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Saveli Borzakov

Saveli Borzakov is an Iromakuanhe played by Kokuten.

Saveli Borzakov
Pronunciation: SAH-vel-ee BORE-zah-kahv
Species: Iromakuanhe Born: Ruh 16th, 913
Gender: Male Height: 6'3โ€œ / 190.5 cm.
Age: 23 (30YE) Weight: 187 lb. / 84.8 kg.
Family (or Creators): 1) Dima B. (Age: 57) Organization SMDION
2) Izolda B. (Age: 58) Ranks Private
Lineage: Cohronl Occupation Marine Vehicle Specialist
Current Placement
NSS Altomir

Saveli's Voice and Theme

Voice: Something akin to a very passable Indonesian accent in English.

Theme(Normal): Bastion - Spike in a Rail

Theme(Urgency): Firelake - Fighting Unknown

Physical Characteristics

  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 22 (Is 29 by Yamataian Standards.)
  • Height: 6'3โ€ / 190.5 cm.
  • Mass: 187 lb. / 84.8 kg.

General View

  • Handedness: Ambi-dextrous
  • Build: A lean, somewhat muscular body. His muscles contour under his skin noticeably, but for the most part, Saveli's bodily frame is smooth and flexible.
  • Skin Color: Tanned, Flesh-Colored skin.
  • Facial Features: Smooth skin, but sharp, tired features.
  • Eye color: Deep, gray eyes. They follow a more platinum color than solid gray.
  • Hair color and Style: Chocolate brown hair with a layered style that stays flat to the contours of his head. Though the ends fray out about where the brim of a baseball cap would fit snug. Essentially, medium-length hat hair.
  • Horn color and Style: Saveli's horns are generally darker color, but polished to smooth finish. Though, unlike most Iroma, his horns are ground down to about three-quarters the length of normal. The ends are capped by silver cups that are flush with the contour of the horns. There are also two white stripes that circle around each horn close to the base.
  • Distinguishing Features: On Saveli's forehead is a geometric line tattoo. A hexagon, with lines stretching off the left and right points, with the symbol of Muna in the center of the hexagon. The lines that stretch to the left and right trace down the sides of his neck split to form more intricate, geometric line tattoos on his front and back.
  • Symbiotic Modification:

Right Arm Fanir's Claw: A progressive symbiotic that encompasses Saveli's fore-arm. In times where he needs something sharp, or a defensive-melee weapon, the tips of his fingers extend into crystalline points. This also increases the strength of his grip.

Liver Organ Enhancement: A homunculus symbiotic that has replaced Saveli's previously injured Liver with an improved one. This accounts him for an increased metabolism, an empowered immune system, and a decreased susceptibility to alcohol.

Nervous System and Optics Explorer Enhancement Package: A saturation symbiotic that greatly enhances Saveli's visual awareness, his reaction time, and overall accuracy with all weaponry.

Mental Characteristics


Saveli is a generally energetic, strong, and somewhat wispy individual. He is often curious, especially of his new Nepleslian home. By Iroma standards, he's still a very a youthful and young individual. Even so, he has a mark of wisdom that's common amongst his people, and takes his duties to the vigil seriously, always aiming to improve himself.

He is particularly sensitive when it comes to matters of subjugating others.

Preferences and Goals

  • General Likes: Exploring unknown places, flying on his lift-board, having a drink with good friends, enjoying a good warm meal with lots of poultry, driving/piloting like a maniac, improving himself, finding 'treasure', looting.
  • General Dislikes: Forced to do nothing in his off time, back-seat drivers, someone calling the saints gods, sleeping too late in the day.
  • Religion: The Dreamer Vigil
  • Favorite Color: Blue
  • Favorite Band: The Seven
  • Favorite Song: The Seven - A Good-Bye To My Love
  • Favorite Book: N/A
  • Favorite Movie: N/A
  • Lucky Number: 64
  • Clothing: Saveli prefers to wear fitting clothes, along the variety of cargo shorts and T-Shirts. Whatever can make him more practical in his work, without sacrificing comfort.
  • Food: Saveli has lived most of his life off of a corporate cafeteria, and is very used to bland food. When it's spiced up enough, just about anything will taste good to his palette due to the flavor. Though, his favorite cuisine in Nepleslian culture is the delicacy known as 'Buffalo Wings'.
  • Sexuality: Heterosexual
  • Goals: To one day reach across the galactic cultures and find a home, and make something of himself as his father did.


Early Life

A Home You Never Knew

Saveli Borzakov was born of Dima and Izolda Borzakov on Ruh 16th, 913 at 9:27 Commonwealth Standard Time, on the VSV Vindicator. His parents had recently been evacuated from their outer space colony, Suresh, of which was being seized by pirates. Though, Saveli would not enjoy the sight of his home after a timely liberation. Due to the remote nature of the Borzakov's home, and having a fleet of only one ship compared to a staggering seven on the enemy's end, the station was given up in favor of saving the evacuated colonists. This left behind Suresh to become a small border-haven for piracy.

And Never Will

Brought back home, and starved of home, work, and even at times, food, the Borzakovs were made to stay on the orbital facilities over Mazerin. For almost four years, the Suresh colonists, as well as the Borzakovs, petitioned the colonial government with strong pleas for the Commonwealth to take back their home. The response were a series of excuses: the colony was on the border of space, the fleets were tied down as is, and military forces were on edge as events that would eventually lead up to the Third Outer System Conflict steadily got worse. As such, the Suresh colonists were barred from home, with no way to go back.

A Small Ray

In light of the protesting events, a small trading company opened up its arms to some of the colonists, boasting high pay for mildly dangerous work. Dima, Saveli's father, took to the work and put the family on a space ship, and securing most Saveli's future to be on the ICSV Starlight. There, the young boy spent a long time amongst belligerent, bitter Cohronl who served just as bitterly as surveyors and explorers to distant systems.


The Roaring 20s

At the young age of 16, Saveli joined his father and mother in the business that they'd been serving in for the past decade. They had found themselves busy, working in the wake of the heated Third Outer System Conflict. With the war over, there was plenty of safety in traveling to border stars. Saveli himself established himself quickly as a helpful member, he was put at the controls of shuttles and vehicles, but also an excellent enforcer against any hostilities the enforcers had encountered.

Vultures Bitten By The Corpse

While exploring a moon on a distant system, the survey team's ship was assailed by passing pirate vessels, robbed, and scuttled in orbit. Luckily, the Borzakov family was on the surface of the moon when the ship was destroyed, leaving them homeless, but at the same time stranding them on an unbreathable rock. For a few tentative minutes, they were left with that notion, of being destined to live on a whirling piece of space sediment. That was until the one remaining pirate ship, a small corsair, sent down a shuttle to loot up what was sent down to the surface.

Though, they found that the angry Cohronl were not as easy to put down as the executives and pilots. The survey team bit back hard at the landing privateers, and gunned them down to near the last. Those that were left, were held at gun-point and ordered to assist with putting the team's equipment on /their/ shuttle. Dima, the current leader of the group, concocted a devious plan, one that some may have thought had been made out of vengeance and anger. Saveli was put at the helm, and the crew ascended to a ship whose crew had mostly been eradicated.

Now with their own ship, unemployed, and packing a decent amount of heat. Dima Borzakov found himself in an opportune position. While some of the more pensive surveyors felt the need to return closer to home, with Saveli included, Dima wanted to go somewhere else.


For the last two decades, Suresh had been a haven for pirate expeditions, and had been largely forgotten by most of the universe. Though, everyone on board the pirate vessel, save for a few pirating prisoners, were colonists who had left their home behind years ago when the pirates drove them away. A few people felt somewhat grated at risking their lives to visit their home, but they were guaranteed a plan, and some felt it certainly better than subjugating themselves to a hungry business. So, Dima had the ship taken to Suresh, which they had found unchanged on the exterior after so many years.

They entered with little trouble, most pirates on board assuming that they were pirates themselves. Though it was easy to see that the Cohronl were unsettled by the changes to the inside. Their home had been transformed into a slum, and a disgusting one at that.

Saveli held no familiarity to the family's home station. He had been born and raised on starships, and was largely disconnected to the situation. Yet, it mattered the boy's father, so he followed through with a plan that most would have deemed insane.

Dima had been an administrator on board Suresh before it had be seized by the Pirates, and thus had a very good handle one the station's ins and outs. Though, the ease at which they navigated the halls didn't go without notice. Pirates had their suspicions, but didn't feel too encouraged attacking a largely armed group of about twenty. Though, they had enough encouragement once they reached the administrative level. The leading faction of pirates running the station had guards set up to prevent much entry, but the Suresh natives had some quick fixes to that.

As soon as they arrived, they opened fire on the sentries and pushed their way in. Things got bloody quickly, as the former refugees cut through the halls, Saveli included. Dima led them to the communications terminals and used what access he could remember to send out a distress signal on Vanguard frequencies. The very same he had sent out the first time before Saveli had been born.

Dying For A Higher Cause

Of course, the local anti-authorities would have nothing of the insurgency within their station, and began sending themselves forward to cut down the Suresh natives. Meanwhile, other pirates realized just what the distress signal meant, and just how powerful a responding fleet would be if they didn't get out of dodge. So while some assailed the remaining refugees, others ran like hell. It took hours, but a contingency of Vanguard ships arrived, several Vayu-Class ships with full VANDR complements. Yet even hours in, the pirates still fought.

By the time any of the soldiers could arrive, over half of the insurgent Suresh citizens had been cut down. Saveli himself had been shot a few times already, bleeding profusely, and using up most of his mother's prajna. Though even as Dima defended them, the boy took a shot in the stomach, a bullet tearing right through his liver. The force put him on his back onto the floor. His mother, Izolda, came to held her son as he began to die in her arms. Saveli fought to keep his consciousness as to enraged sides fought one another, but he soon blacked out.

Awaking To A New One

Days later, Saveli awoke to a veil of orange liquid. He found he had been suspended in a prajna tank, and was receiving recovery treatments for his wounds. Suresh had been saved by the Vanguard, rescuing the 'kidnapped' civilians, as his mother seemed to have explained to the soldiers. Out of the twenty that had walked onto the station, eight had walked out, with Saveli's mother and father thankfully included. Even so, his father spent several days after the incident mourning the losses with his mother.

For times after, news of the retaking of the small colony of Suresh reached the ears of former colonists and Cohronl seeking new homes. The coming year saw a small resurgence in the colony's population, a presence of the Vanguard, and even the colonial government itself. Suresh was cleaned up, and made a place to live again. The recovery made Saveli realize just for what he had fought for, even despite his detachment, he felt a strong sense of pride in what they had sacrificed to achieve. Yet, it still wasn't his home.

Finding One's Own Place

Much to his parent's dismay, Saveli chose not to stay in Suresh for more than year. The young man felt the calling of further star systems, and perhaps, distant ships. Despite his parents and ancestors being raised in one place for years upon years in their lives, Saveli had been raised in no home at all. The realization of having nothing to feel like home unsettled the man, so he traveled to the galactic south on the routes established through the then recent Freespacer agreements. By a Freespacer Foreman's advice, Saveli made his way to a well-known planet in galactic west.


Funky City was a marvel to behold to a wayward Iromakuanhe. The towering spires and urban landscape made it feel like a space station or space ship with no roof. The practicality of most of Nepleslia's industrial structure spoke to the Cohronl's spirit of design. Even the people, normally very wary of some strange pointy eared species, were rather accepting of this 'bone elf'. The culture itself was amazing, a thick brazing of law and lawlessness, with a strange fluidity that proved to be functional. There were so many different types of people, yet they all seemed fall under one ethnicity, no matter their race. They were all, very simply, Nepleslian.

Unfortunately, Iroma weren't fed on amazement. Saveli needed work, and firstly citizenship. Though, the process of becoming a citizen of the Democratic Imperium required a bit of time to process through a system involving billions of people. However, he found a small short cut through military service. Anyone who served terms in the Nepleslian Star Military were citizens by right of fighting for country. Saveli saw a way to kill two birds with one stone.


Dakka Dakka Dakka!

With a little bemusement from the recruiter, Saveli was put into the ranks of Marines in the Star Military. He found the training mildly rewarding, if not very familiar to his life as a surveyor. With a recognized talents for shuttles and vehicles, the Marine Corps trained him in mechanized warfare and tactics, giving Saveli the joy of experiencing new technology. Though the problems rolled in when he was put into Power Armor training. The first time he crawled in, the armor almost cracked his horns off. With a mild dismay, he polished and ground down his horns /just/ short enough and capped them to make him able to mount powered armor.

Despite being quite the foreigner, Saveli passed through basic comfortably, and was sent to his first assignment, Rok'Veru.



Saveli is fluent in Saalsari, Trade, and smattering Yamataian. He can read and write in the first two language, though has some trouble reading bad handwriting in Trade. He can receive messages well through electronic communications in Iroma civilian forms(Civilian/Commercial ships, vehicles), and Nepleslian civilian/military forms(All modern comm technology). Military training has allowed him to communicate well with hand signals, morse code, and other forms military code.


Several years of fighting have forged Saveli into a pretty fighter. His main focus is rifle based combat, and is capable of using many types of rifles to kill many different types of organisms. He is also proficient in hand-to-hand combat through life and military training, and is able to take a punch just as much as throw one. Survival situations have taught him to use his knife effectively not just to live, but to kill as well. Military training has him familiar with all modern military-issue weaponry, as he is able to use them effectively in combat situations.

Saveli is also physically fit for infantry combat and powered armor combat. His body is trained to handle the swift motions of powered armor, is able to move fluidly in one. He's trained to use most PA weapons, and is able to effectively use the targeting suite to shoot targets and long ranges.


Cohronl's are natural survivors of spacy environments, and Saveli's job as a surveyor took that further, particularly to planetary environments. He's able to navigate extreme conditions, and is familiar with natural foods found in both Commonwealth and Nepleslian spaces. He's also able to make due without common amenities, and is able to make his own shelter, build fires, camouflage and shield himself against the elements, and can hunt for his food. Saveli is also familiar with guerrilla tactics.


While never being in a leadership position himself, Saveli is capable of working with a squad to accomplish mission objectives with tactical grace. His life before the military instilled a sense of teamwork and a respect of the orders of authority, but the military instilled a strong sense of discipline and morale. Even under extreme pressures of combat, Saveli is capable of recognizing command figures, ambush points, calculating distances, and using tactical maps.


One of Saveli's most prideful skills, despite his trained combat abilities, is his ability handle a wide arrange of vehicles. He is familiar with most Iroma wheeled and grav-based craft, and all Nepleslian military transport vehicles. He's able to maintain focus on his driving, in most high stress situations. The Chornol can also make rudimentary repairs to the vehicle as long as he's got enough tools and time.

Starship Operations

Saveli is proficient in piloting shuttle, aerospace transport, and cargo craft. He is also capable of flying and landing in bad weather. He is mildly proficient in making small repairs to the craft itself, but is unable to make full-scale servicing.


Saveli is capable of playing a guitar, and plays rather well, knowing a few songs from his homeland by heart. Just don't ask him to sing. He doesn't like to sing.

He also knows some pretty flashy tricks to perform on a lift-board.





  • 2 Tank tops, green, with fleet number on the right chest
  • 2 Pairs of ankle length pajama pants, khaki
  • 1 Pair of slip-on flexi-shoes, black


  • 2 Short-sleeved mocks with fleet number on the right chest, Green
  • 2 Work-out shorts, khaki
  • 4 pairs green ankle Socks
  • 1 pair green low-top sneaker shoes
  • 1 Pair of trunks, green, fleet number on right leg

Weapons and Weapon Accessories


Character Data
Character NameSaveli Borzakov
Character OwnerBilgecrank
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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