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Sunflower Corporation

Founded in YE 40 by Kage Yaichiro, Sunflower Corporation is a large company based out of Tokyo on Jiyuu III, registered and licensed with its home nation as the Yamatai Star Empire. It is also licensed for operation in other nations. It is represented in many industries related to rebuilding and infrastructure, and notable for its unconventional founding and structure. In YE 41, shared ownership with the Motoyoshi Clan was entered into when the company became part of the larger Yugumo Corporation.

About the Sunflower Corporation

When Kage Yaichiro obtained nearly the entirety of β€œFurui” (Old) Tokyo from the Yamatai Star Empire's Department of Land and Homes in YE 39 with the intention of rebuilding, he found himself with more land and resources than liquid assets. Some of the land was even irradiated and critically damaged. However, he had a plan to use the Star Army Fabrication Chamber, Type 39 and the CAMIE M11 Construction Mecha to rebuild Tokyo's original 88 districts by decontaminating and processing the debris into new materials. The Sunflower Corporation was not originally created as an entity with which to make money, but a means of organization by which assets and intellectual property related to the reconstruction and maintenance of Tokyo could be organized. Due to this, it is heavily linked to Tokyo's infrastructure and industry at all levels and acts as a major contractor for its public works. The fact that Yaichiro is both the main designer of Tokyo to begin with and owns most of the city outright makes this quite cost-effective to perform.

The naming of the Sunflower Corporation was heavily tied to Tokyo and to avoid Zaibatsu connotations. It was named not only for the sunflowers used in the first stage of Tokyo's decontamination in YE 39, but also the shape and structure of the original 88 Districts of the older part of the city. Finally, the Hummingbird (the former symbol of the Motoyoshi Clan) is attracted by and feeds from sunflowers much like the restoration of Tokyo is meant to bring back those who were forced to flee the area during the Second Mishhuvurthyar War.

Unexpectedly, the restoration of Tokyo attracted Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko herself, and the Motoyoshi Clan. When the local manufacturing power was consolidated, Sunflower Corporation became part of the larger Yugumo Corporation. Yaichiro and the Motoyoshi Clan share ownership.

The logo notably shows the 88 districts of Himawari Tokyo as a Sunflower as well as a β€œC” around the edge of the incomplete hexagon.


β€œAn ecosystem of creativity.”

General Information

Sunflower Corporation
Kaicho Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko
Shacho Motoyoshi-Igarashi Yuka and Kage Yaichiro
Bucho Hotaru Grapefruit
Owner Motoyoshi Clan and Kage Yaichiro
Faction Yamatai Star Empire, can export elsewhere
Product Symbol Yu, SC1), PT2)


The Sunflower Corporation's Headquarters is in Himawari-cho (District 2) of Tokyo, on Jiyuu III. It is close to the very center of the western part of Tokyo known as Himawari Tokyo.


Sunflower Industries has four complexes in Himawari Tokyo in addition to its headquarters which are used for Research and Development as well as actual production. These are the Southern Complex in Adlich-cho (District 10), the Western Complex in District 13, the Northern Complex in Akina-cho (District 16), and the Eastern Complex in District 19. Many of these facilities are salvaged from abandoned and damaged facilities of previous companies and shipyards.


Kage Yaichiro was the main figure in the company as the Owner and CEO, but this changed when Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko assumed the position of Kaicho3) of the company after the merger. Motoyoshi-Igarashi Yuka and Yaichiro are the Shacho4), and Hotaru Grapefruit is the Bucho5). Sunflower Corporation remains heavily integrated into the infrastructure of Tokyo, which Yaichiro owns a large portion of and from which the company operates. As such, Sunflower Corporation is typically used to help with creating and maintaining the infrastructure of the city. It was initially created for public works and as an outlet for Yaichiro's efforts rather than purely to create revenue, but the merger places its future firmly in the hands of the Motoyoshi Clan.

As Yaichiro is a Star Army of Yamatai officer deployed on active duty, he entrusts Grapefruit to manage the day-to-day operations of the business as well as Tokyo's maintenance. Grapefruit is a former sprite created on Hotaru Star Fortress explicitly to work with Yaichiro, and has dedicated herself to assisting him even after obtaining freedom and entering civilian life. She cannot be bought, bribed or tempted to stray from what she feels are his interests. Grapefruit prefers to wear maid attire even when she is the person in the room with the most authority, causing an interesting scenario where people within the company are often seen bowing to one dressed as a servant.


Though a new company that was quickly consolidated into another, the company can already build earlier Project THOUGHT products which are not classified, as well as its own legacy equipment. It should be noted that these products may sometimes carry the β€œPT” and β€œSC” nomenclatures as a result, instead of the standard β€œYu”. This is not the case for when a Project THOUGHT product has been previously designed for Ketsurui Fleet Yards, unless explicitly permitted or produced solely for non-profit or internal use in the case of civilian technologies.

Current Products and Projects

Past Products and Projects

There are not yet any discontinued products.

OOC Notes

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Legacy nomenclature
The PT nomenclature is used instead of Yu or SC when making products designed as part of Protect THOUGHT
General Manager/Director

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