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Valentina is a player character played by Immortal Cyan.

Species: Human
Gender: Woman
Date of Birth: 5日 1月 YE 39
Organization: NDC Ground Forces "Duskerian Legion"
Rank: Trooper
Occupation: Infantry
Current Placement: Section 6

Physical Description

  • Height: 3’6”
  • Mass: 62 Lbs.
  • Measurements: 26G-20-32 (Scaled down for size)

Standing at 3’6” and weighing 62 pounds, Valentina has a diminutive, yet womanly and voluptuous figure. She has a hefty and protruding rear, plump breasts, and thick thighs. In a manner similar to that of a Nekovalkyrja, her soft figure belies her physical power and capacity.

Valentina has light purple hair, blue eyes, and dark brown skin. She normally styles her hair in a short bob cut1), with one side2) almost completely covering her left eye3). Her eyes are proportionally large and they are accentuated with curved eyebrows4) that have a darker shade of purple than her hair.

Valentina has a ‘kite’ shaped facial profile. She has prominent cheekbones, which are slightly wider than her mid and lower forehead. Her facial structure narrows at the chin and jawline. She has a small and button-like nose, plump lips, and full cheeks.


Valentina is a bio-weapon. Therefore, her personality constitutes all that make her such. Although she is not as inhumane in manner as some other Psychopomp creations, she retains a disturbing bloodlust and machine-like efficiency, that manifests itself whenever she is in a tense or potentially violent situation. In spite of this trait, Valentina is not volatile or undisciplined by any means. Although she has enough initiative to take action independently, she is submissive and compliant when faced with authoritative figures.

She retains an industrious manner and conduct. This manifests itself in her rigorous combat and physical training regime and her high attention to detail.


Nicknamed “Mini Monster” and “Little Killer” by the lab that commissioned her creation, Valentina is a lab grown super soldier created by Psychopomp under their SSI program. Given a uniquely diminutive form by her creators, Valentina underwent a flash training program immediately after her creation. During this period, she was implanted with the OGU and the SHAM.

Valentina was taught a diverse array of combat and survival skills during her training.

After Operation Ice Breaker, Valentina was captured as a prisoner of war by Section 6. During her period in internment, she was extremely well behaved, and as a result she was treated with decency and respect by her captors. She was released from prison on restricted terms a few months after the battle on the ice planet, with the agreement to serve within the SSAF for a period of five years before as restitution for her early release and the damages that she inflicted upon S6 assets during her time as an enemy combatant.

Skills Learned

Valentina has the following notable skills:

  • Fighting: Valentina is an adept riflewoman, armed/unarmed martial artist, and power armor pilot.
  • Physical: Valentina is strong, fast, agile, and flexible. Equipped with the Skeletal Human Augmented Mechanism, Valentina can deadlift over five times her body weight, sprint for virtually unlimited periods of time, block out pain, and take extreme punishment. Valentina's body utilizes all of the features of Skeletal Human Augmented Mechanism and more, given her extreme training regime. Her body has a compact and internal aether generator, which serves as a power source for the features of her Skeletal Human Augmented Mechanism.
  • Survival and Military: Valentina is proficient in survival techniques, which range from survival in hostile environments to finding shelter and sustenance outside of civilization
  • Medical and Science: Valentina has a knowledge of basic first aid.
  • Technology Operation: Valentina is capable of operating conventional computer systems.
  • Vehicles: Although, heavy-armored military vehicles fall outside of her knowledge, Valentina can drive a conventional vehicle
  • Communications: Proficient speaker and writer of Trade and Yamataigo (邪馬台語).

Confirmed Kills

Valentina's confirmed kills are detailed and enumerated below.

Confirmed Kills
Total 10
Side Ops: Crimson Jungle 10

Social Connections

Valentina is connected to:

Inventory & Finance


Weaponry and Armor

Revenant Power Armor Mk II Loadout
LocationWeapon Type5)
R Hip6)2 S6-PG Plasma Grenade Hand Grenades
L Hip7)2 S6-PG Plasma Grenade Hand Grenades
R Thigh8)S6-MWS1-MAVERICK Pistol
L Thigh9)Curved Flame
R ShoulderN/A
L ShoulderN/A
Back10)S6-HAR1-1 Storm Rifle
Back Waist11)Buttpack
Strap RiggingAmmo
Curved Flame

The classification, construction, and appearance of the Curved Flame is detailed below.

  • Type: One-handed Sword
  • Dimensions: 21 inches Long
  • Blade Material: Nerimium
  • Appearance Description: The blade possesses a radical curve, resembling that of a shamshir. The power field is operated via an OGU interface or any other mindware technology, provided that the user has the correct security clearances.
  • Enhancement 1: Monomolecular Edge Construction
  • Enhancement 2: Power Field Projection System (Magnetized Plasma)
  • Accessory 1: Nano Reconstruction System
  • Purpose: Tier 3
  • Total Cost: 4350 KS


  • Business Clothing
    • Five pairs black Bodycon skirts
    • Two pairs simple white V-neck blouses
    • Three pairs simple black V-neck blouses
    • One pair black and white striped button-up blouse
    • Two Halter Navy Blouses
    • Five pairs Skinny Black Dress Pants
    • Three pairs Cape Blazers (Navy Blue, Black, White)
    • Five pairs Black Tights
    • Assorted High Heels
  • Civilian/Casual Clothing
    • Varied Collection of Panties
    • Varied Collection of Crop Tops
    • Three pairs of Black Jeggings
    • Three pairs of Black skinny Jeans
    • Two pairs of Black Combat Boots
    • Ten Tank tops of Various Colors
    • Two pairs of Black Tactical Gloves
    • Collection of Long, short-sleeved, and sleeveless, T-Shirts/tank tops
    • Two pairs of khaki Jeggings
    • Varied Collection of Leggings
    • Three Ballon-Sleeved Blouses
    • Assorted Jackets
    • Assorted Coats
    • Assorted Cold Weather gear
    • Assorted Swimwear
    • Gladiator Sandals (Two Pair)
    • Assorted Casual Shoes
    • Three Pairs of Black Jean Shorts


  • 6000 DA


OOC Information

In the case ximmortalxbeauty becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? YES
Character Data
Character NameValentina
Character OwnerImmortal Cyan
Character StatusActive Player Character
Hairstyle Reference
Hairstyle Reference 2
Hairstyle Reference 3
Round, Thick, Top-Right
Size Attachable
6) , 7) , 8) , 9) , 10) , 11)
Carry Only

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