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Galysumanâ'ai (Government)

This page contains information detailing the Galysumanâ'ai (gălī-sūm-ănā'ăē) law makers or government structure of the Poku Saeruo Degonjo.

The Poku'vonai government consists of two components. The first is the Tanoi, the second is the Vonai Jodau'tajo.


The Tanoi (Council) (tănōē) is by basic definition an Oligarchy. It is composed of the current Clan Leader, an Oligarchy consisting of the upper members of the sects, and each Ruoka (House). Each sect has three seats on the Council. Each Rouka'ka has one vote and there are currently forty-five Rouka'ka. Lastly the Tula as the Poku Vit (Plant Clan) have two seats. This makes the current council at total of sixty-five seated members. Members of the Tanoi are confirmed every five Mâi (years).

Clan Leader

The Clan Leader or Mui is a life long appointment. It is not a hereditary title. When a Clan Leader dies, after the traditional mourning period of thirty days; each Jaeli (Sects) except for the Kavoráy Rây'ai Jael (Oath Binders Sect) nominates a candidate. The candidates then go through a review process. After the review process the council holds a series of votes to whittle down that number. Finally an election is held where every Punla (Family) casts a ballot for a candidate. A simple majority is all that is required for appointment.

Vonai Jodau'tajo

The Vonai Jodau'tajo (vō-năě jōdăū-tăjō) thoughts of the people, is the voting body of the Poku'vonai masses. Every Punla (Family) has one vote and can vote how they choose, even if it goes against their Ruoka (House).



Petitions are binding requests that the Tanoi must approve. Only Seated members of the Tanoi vote on a petition. Examples of petitions are applying to form a Ruoka (House), or to elevate a House to a Ruoka'ka, or requesting ships beyond a Ruoka (House) normal allotment.


Proposed laws or changes to laws are first voted on by the Council. Then the Vonai Jodau'tajo are allowed to vote. It requires as 75% majority to pass a legal proposition.

City States

Each of the city states in the Sotâka Ruomâqi (World Station) has a smaller version of the Council composed of members from the city state. These smaller councils deal with managing the affairs of the city states.

OOC Notes

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