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Operator Guidance Unit

This device allows operators to be guided throughout the field by which they can more accurately take down enemy opponents. It is worn by Alex Patton and Ace. Sometimes put in to control the mind of the wearer and often put in without the wearer's consent. Some get the device willingly installed, having been led to believe it's harmless mindware. In the case of Alex, it has been put in unwillingly, whereas Ace has one and wears it willingly to control his own actions rather than be controlled.

More about Operator Guidance Unit

The operator guidance unit was created by Psychopomp LLC to guide their trained super soldiers in the field. While most often used by these soldiers willingly, the operator guidance unit has a dark side to it, used to control and manipulate their soldiers that are less than willing. Much like a heads up display, it tells the operator such things as targeting data, weapons systems, enemy weapons, and the like. It allows the soldier to see enemies highlighted in red and non-enemies in green as well as helps the soldier understand depth and distance between them and their enemy.

The operator guidance unit, or OGU, is designed to work in tandem with the soldier and their mecha and is oftentimes found at the top the neck of the soldier.

In addition to its more mission oriented functions, it also can be used like Mindware Technology and is sold to the public as such.

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