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Mining Guild

Business Information



Expedition Team



Mining Guild Property





    • Ironskin Settlement
    • Mount Venture Settlement
    • Astral Settlement
    • Tundra plains Settlement
    • Freezy Land Settlement

Space Station

Mobile Settlements


The Mining Guild has its own Shipyard




AI and Technology


Systems Owned

Mining Guild Contingent

Shared Control


Mining Guild Characters

mining_guild_insignia.jpgMining Guild is an Industrial Merchantile Guild currently operating in the Kikyo Sector, and soon Kosuke Sector. These are the characters currently employed.1)

Character list

Main group

Mining Guild Contingent

Branch Leaders


The Mining Guild is Led by the Board of Directors, followed by the Branch Heads overseeing each System where the Mining Guild has a presence, and the Overseers, who oversee each mining location or asteroid sector. • Board of Directors(Board) • Branch Heads • Overseers


Name Title
Astrid Kurosaki CEO2)
Aeta Kurosaki COO3)
Nyx Pine Royal Representative
Nakayama Kura Corporate Secretary4)
Pearl Benn Treasurer5)
Kujou Chiyo Head of Medical
Alice Sursilvan 6)-Corporate Lawyer
Vilkas Kurosaki Head of Security Assembly
Takaoka Kome Director of Guild Instructors
Iwakura Yasuharu Head of Mine Affairs7)
Athena Epirus Head of Public Relations8)
Angel Mathews Head of Community Moral9)
Veronica Stone Head of Marketing
Kono Kuma Yugumo Corp Rep10)
name here Ryuk Rep
EX1023-B42 Head of IT

Branch Heads

Name Where
Nicola WalkerNephis
Draco Omacron Draco Eridanis
Kali Firewalker -Mining Guild Contingent leader11)


Overseer With Mine Location

Diplomatic Corps

The Mining Guild Diplomatic Corps aid the Mining Guild by overseeing the political, and international talks outside the Mining Guild. Though it may not be a part of their job, they may aid in business dealings when those responsible are swamped with work. As well as act in a Lawyer fashion.

Creative and Development

The Creative and Development team, lead by the Thinkers group are responsible for the creation of Mining Guild Equipment. The Thinkers come up with designs, and the Engineering Corps create it. Dracrei Shipyards also has a hand in creating the starships the Mining Guild uses. The Thinkers group also accepts outside designs, they think may be of use to the Mining Guild.

Thinkers Group

AI Assistance

Fictional Characters


The Mining Guild is protected by a paramilitary force known as the Night Guard. This group led by the elder brother of the twin sisters protect Mining Guild interests and make sure the personnel are kept safe.

Night Guard

  • Vilkas Kurosaki Supreme commander of the Night Guard
  • Vale Second Division Captain
  • Nephis Third Division Captain
  • Tammo Sheath-Night Guard Fourth Division captain

Mining Guild Contingent

The Mining Guild Contingent, is a group affiliated with the Mining Guild, but split from the Kikyo Sector, Mining Guild, they are in effect a branch of the main Mining Guild who have desired o explore new places.

Contingent Characters

Phoenix Crew

OOC Notes

Charaa created this article on 2023/01/18 09:17.

Mining Guild Insignia was created by Rawolfe
Chief Executive Officer
Chief of Operations
is responsible for the efficient administration of Mining Guild, particularly with regard to ensuring compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements and for ensuring that decisions of the board of directors are implemented.
The financial manager, who is responsible for financial management like arranging finance, investing finance, and risk management related to financial activities and also forecasts the cash flow of the organization and makes necessary and sufficient arrangements to prevent the financial crisis and to ensure that business runs smoothly.
6) , 12)
Mining Guild Reps for Diplomatic conferences and meetings
Boss of the Overseers
works with the Corporate Lawyer to make sure Mining Guild has a good reputation
Boss of the Guild Counselors, and makes sure that those fit to work, are
There will always be a seat for a member of the Yugumo Corporation
11) , 13)
This is the leader of the group that goes with the Motoyoshi others.

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