
Lu'man Yar'ica Shar'ica O'Eytene Marine ShotJon Left Site
Lun'ia Ry'ken C'Baruce Hardware Engineer Liveemotion-pixel Status Unknown

Unsorted Crew

SVN Gam'trosha Rules and Operating Procedures

This section has in-character and out-of-character rules.


  • Wake up, clean cabin
  • Get ready for the day, get in uniform
  • Have breakfast, all crew in cafeteria
  • Crew meeting, talk about daily activities
  • Crew commit to their indivisuals duties
  • Lunch
  • Training exercises, ship drills, mission drills
  • Dinner
  • Ship cleaning
  • Sleep

Rules of the Ship

  • Always respect the chain of command.
  • Never disrespect an officer, always add -sah or -mah to the end of their name if not addressing by rank.
  • Always treat your fellow crewmen with the same level of respect you would want to be treated with.
  • Keep the ship clean and maintain all hardware.
  • Always becareful when handling power crystals, wear gloves, treat them gently!
  • Smoking is allowed, but only in specific areas of the ship. Engineering, Armory, Medical, and the Bridge are off-limits to smoking.
  • Drinking is forbidden, as it can interfere with a person's ability to do their job.

OOC Rules

  • If you don't understand what is going on, then ask the Game Master.
  • Try and play nice please, arguing amongst one another and fighting gives the GM a real headache!
  • When a player survey is sent out, please respond to it, it may effect your roleplay experience!
  • Try and keep on top of any current changes to the plot, if you have to go away for whatever reason, let the GM know please.
  • Please try and post at least once a week, in order to keep the plot moving. Or post when the plot permits.
  • If a post isn't made after two weeks, then the character might be transferred to Gam'troshas sister ship, the NSV Tra'trosha.

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