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Tarbah Leyto

Tarbah Leyto is a Qaktoro from the Poku Saeruo Degonjo, and a member of the prominent House Leyto, a Major House. She is the current Mui (Clan Leader) of the Poku Degonjo Saeruo. She is a NPC controlled by Nashoba.

Tarbah Leyto
Tarbah Leyto
Species: Qaktoro
Gender: Female
Born: 680 CY, 1st Month
Age: 87 Mâi
Organization: Poku Degonjo Saeruo
Occupation: Mui (Clan Leader)
Rank: N/A
Current Placement: World Station


Tarbah has off white fur with brown spots in a leopard pattern, her skin where visible is white. Here almond shaped eyes are a bright green with a hint of yellow. She is 6' 2“ which makes her unusually tall for a female. She weighs 102 kg / 224 lbs.

Tarbah is a person of strong conviction, a devotee of the Siama Kâur (Divine way), prefers the teachings of their ancestors to those of the Sae Fuâmy'ai (săě fūāmī-ăē) star watchers beliefs. Her convictions were strengthened during the Usonori Sate (Lean Times). Tarbah applies the typical frugality of the clan to most of her decisions, and tempers her Predatory mindset with her religious beliefs. Protecting the Poku'vonai is her strongest motivation. She is thoughtful, rarely acts impulsively unless the situation warrants it.

She enjoys relaxing in her garden, weaving or playing her Tasbaniu (flute).

History and Relationship Notes

Tarbah was born in 680 CY, to a family of Tavi Fua Jael (Blood Tooth Sect) and attended the Ruohui Giba'te (Academies). Her childhood was normal and her Baqnor (move from youth) was quick and simple. She later surprised her Punla (Family) by following the calling of her heart and joined the Detis Goa'ai Jael (Faith Walkers Sect). Her family was hit hard during the Usonori Sate (Lean Times) but she never felt like she had to do with out. Once her training was complete she would often serve on ships to help the crews.

Tarbah never got married, but she had two baqli. She lived with their father until he was killed during the Usonori Sate (Lean Times). She has neither confirmed nor denied that she knew the Prophet. Though in truth she knew of him, but had very little to do with him during her time in the temple. During his incarceration she was permitted to visit him several times. She does not know if this was why she was nominated and unanimously voted as Mui.

Tarbah was originally a member of the Detis Goa'ai Jael (Faith Walkers Sect) prior to her nomination to the position of Mui (Clan Leader). She is the third member of the Jael to be Mui since arriving at their new home.

Tarbah was a Goa'ai a walker, she never got involved with the Fuâmy'ai movement, and clung to the traditional religion.

In 715 CY her life was forever changed when she was made the Mui. Her days of working in the temples was over, and now she had a responsibility to all her people. She worked to help the families who were most hurt. And over the years could see that the Clan was looking for change. She spent time speaking with the Ryauos'te (Living Spirit) seeking their insight and wisdom. She ruled on the petition of citizenship for the first alien since before the Norka (The Exodus). She admired the alien known as Kohaku Syali and watched her progress within the clan.

In 751 CY when the people were calling for a move to resettle a planet, she contacted Kohaku Syali and started a dialog. In 752 CY she appointed her Vonai-Rya'ka (Emissary), and charged her with establishing relations with the Yamatai Star Empire.

In 754 CY she traveled to Yamatai (Planet) to meet with Empress Himiko I and sign the YE 35 HSC - YSE Treaty.1) She spent a short time touring the alien capital before returning to her home.

In YE 34, Tarbah opposed some terms of the Defense Arrangement Treaty (of the) Alliance of Signatory States, and ordered Clan ships to withdraw from Yamataian space in light of its signing.2) One element of concern was Item 13 of that treaty.

In 757 CY she was caught in an assassination attempt on the Yamatai Star Empire homeworld. The individuals who were involved where not from Yamatai. The assassins and some of their conspirators were killed before being questioned.3)

In 761 CY Tarbah traveled to Yamatai (Planet) to attend an International Conference.


  • (Child Father) Kagpu Miawadam (Deceased)


  • Son: Kagbah Leyto
  • Daughter: Putar Leyto

Skill Areas




These items will be either generic or may have the individuals Punla (Family) colors and crests

  • 1 Lapur (belt)
  • 1 pr Bapaumati (sandals)
  • 1 pr Bapawotai (Boots)
  • 2 Umatsai (robes)
  • 2 Hodiwota (trousers)
  • 3 Jendomu (tunic)
  • 5 Niomse (underwear)


  • Lapur (belt) utility to hold tools or weapons.
  • Moqbapa (footwear) depends on the job, or task.
    • Bapaumati (sandals)
    • Bapawotai (Boots) worn when foot protection is required.
  • Umatli (Kilt) worn by all members
  • Jendomu (tunic) Normally worn to distinguish ranking members, from lower echelon. Rank is worn on the left side, and the house and family on the right.


All clan members will have the following for wearing to special events.


Character Data
Character's Pronounsshe/her
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