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Ashley Beckett

Ashley Beckett is a player character played by SirSkully.

Ashley Beckett
Species & Gender: Nepleslian Female
Date of Birth: YE 15
Organization: Section 6
Occupation: B.R.R.F
Rank: VO Recruit
Current Placement: Section 6
Character Theme: song

Physical Description

Ashley is the gruffer looking of the Beckett sisters, standing just shy of 6' tall with a lean and muscled frame that still manages to be noticeably hourglass-shaped. She has a pair of full, round c-cup breasts sitting above her well-defined abdomen that tapers in before transitioning into her somewhat wide hips, sculpted buttocks and legs that carry the same definition as her strong-looking arms. Ashley's pixie cut hair is naturally platinum blonde though she dyes it a violent red colour, a stark contrast to her porcelain skin and green eyes that contain scatterings of golden pigment - her fringe is usually swept to the right to reveal her unique facial scar/tattoo, the roman numerals โ€œVIIIโ€ scratched under the right eye that were highlighted with ink at a later date.

Ashley's left hand has some rather heavy scarring, the original injury that caused them also left the hand with some light nerve damage though it doesn't seem to affect her much - in addition there is a series of scars around her neck from when she was forced to wear a slave collar, rather unsightly things but much like the rest of her damage Ash wears them with pride.


While her sister simply has a replacement arm Ashley opted to get some more advanced work done, there are various data ports located on her limbs and body that help her synergise with power armour and weapons systems as well as having a heads up display system wired into Ashley's eyes and central nervous system. Another less-well-known synthetic component is the voice modulator built into her throat, not the most complicated thing but it can transform her voice into something robotic, deep and intimidating.


Ashley is a bit quieter and more reserved than her sister, where Heather is outgoing and bubbly Ashley can usually be found doing her own thing away from people - when Ashley does decide to show herself though she usually speaks very little, using the least amount of words she can to get the point across and happy to let other people speak for her. She loves when people give her the nickname ash, knowing full well it is cheesy and a bit of a cliche.

There is a side to Ashley that she usually rears itself when backlit by a raging fire, she feels like sometimes her and fire are the only ones that understand each other - usually calm and dispassionate, the only time she truly lights up is when her enemies do. Though there is the odd occasion if you catch her sitting by a fireplace or camp fire that the elder Beckett sister seems a little warmer and more open for discussion.

Ashley has a clear obsession with fire, to the point of addiction but managed to keep in in check through her merc work - though she would burn everything to protect her little sister. She hates the denial of free will and anything to do with slaves, even the mention of such topics causes a fire to burn behind her pretty eyes as her demeanour cracks away to reveal a rage deep inside her.

While not the easiest person to get to know emotionally, Ashley's line of work and lifestyle choices lead to her taking part in marathons of rather intense stress relief with people she might as well consider strangers.


Ashley was born in YE 15 back when her father still had remnants of being a decent man, her mother died when Ashley's younger sister was born but she did not blame Heather because she knew things would be tough for the kid anyway - Ashley watched as their father contorted himself into an alcoholic creature of hate and spite, only managing to keep her cool by ironically flicking her favourite lighter on and off. Things eventually got so bad though that Ashley could no longer be a bystander, so the elder sister protected Heather - she knew there would only be one out to this situation. So she slammed a mug into her father's skull to subdue him, tied the shadow of a man up in a room slick with lighter fluid and let all their worries burn away as the two sisters fled.

Ashley continued to look out for her sister, if she had to go a day or two without so that Heather was fed then so be it - eventually though the beckett sisters managed to find their niche in the world and agreed to pool all their belongings, it was a good life for a while with Heather doing some pilot work as Ashley did the heavier hitting stuff that paid better and managed to keep her demons in check.

The two sisters were divided by the Battle of Yamatai, with Ashley winding up as a pet with a slave collar and the name โ€œEightโ€ for a while - treated as nothing more than a possession for the amusement of others until she managed to fight through the conditioning they put her through - taking a shard of glass and driving it into her own face, yelling the words โ€œI'm not your pretty little thing!โ€ before the establishment was burnt to the ground.

The sisters reunited and vowed to never let anything tear them apart again, in mid-late YE 40 they joined up with Section 6, Ashley as a trooper and Heather as a pilot.

Skills Learned

Fighting: Ashley excels at close-mid quarters combat, a combination of blasting people with her shotgun, clubbing them away with her shotgun and burning them with anything she can get her hands on - in addition she is familiar with most power armour systems, knowing them like the scars on the back1) of her hand Knowledge: Whatever there is to know about fire chances are Ashley knows it, melting points of various metals, at what point materials catch on fire - that kind of thing Engineering: Another flame-centric skill Ashley has is how to make a flamethrower out of almost anything she can get her hands on Physical: Being a rather athletic and somewhat masculine woman Ashley is rather strong and surprisingly agile, with stamina to match

Social Connections

Heather Beckett (Sister)

Inventory & Finance

Sawnoff Close Quarter Weapon, 12 Gauge Home made flamethrower (WIP) Orbital Reentry Carapace dark charcoal with grey highlights 3x ERK Tanks A Nerimium plated Flip-Lighter Seemingly too much lighter fluid

3000 KS.

OOC Information

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Character Data
Character NameAshley Beckett
Character OwnerSirSkully
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