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Thomas (Jack) Dyer

Thomas (Jack) Dyer is a player character played by commmander64.

Thomas (Jack) Dyer
Species & Gender: Male Human
Date of Birth: 4日 8月 YE 20
Organization: Section 6
Occupation: EVA and Maintenance
Rank: Cadet1)
Current Placement: Engineering/S6-ED

Physical Description

A 189.06 Centimeter tall. Heavy-ish build. (Almost pale) White bumpy skin on torso, legs and face with lightly farm tanned neck and arms. Rosy red round cheeks that resembles light blushing. Brown thick hair that used to be in a mullet, now is given military shave. Eyes dark vibrant green like a old earth forest. Voice is deep due to sex and size, yet has a higher pitch showing youth and overall cheary personality. On the face there is a slight five 'o' clock shadow around the chin if unshaved. WIth a smile most of the time it helps lessen the 'shadow' of the northern (Winter woodland ready) body build. Produces more body heat than most people. Voice is deep and vibrates the air strongly, yet remains higher and more friendly thanks to higher pitch of youth and personality.


Well going and a analyzing fellow. Most Open with emotion and is surprisingly expressive for his build. Shows wide-eyed curiosity openly and seeks understanding of military hardware. He seemed more fitting for a civilian role yet he chooses the military career for mostly personal and ethical reasons. Mostly to improve himself and to prove his abilities. It is also possible he seeks idealism and honor in the military and wants to improve things the best to his ability. This is driven possibly by his humble and somewhat religious background and his own ambitions. This personality somewhat those of the elders of his previous community. He seems to gotten his interests in the military and few ideals from a single previous war veteran of the Nepleslian military. Willing to find his place in this new faction the young Cadet join in… already versed in a few tricks taught to him by those he met. Goals include: completing training (Hopefully with honors), Finding a good niche in the military for long term advanced ment, actually contribute in something from saving lives or designing hardware (or a ship) to be used in the military to leave his mark. Because of his 'niceness' he is often a bit too soft for most of the military and some might question his ability to actually KILL a man. This is untested. Other ticks include loving the cold… being a bookworm of sorts. And oddly enough being having trouble socially. As his direct and well…off..ways of communication can frustrate another. Bad habit of correcting people. He joined the military as a way to earn his place in a young faction..and hopefully help it be shaped into something for good. A Practical moralist at heart, and a fan of democracies.


Cavalon Is his homeworld, his parents are descended from human colonists that settled the world a while ago. This family work and live in a half-failed biosphere in the forest areas of the planet. Due to the colder and mountainous region the failed biosphere held a stubbornly still lived in town was surprisingly productive and was a center for nearby where the use of Personal environmental suits where so common they were in every home. Thomas's home town had its own education system piggybacking the systems in place in the full biospheres, so a graduation was allowing Thomas to gain a standard educated start point. Oddly knows lots of civilian knowledge such as Humanities studies and History. Even about basic economics and more practical things like…how to lumberjack the heck out of the native trees. With parents either blue or white collar its interesting to see Thomas took the skills and knowledge of both fields and go military, not armed forces mind you…the background engineering force. Now Thomas hopes to see to it that Section 6's new Home world Sirris VI..and the whole of Section 6 be fully optimized and productive if He had anything to say with it.

Skills Learned

Technology Operation:

Capable of operating any computer system that uses the Kessaku OS, found on all Star Army starships but also rudimentary mechanical skills based on civilian vehicle repair work so Maintenance and Repair as well.Basic programming.

Maintenance & Repair

Thomas is well taught and trained in the maintenance and repair, as well as modification of all technologies used in Section 6 Territories.


Knows the ins and outs of buildings as well as other structures. From actual construction, to layout and design.


Basic Knowledge of Faction history.


Basic knowledge of Woodland survival.

Social Connections

Thomas (Jack) Dyer is connected to:

Family ties (we Assuming living Nuclear family with siblings), A few childhood friends, a few small business owners, a few friends of family members such as a father's colleagues, a few neighborhood friends (at home town), a few elder which include a realtor, a religious grandma, and a non-related elder friend that used to be in a military. No connections to military directly (relation) or by relation, no connections to government (with the exemption of town politicians and lawmakers which is are adorable, but irrelevant now).

Inventory & Finance

Thomas (Jack) Dyer has the following:

  • Standard issue clothing and equipment for Sector 6 And Sirris VI Civilians.
  • Sirris VI Civilian made Basic Outdoor gear with customization (Can work as a Environmental suite if upgraded. Can be upgraded with a Multipurpose Palm Computer).
  • Section 6 Dress Uniform (Trainee/Cadet).
  • EM-G17-1a Basic Tool Kit with Ulti-Tool Multiple Purpose Tool.
  • 1x Hygiene kit.
  • Single Psomi Loaf.
  • Admiral Davis-brand Fish Sticks.
  • Section 6 Civilian Rations (Any type given).
  • Civilian Canteen Kit (Equivalent to Lorath Standard Issue Canteen Kit).
  • Civilian Personal Desktop terminal.
  • Personal belongings.

Thomas (Jack) Dyer currently has 2338KS = 4,676DA = 9,352DS

OOC Information

This page was created by commmander64 on 02, 05 2019 at 22:40 using the Character Template Form.

In the case commmander64 becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? No
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? No
Character Data
Character NameThomas (Jack) Dyer
Character Ownercommmander64
Character StatusInactive Player Character
NDC Character Database
NDC Career StatusActive Duty
NDC BranchNavy
NDC RankE1 Cadet
NDC Job CodeTT Technical Specialist
NDC Assignmentfaction:ndc:government:department_of_engineering
not actually enlisted, so this rank is only in effect aboard a ship

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