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Jaeli (Sects)

The Poku Saeruo Degonjo social structure is divided into several Jaeli (Sects), which are a distinct social structure from Families and Houses. Individual members of a family or House may be part of different Sects.


All Sects were once distinct Clans of their own in the time of the Qaktoro Empire. The destruction of that Empire at the hands of the Ryasou'temygo (Death Wraiths) shattered these Clans. During the Norka (The Exodus), heroic leader Kotoz Mui rearranged the old Clans into Sects; it is notable that one sub-clan, the Poku Vit (Plant Clan) of the Tula, remained distinct.

Joining a Sect

All Poku'vonai start out born into the same Jael as their parents; if their parents are part of different Sects, then the parents choose which Sect their child is a member of.

Upon completion of the Baqnor (move from youth) the individual can state a desire to pursue a life in a different sect than that which they were born into.

Changing Sects

Anyone can change from one Sect to another. There is a bureaucratic process involved which typically takes two weeks to complete.

Sect Roles

Sects have their own internal hierarchies, and may have unique positions and roles that an individual can fill. As some examples, the Otâmovi Wiy Jael (Silver Moon Sect) may have positions that direct research on specific topics, or the Tavi Fua Jael (Blood Tooth Sect) might have an expert trainer in the art of Bakyu-daho'te (Silent Fighting). Two positions that every Sect fills include that of Speaker for the Sect, and Second of the Sect. These are significant Positions in the Clan Culture. The Speaker and the Second direct the Sect, and represent its interests to the Tanoi (Council).

The Tula and Sect Membership

Tula join Sects just as any other Clan member might. Tula are part of the Poku Vit (Plant Clan) as well. Most Tula are members of the Otâmovi Wiy Jael (Silver Moon Sect) Sect.

List of Poku Degonjo Saeruo Jaeli

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