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Heather Beckett

Heather Beckett is a character played by SirSkully. She was originally created by Wes.

Heather Beckett
Species & Gender Nepleslian Female
Year of Birth: YE 18
Organization: Section 6
Occupation: Pilot
Rank: TBA
Current Placement: Section 6

Physical Description

Heather stands at 5'7โ€œ with light peach coloured skin stretched across her rather tight and athletic frame, her eyes are a captivating green with specks of gold that really pop against her head of long blonde hair. Heather has a cybernetic left arm featuring various data inputs as well as piercings in both nipples and a tattoo on her left thigh.


Heather is a rather joyous and at times hyperactive individual, always working to keep her hands busied and seeing if there is anyway she can help out - more often than not she is surrounded by an aura of slight overconfidence in her actions which means any failures on her part hit that much harder. Though she may not be the greatest judge of her own character and is certainly not without flaws, Heather is great at analysing problems and working towards a solution.

There is a bit of a wilder and more outgoing side Heather tries to keep in check though, but it is willing to try anything once - for better or for worse.


Heather was born in YE 18 and had a troubled childhood due to her rough upbringing and alcoholic father, her mother died giving birth to her and Heather's older sister Ashley did everything she could to protect her younger sibling but things only continued to get worse - their father blamed Heather for his wife's death and angled most of his anger towards her unti Ashley couldn't sit by and watch her little sister take it anymore, the Beckett household was burnt to the ground in YE 29 with the only body discovered inside being the remains of an adult male, his two young daughters were nowhere to be found.

The two sisters had each others backs always, through thick and thin though they did still squabble as siblings did - they managed to keep afloat through Heather's knack for piloting and Ashley's newfound skill for killing, broken up only by the aftermath of the Battle of Yamatai until they were reunited in YE 38. Ashley was a little different though, having spent her half of the absence with a slave collar around her neck though the two sisters were together again and vowed to never let anything tear them apart again.

In mid-late YE 40 they joined up with Section 6, Heather as a pilot and Ashley as a trooper.

Skills Learned

Starship Operation: Heather is an ace pilot, seemingly able to fly anything that can be flown Fighting: While not as good at fighting as she is at flying, Heather is reasonably skilled with pistols and small-arms - by no means a crack shot but it is usually enough to keep her alive in tense situations Technology Operation: as well as doubling as a replacement arm, Heather's cybernetic left arm is a portable computer and communications device she is very capable of using to its fullest potential - in addition she is rather gifted with most computational systems so long as their code somewhat resembles Trade Maintenance and Repair: The Beckett sisters have both undergone cybernetic augmentations and had only each other to trust for a long time one of them had to know how to keep their synthetic components functioning, Heather knows her way around most mechanical systems and is able to keep them running within reason Physical: While maybe not as strong as her sister, Heather's tight and athletic body graces her with a certain above-average degree of flexibility and limberness - she is however quite the fast runner whether it be sprinting or running a marathon.

Social Connections

Ashley Beckett (Sister)

Inventory and Finance

OOC Notes

This NPC was created by Wes on 2018/10/03 18:56.

Artwork by Wes using a base purchased from Cozy Cat Studios (Waitress).

Character Data
Character NameHeather Beckett
Character OwnerSirSkully
Character StatusActive Player Character

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