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Ke-P5-02 - POM Gun Wall

The POM Gun Wall is a component of the Type 33 Prefab Outpost Modules. It became available in YE 33.

About the Ke-P5-02

This is one of the optional building blocks for the Type 33 Prefab Outpost Modules. It provides sections in the upper barricade that swing down so that various crew served or automated guns can be deployed.It features a walk way positioned four meters up, which provides a one meter barricade that the soldiers can duck behind or fire over. The Ke-P5-02 does not come with any weapons.

Ke-P5-02 Front Ke-P5-02 Rear


Class: Gun Wall Nomenclature: Ke-P5-02a Type: Prefab Outpost Module Designers: Ketsurui Fleet Yards Manufacturer: Ketsurui Fleet Yards Organization Using This item: Star Army of Yamatai Date entered service: YE 33 Units Fielding: Second Expeditionary Fleet, Fourth Fleet



  • Height: 5m (16.4 ft)
  • Length: 8m (26.4ft)
  • Width: 2m (6.56 ft)

Damage Rating

See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system.

  • 20 SP (Armor)


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