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Liberation Wars

Multiple causes were cited for the start of the Tsumi Liberation wars, though the leading and most popular agreed reason is the earlier completed Operation Nightmare. Several defecting nobles attempting to overthrow not only the current Sovereign, Mithrandis Ustarra-ae Bariss, but also the Saweyan Church, leading to a proper holy war once more. The Liberation wars were all about the defecting nobles and slave's freedom of speech.

During the events, the Saweyan church loyalists were heavily outnumbered as several cities had fallen to the uprising, which caused the situation for the Saweyan Church to appear grim.

Operation Nightmare

Operation Nightmare entailed dragging the followers of the Saweyan church from their homes into the ghettos, publicly executing them. The rebels claimed this was a war of attrition, much like the Binary Blood War, and captured several cities and strongholds this way, with rebel groups enforcing themselves as a powerful force.

Operation Nightmare concluded in YE 05, though the Liberation Wars still occurred until the point of the Tsumi's Ascendance, roughly YE 17.


The Liberation Wars never truly ended. The Saweyan church became far more aggressive in their experimentation with neurotoxins and biological weapons, leading to the creation of the HVI Strain Though the anti-toxin was released shortly after to kill the strain, The Liberation Wars immediately transitioned into The Ascendance, technically ending due to only those of the Saweyan Church being able to escape. The rest were victim to the catastrophe of their own bio-weapon.

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