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Detis Goa'ai Jael (Faith Walkers Sect)

This page contains information on the Detis Goa'ai Jael of the Poku Saeruo Degonjo.

Sect name Detis Goa'ai
Meaning Ones who walk in faith
Pronounced: dě-tēs gōă-'ăē
Symbol: A silhouette of a Qaktoro in a star field

The Detis Goa'ai are the keepers of the faith the ministers of the Poku'vonai Siama Kâur (Divine way).

There are two main groups within this Jael.


The majority of the member of this Jael are the Goa'ai, the walkers. These are the ministers who tend to the day to day events of the Poku'vonai religious life. They maintain the temples, and oversee all significant events and Devotopai (Rituals). They also provide bohau'ai (bōhăū'ăē) teachers who provide educational classes in the academies on the Siama Kâur. Most hunts will have at least one member of the Detis Goa'ai on each ship, for morale and succor.


The other group is called the Sae Fuâmy'ai (săě fūāmī-ăē) star watchers and they monitor the dark star, for signs and portents. It is a much smaller and more eclectic group.


The Jael possess a small number of HS-SE1-1A Ismâo'a (Searcher) - Class Ships that they use for pilgrimages.

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