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Firebrand Crew

Firebrand Crew is an independent plot to be run by GM SirSkully that will take a rag-tag crew of individuals from every walk of life and try to fill their ego alongside their pockets as they undertake mercenary work high-risk salvage operations under the command of Vinni Firebrand on board the Veilburner II.

It will be hard, it will be gruelling – will it be worth it?1)

Status: The Firebrand Crew is now accepting players


Chapter One, An Odd Bouquet

Chapter Two, Old Flames Burn the Brightest

Plot Details

Below are some basic details about the plot and its intended group of players.

Age Requirement: 16+
Format: Play-by-Post/ Joint Posts
Pacing: 1 post per fortnight minimum, will adapt to players

About The GM

SirSkully joined the site on August the 30th 2017 but didn’t do anything for a while until he was first roped into the Kaiyo-II, since then he has made it his mission to join almost every plot thrown his way alongside making too many mediocre Galactic Horizon tech submissions for the NTSE. Prior to SARP Skully has always enjoyed reading, writing and generally goofing about until he decided to stop pretending he played the 5th edition of D&D and finally started playing it, he has always had a wild imagination and has picked up decent improv skills along the way until club24 finally bullied him into starting that plot Skully kept beating himself up about.




I want people to feel free to roleplay their characters how they see fit, by no means will everything constantly be set to maximum but I want to try and leave it as open as I can without making my first plot 18+ - leave that to the Joint Posts please ^ -^

Previous Experience

Various plots, most of the characters on Skully’s page are/have been involved in a plot, in addition Skully has run two 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons campaigns and generally likes to watch his characters write their own stories

Crew Roster

Character Player Role Notes
Vinni Firebrand SirSkully Captain Captain of the Firebrand Crew
Grelish Kuzov SirSkully Bear The Firebrand Crew's silent sentinel with a heart of gold
Pietrov DePolanskaya SirSkully Black-thumb Keeps life pumping through the Veilburner's veins
Sakura Kirisho club24 Cook The Firebrand Crew's chef who can cook a cake as well as she can a grenade
Zoeichi 'Bastion' Saksen-coburg IQ Valkyrie A force of nature packed into the buff body of an Elf
Trenton 'Wylde' Pollis WhitehartDaredevil Inactive
Betty Arturius Jack Pine Singer Inactive
Strays IQ All-around muscle Resident stoned Iroma


The Firebrand Crew was registered in early YE 39 as a “high-risk salvage company” under the soon-to-be-captain Vinni Firebrand, the captain’s goal was to build the crew’s infamy within a short period of time by taking jobs intended for larger crews which carried a lot of risk but the potential for a large reward alongside a name for themselves.

The ISS Veilburner I was lost under mysterious circumstances and there is no record of the ship but Vinni Firebrand insists it was lost at the hands of pirates and that they barely escaped themselves – now the Captain is seeking to rebuild their crew and take anybody brave enough or crazy enough to pick up the mantle and don the firebrand jacket for glory and riches!

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