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The SARPcast is the original Star Army podcast, hosted by Revolver. Shows are calls that are recorded over Skype and uploaded to Chirbit. The schedule is currently once a week and recorded on Saturday, though provisions can be made for guests who cannot be online for a Saturday recording. The length of each SARPcast varies as there has not been a yet-agreed upon standard length by the listeners (although according to the host, “keeping it between 30min-1hr seems ideal to me”). Currently the SARPcast is on hiatus because its host is very busy with work. Because of this, Wes has created the similar program SARPtalk.

Discussion, Suggestions and a FAQ are located in the SARPcast thread on the boards here.

Shows Length Date Topics Guest Pimped Plot
Episode 1 42 min July 18, 2009 NMX War & DOGA Kai YSS Senbu
Episode 2 38 min July 25, 2009 NTSE & Iromakuanhe Exhack Bahram Wing
Episode 3 47 min August 1, 2009 IRC & Writing Tips raz 11th Squadron
Episode 4 54 min August 8, 2009 Magic & Kohanians Avatar of Kohana Horizon's Key
Episode 5 71 min August 15, 2009 Site History & Administration Wes YSS Freedom
Episode 6 89 min August 29, 2009 Character Tips & The Hot Tub Doshii Jun YSS Miharu
Episode 7 79 min September 5, 2009 Lorath & PVP DocTomoe Lorath Matriarchy

Future planned guests include 5tar, Kampfer, and Luca, although no dates have been set.


SARPcast shows generally start with the introduction of the week's guest, followed by some discussion about current events that are happening either in-character or out-of-character on Star Army. Next, the two topics of the week are discussed in depth, and the show finishes off with two recurring segments, “Pimp Your Plot” and “Post of the Week.” Finally, there's the sign-off where some humorous fake topics are listed as being the discussion points for the next week's show.

Recurring Segments

Pimp Your Plot

“Pimp Your Plot” is a segment where the guest gets to choose one plot that they think deserves recognition, whether they are a player, a GM, or simply read the plot and want to advertise it to the SARPcast listeners.

Post Of The Week

In the “Post of the Week” segment, both Revolver and the Guest pick a post made on the Forums in the last week that they find significant in some fashion, either for entertainment value, technical merit, or because it makes a good example in some way.


Leaving suggestions for future topics or questions that can be answered on the show is very helpful, additionally, any criticism of previous shows is also welcome. If we talk too fast, if someone is hard to hear. Even if you think we pick sucky things to talk about or go off topic too much. When we know what's going wrong, it's much easier to try and get those things right the next time.

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