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NSS Altomir

Background artwork done by Saul Espinosa

In old Kohanian legend, before the time of space flight and biological weapons of war, Altomir was the main figure of a cautionary tale of futility. A great bear-like beast that spanned the stars in the sky, Altomir is said to be the end of all of Kohana. Without fear of its inhabitants, the deity would swallow Kohana whole, ending time. However, from this event, it is said that life would eventually sprout anew over time, and Kohana would flourish again.

One of many DD5 Destroyers built for Nepleslia's 1st Assault Fleet, the NSS Altomir is a vessel meant to be first into the fight, and last to leave. Bristling with guns on the outside, men and women of iron soul beneath the metal flesh, and under the command of one of Nepleslia's most infamous Grand Admirals, the Altomir is a vessel built for war, but meant for glory.

Led by Flint Vanderhuge, the soldiers of Nepleslia's Star Military will work with the living legend himself to secure the future of Nepleslia in a shattered and hostile universe. Their ultimate victory, however distant, is reached through their peerless teamwork and dauntless courage.

These are the men and women who will change Nepleslia forever.

NSS Altomir in Roleplay

The NSS Altomir is a military-centric plotship that will deal with Nepleslia's struggle with the NMX, with a heavy focus on both combating the enemy and overcoming the innate struggles of Nepleslia and its society. Players should expect plenty of action in a wide variety of locations and situations, but plenty of time for their characters to develop themselves outside of combat as well.

Grand Admiral Flint Vanderhuge leads an assortment of soldiers as both his personal guard and special strike team, meant for missions of great importance to the NSS Altomir and Nepelslia as a whole. A wide assortment of men and women, specializing in many aspects, will be needed; combat specialists, vehicle pilots (both air and land), engineers and medics, all circles of the military will be handy for the completion of each mission. Players are encouraged to develop and use their characters abilities to their fullest, as on the Altomir, specialists will be just that; special.

The NSS Altomir is a plot by The Essential Moon Man, and is played through mainly single posts. Roleplay began on April 20, 2012.

NSS Altomir Forum NSS Altomir OOC Thread

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Life on the NSS Altomir

Serving aboard the NSS Altomir means living there as well, always ready for the next mission whenever their foes rear their heads. Life aboard the Altomir has several 'differences' from regular, planetary living.

Listed below are a few of those irregularities that players and their characters should expect to deal with. Keep in mind that as the plot goes on, new additions to this list may arise.

  • Grand Admiral Flint Vanderhuge believes in team cohesion above all else; members of a squad are often given communal bunks and living quarters, and are often given group activities and training in-between missions to improve teamwork. Interaction with other squads is encourage, but given less emphasis.


Players whom do not post for two weeks or at least give forewarning of absences for periods of time will have their characters moved into an inactive state. Be warned; in this state, your character may be killed off, so please give forewarning of any planned inactivity via PM or IRC.

Crew Rank Structure

Ranking structure follows standard Star Army of Nepleslia regulations.


Interested New Players will be interviewed by the GM before being accepted. Although not a requirement, being previously educated about the SARP setting will help one be accepted.

Any species and gender applicable to The Nepleslian Star Military are allowed to join, with exceptions given based on the interview.

Currently, the NSS Altomir is accepting the following positions:

  • Soldiers (the backbone grunts of Nepleslia's powerful armed forces, adept in powered armor combat)
  • Engineers (soldiers who can, if necessary, make minor repairs in field conditions, as well as work as engineering staff when on a spacefaring vessel)
  • Medics (soldiers who specialize in healing as well as hurting)
  • Combat specialists (explosives experts, long-range specialists. Be aware that situations may vary, so do not neglect their basic combat skills)

Current Crew Members

Command Staff

1st Assault Fleet, Squad 001

Important NPCs:

Ship Personnel


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