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Planetary Illustration Commissions

The Planatary Illustration Commissions Project is a special batch commission created for the Star Army Community by Wes in November 2010 that is focused on generation of planetary art for planets of note within the Star Army universe as well as generic plantary art that can be re-used as needed. It is a major monetary investment.

Art Tracker

In the chart below, Wes has assigned planets by priority.

Planet Name Detail Status Notes
Delsauria High Completed 11/24/10
Nepleslia High Completed Super urbanized. Has map.
abwehr High CANCELED Terrestrial Moon that has Fractal Map. High Orbital Traffic.
Yamatai High CANCELED Has map. Needs wiki page update first
Maekardan High CANCELED Has geography map. Extensive orbital structures.
Planet Himiko High CANCELED Has map
UX-13 High Completed 11/25/10
Nataria High CANCELED
New Vicky (UX-19) High CANCELED
Nepleslia Prime High Completed 11/22/10
Rufusland High Completed
Mitsuya System High Completed
Vicky High Completed
Virginia High Completed
Hanako's World Completed

My requirements:

  1. GMs, list the current location of your plot
  2. GMs, list future planets you intend to visit
  3. FMs: List your β€œmost seen ICly” planets

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