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Bahram Wing

β€œThe wings of victory.” - Bahram Wing Motto

Bahram Wing is a mission-based RP GM'd by Exhack and Soresu, following the exploits of a small wing of junior Frame Runners led by a former ace pilot with a tragic past.

In Roleplay

Bahram Wing is an action/adventure plot, focusing on high-speed mecha action and the tense political situation in the isolated Astral Commonwealth. Characters consist of the runners, their commander and the various support staff who keep the Vanguard operating at workable efficiency. Because of the nature of conflict, players can expect to see plenty of mature scenes of violence and pending a survey of player ages, the plot may move into the adults-only section of the forum. Until that time, such content should only be posted in the 18+ forum.

The Bahram wing plot began on February 08, 2009.



Bahram Wing

Marranr Serhan Nejem

Vaytulri Mu'Tasim Farouk

Vayranr Rashek Baseil

Lanbalri Zus Storhan

Vayshirin Akjit Chirimar

Vayshirin Isha Ragnar

Vayshirin Kuzman Nadev

Vayshirin Jin Pho'tet

Vayshirin Aiaru Dahra

Vayshirin Szemis Storhan

Supporting Crew

Former Members

Vayshirin Shokhi Isacuiha Miyorh

Marbalri Zalus Ka'salm

Vayshirin Jlu Ciranth

Vaytulri Komal Vasi

Vayshirin Savitar Ananta

Vaybalri β€˜Ismat Sitari

Vaybalri C4 Malik Ibn Rashidan

Vaybalri Nenetl Zeltzin

Senshirin Indira Shivali

Marbalri Reovan Mehta

Vayshirin Firuz Jaralei

Vayshirin Nevsa Remore

Vayshirin Hafsa bint Saleh

Vaytulri Mridula Ituri Osei


Vaygraiv Sankhur β€œRed Hound of Veyrin” Frazig Cohronl, Base Commander of Fort Jarizas Personality: A well meaning, but antagonistic and smug commander who leads others courageously but tends to forget their feelings. Notes: Gave Serhan his assignment; Has seen Zus in the nude, at the cost of a chipped horn. Appearance: Lean and fairly built, with a casual smirk, blue eyes and dark gray hair.
Vaybalri Khiyai Sahrzad Cohronl, a senior Mechanist stationed at Fort Jarizas Personality: Intelligent and studious, but rarely listens to her own feelings and tend to chide others for acting badly. Notes: Seems to like Malik Ibn Rashidan a little; is one quarter Eyr Ranr. Appearance: A svelte and lightly tanned young woman with gray hair and red eyes, half-gear markings on her cheeks and a red hexagon pattern on her horns.
Lanbalri Anik Vadranno Mazerinii, an experienced Infantrywoman and VAHIN jockey who is attached to the regiment at Fort Jarizas. Personality: Energetic, aggressive and playful. While flirty and open, she follows a private code of ethics in the arena of romance. Notes: Khiyai's bunkmate, and best friend. Likes strong men. Appearance: A very healthy looking buxom young woman with fair skin, wavy white hair and light orange eyes. She rarely wears her full uniform, forgoing the jacket for just the turtleneck underneath.
Lantulri Agni Dev Eyr Ranr, a former Wing Second turned Quartermaster. Personality: A fairly laid back individual, and often rather jovial. Generally doesn't recognize the ranks below him, though tightens up around higher ranks. Notes: Enjoys the cold. Is an acrobat, knows a good deal of circus and performing tricks. Appearance: A tall, lanky man, wears a pair of glasses and is missing a good length of his left horn. He has deep green eyes, and messy brown hair. His toned arms, chest, and part of his face are covered in blue tribal tattoos, reminiscent of his people. Casually wears half his uniform, usually in a sleeveless jacket piece, the standard pants, and shoes.
Marshirin Rosni Al'Busad Curdatl, a somewhat slow staff-jockey, works for Agni. Personality: Speaks in the third person and in a simplified accent, he isn't bright, but is very kind and loyal. Notes: Tends to keep to himself until called on. Can be entertained easily. Appearance: Very large for an Iroma, his horns are long, he's taller than almost everyone on base(an amazing 7'11β€œ), and has a large set of feet and hands. His eyes are a dark brown, as is his buzzed hair, and he he possesses a typical flesh-colored skin tone. He's often seen in full uniform.
Vayshirin Sarika Neha Cohronl, one of the IT technicians stationed at the fort. Personality: A workaholic that enjoys keeping tabs on the various rumors about the Fort. Being in a position to having access to most of the base and . Notes: None Appearance: 5'7”, 128 lbs, rosy skin and short, bobbed brown hair. Her violet eyes are often hidden behind her sleek, large eyed goggles that she uses for work. Often she'll be looking at work-related readouts while going about her daily business and even on breaks.
Vayshirin Skuli Rahimah Sund Wakir, one of the stewards serving in the Astarte's base shrine. Personality: A faithful and close spiritual confidant to all. Generally friendly to everyone except Frame Runners. Notes: Orphaned, raised by Temple Guard in Seddir. Appearance: 5'4β€œ, 112 lbs, dark brown skin, with dirty blonde hair. Is usually seen wearing steward vestments of the Vanguard.
Vaybalri Erza Rahimah Sund Wakir, one of the junior mechanists serving on the Astarte Personality: Clumsy and cowardly, she has little resolve in herself. Like her sister, Skuli, she is generally friendly to everyone. Notes: Orphaned, raised by foster parents in Kaeshun. Appearance: 5'8”, 135 lbs, dark brown skin, with black hair. Is often wearing a fresh set of Coveralls since she soils herself in times of intense fear.


Posting Expectations

  • Players in Bahram Wing are expected to make single posts at least once every 1-3 OOC days and attend joint post sessions that have been given reasonable notice beforehand.
  • Players who are unable to follow these requirements should make notices in the scheduling thread.
  • Players who do not make notices of absence or posting difficulty and do not participate in a JP or post in SP will be removed from the plot after six weeks.

Free Positions

Framer Runners Mechanical Staff You may contact a GM with requests for other positions.

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