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Galysumanâ'ai (Government)

This page contains information detailing the Galysumanâ'ai (gălī-sūm-ănā'ăē) law makers or government structure of the Poku Saeruo Degonjo.

The Poku'vonai government consists of two components. The first is the Tanoi (Council), the second is the Vonai Jodau'tajo.


The Tanoi (Council) (tănōē) is an Oligarchy.

Clan Leader

The Mui (Clan Leader) has a seat on the Tanoi, as well as other duties.

Vonai Jodau'tajo

The Vonai Jodau'tajo (vō-năě jōdăū-tăjō) thoughts of the people, is the voting body of the Poku'vonai masses. Every Punla (Family) has one vote and can vote how they choose, even if it goes against their Ruoka (House).



Petitions are binding requests that the Tanoi must consider during a seated meeting. Only seated members of the Tanoi vote on a petition. The Vonai Jodau'tajo does not vote on petitions.

Examples of common petitions to the council are listed below:


Proposed laws or changes to laws are first voted on by the Council. If the council votes in favor of the law, then the Vonai Jodau'tajo are allowed to vote on the law. A law requires a 75% majority vote of the Council, and then a 75% majority vote of the people, to pass.

Local Governments

Each of the city states in the Sotâka Ruomâqi (World Station), as well as every major population center of the colonies, elects a small council of their own that serves as a form of local government for their region. Adult residents of the area who are in good standing vote on the members of these councils, which manage local affairs. These local councils are expected to defer to the guidance and laws of the Clan.

Treaties and Diplomacy

See the Treaties and Diplomacy section of the main Faction page.

OOC Notes

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