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Ten-kheiat Walidah-ae Kusaremu

Ten-kheiat Walidah-ae Kusaremu is a player character played by Rawolfe.

Ten-kheiat Walidah-ae Kusaremu
Species & Gender: Tsumi Female
Date of Birth: Pre-History - Before YE 01
Organization: New Dusk Conclave
Occupation: Demolitions Infratry
Rank: E6D1
Current Placement: Infantry Unit

Physical Description

Ten-kheiat body physically can be called unique and rare, she is rather small in regards to her fellow Tsumi brothers and sisters. She is recorded on 2.15 meters in height, making her almost the minimum size in the Tsumi. Due to her size, she weights about 92 kg and this weight is mostly coming from her muscular body and her size D in the breast. She does, like most Tsumi women, have wide hips and is her body in the shape of the hourglass figure.

Her eyes are yellow to golden-colored that adds up to her crimson-colored hair and her dark red skin. Her horns are bent forward to her face in the size of 45 cm and it is notable that there are cracks seen in her left horn from old battles that Ten-kheiat fought in. Under her shirt, on her back, a large tattoo can be found that reflects the wars she been part of in some kind of shape or symbol with in the middle a star. Another noticeable memory of her fighting the wars is that her lower left arm is mechanical, she lost her hand and a good portion of her lower arm in one of the battles and it got replaced.


Coming from a loyal warrior kind of race, that is known to be brutes and seeing themselves as apex predators in regards to war. It is only logical that Ten-kheiat personality is formed by what she has experienced over time and battles she has seen. Trixy, her nickname in the field, is known to be bloodthirsty yet patience when it comes to any battle. She is a reserved person that can be seen as introverted, yet her silence is not to be mistaken as someone that is shy. Trixy is more an observer that acts on information that she sees and knows, she would never enter a situation without knowing something about it. Yet when pushed into a situation she doesn't know, she acts on experience and improvisation on that.

When possible, Trixy avoids open conflict as she sees it as a disadvantage, but she would not say no to anyone that challenges her. This can be seen as a flaw in her personality as it brought her in many problems thorough her life. Due to her life experience of both the hardship of life and the wars she had been part off, it is not easy for her to trust people and rather distant herself from any kind of relationship. She works hard for any goals that cross her path and yet distance herself from the religious style of life in the Tsumi. Her sadistic and unstable psychological state of mind can be explained by the extreme trauma she had experienced overtime of the wars that inflicted if not scared her for life.


Ten-kheiat Walidah-ae Kusaremu was the second born of Pa-asch and Mit-amen, two strong warriors and respected in the higher tier Tsumi. Raised in the ways of Tsumi, she got no affection or kindness from her parents that used only harsh discipline to form Ten-kheiat into a warrior of their image. She was thaught, if not beaten down, to master the art of fighting and without her own approval or thoughts about it, she was enlisted to the army to fight some battles or plausible upcoming wars. Eventually, Ten-kheiat got involved with her first major war named the Simpleton Rebellion. She was lined up at the side of Mithrandis Ustarra-ae Bariss who was a rising legend among the ranks. Ten-kheiat was part of the so-called exclusionary squads that hunt down rogue cells. In those battles, she saw many of her comrades pay with their life, but it was also a harsh lesson that made her believe that every person is responsible for their own actions.

After the Simpleton Rebellion, Ten-kheiatad only a good few years to recover from what she had seen. She needed more time, but war was lurking around the corner as the Liberation Wars began. Ten-kheiat was now pinned on the side of the Sovereign and the Saweyan Church after Operation Nightmare had happened. Even Ten-kheiat was conflicted by the events that had happened in that operations, but she fought at the Sovereign side whatsoever. Again traumatic experience only increased after hearing that her father and younger brother were killed in battle due to this forsaken war that was only marked as another holy war. One of the traumatic events that started her journey to madness was the loss of a city towards the rebels that murdered her fellow soldiers in cruel and savage ways. The death of her father and brother only fueled that madness more. She became cold, more bloodthirsty and violent from that day out as was seen in this holy war.

The transition from the Liberation Wars to the The Ascendance was something Ten-kheiat didn't even noticed. The mass extinction event was noticed by her as she was forced to retreat towards Mithrandis Cathedral ship, the Stalwart Monarch, where she managed to save her mother and two sisters too. Only to see her homeworld getting consumed by the plague of their own making. Fleeing that system with the now newly formed nomad fleet, Ten-kheiat made the choice to leave the Tsumi and explore her strength with the stars. She believed that the Saweyan fatih had failed her people and mostly her. But before she left, she joint one more operation that ended up with her crashing down on Sirris VI with the Dissidents. She was part of this battle and crossed path with the New Dusk Conclave and while in doubts, she required something to ease her lust for battle that the New Dusk Conclave could provide. From that point she was part of the military forces in the lower ranks in the New Dusk Conclave.

Skills Learned

Ten-kheiat Walidah-ae Kusaremu has the following notable skills:

  • Fighting: A notorious warrior, Trixy handles her weapons quite well to pierce the enemy fully with bullets. She had learned to use any tactic in the field that would favor her to victory. Whether it is fair or not, she doesn't really care about how it is done. At close-range combat, she prefers to go with her hands to beat the enemy to pulp and feel the blood of her enemy on her hands, it satisfies her bloodthirst.
  • Survival: The way of a Tsumi life is always challenging, after losing the homeworld to their own greed and lust for war, Trixy has developed a keen understanding of survival under extreme planetary conditions due to various wars, battles if not hunts.
  • Demolitions: Trixy knows how to handle explosives and recognizes various types of it, she has a basic understanding of customary explosives and is able to manufacture some of it. But she is not able to manufacture heavy explosives, this is beyond her own knowledge. Though there is interest to get to know this type of information.
    • Biology: Specific knowledge in the area of demolition is biology demolition warfare, she has a keen interest in this type of explosive.

Social Connections

Ten-kheiat Walidah-ae Kusaremu is connected to:

  • Pa-asch Walidah-ae Kusaremu (Father) (Deceased)
  • Mit-amen Walidah-ae Ebfusy (Mother)
  • Abaalisaba Walidah-ae Kusaremu (Brother) (Deceased)
  • Sekhet-ae Kusaremu (Sister)
  • Het-heru-ae Kusaremu (Sister)

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OOC Information

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Character Data
Character NameTen-kheiat Walidah-ae Kusaremu
Character OwnerRawolfe
Character StatusInactive Player Character
NDC Character Database
NDC Career StatusActive Duty
NDC BranchLegion
NDC RankE6 Corporal
NDC Job CodeWD Demolitions

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