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Maria Winters

Maria Winters is a player character played by Wolf626.

Maria Winters
Species & Gender: Mixed Elf/Nepleslian Female
Date of Birth: 23ζ—₯ 7月 YE 21
Organization: New Dusk Conclave
Occupation: NDC Ghost Occupation
Rank: Ensign
Current Placement: NDS Ravenaca's Watch (Plot)

Physical Description

Maria stands at 177 cm, with tanned skin. Her slightly pointed ears betraying her elven heritage. Her body is toned but light, bearing C-cup breasts. She bears some scars on her body, the most prominent a scar that extends from her chin to her left cheek. Her hair is black curly and shoulder length. She normally gather her hair in a bun or ponytail. Her eyes are a bright green. Her usual style of dress is sleeveless turtleneck sweaters underneath leather jackets and tight pants.


At first glance Maria seems a quiet, withdrawn, nihilistic woman with a penchant for being snarky and sassy who keeps everyone at arm's length. But behind the quiet visage lies a hunter, always analyzing and planning. She's a bit slow to trust but once you've earned her loyalty you have a steadfast although, sarcastic friend. Maria loves to pilot as fighters and frames give her an incredible sense of freedom. Despite her problems trusting people, she ultimately craves somebody to trust and love.

She enjoys reading, piloting, training in martial arts, movies, music and making martial arts hip-hop/jazz AMVs.

She absolutely abhors abusers of any kind.


Maria Winters was born in YE 21 in her parent's starship. Born to a Nepleslian father and Tree elf mother, who both where smuggler, Maria's early life was spent in a beat up freighter with her parents. Those were the few golden years before her father's debts started piling up. Stress caught up to him and he sought alcohol and drugs to cope. As the debts grew larger, his temper shortened. Before long his wife and daughter became targets of his abuse. Until one faithful night, 14 year old Maria found her mother's corpse and the man she called father with his hand around her neck. Taking a knife in hand, she made herself an orphan.

Ever since then, she bounced around from place to place. A burning desire filled her: to become smarter, tougher and stronger than before. Worked on freighters, spaceport security and even part of a small mercenary crew. Afterwards, she roamed the galaxy for a bit before joining the NDC, seeking a fresh start. Due to her love of piloting and fighting prowess, joining the Conclave Aerospace and Fleet Forces as a NDC Ghost Occupation was a no-brainer.

Skills Learned

Maria Winters has the following notable skills:

  • Vehicles
    • Most of Maria's experience came from piloting either fighters or freighters. When it comes to frames she proved herself a natural, moving it almost as if she was born into it.
  • Fighting
    • Maria trained in a couple of different martial arts, absorbing what was useful from each of them, into her own dynamic style. It focuses on versatility and adapting to the foe.
  • Physical
    • A very active lifestyle has left Maria with a toned build, excellent for short bursts of energy.
  • Technology Operation
    • As a former deck hand in many freighters, Maria has learned the essentials to operate many different types of technology. Ever since the Geist implant, this ability has expanded.
  • Starship Operations
    • Even before using the Anima system, Maria was a skilled pilot, always pushing herself to be a better pilot. Now, she's truly reaching her full potential.

Inventory & Finance

Maria Winters has the the following items:


Weapons & Gear

OOC Information

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In the case wolf626 becomes inactive:

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Character Data
Character NameMaria Winters
Character OwnerWolf626
Character StatusActive Player Character
NDC Character Database
NDC Career StatusActive Duty
NDC BranchNavy
NDC RankO1 Ensign
NDC Job CodeWG Ghost

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