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First Commissions Project

The First Commissions Project, originally known as The Star Army Commissions Project was one of the unique features and benefits of the Star Army Role-Play. Its mission was simple: to ensure all active characters in the SARP got quality artwork. As Wes said, โ€œEvery interesting character deserves a good portrait, and we all want to see Star Army more illustrated and beautiful.โ€

To make this happen, however, had costs; most artworks cost around $15-$80. Wes stepped up and put a large amount of his own money into commissioning artists. Any actively participating role-player who had been here for a month or more was eligible to get a character portrait drawn. Commissioned art is copyrighted to

The Commissions Project produced a huge number of artworks but also was tremendously expensive. A key issue was that the amount of portraits was limited and so only select players would get the benefit of it. Another issue was that characters and their players are transient and might go inactive, making the art go unused, and even active characters' art was often hidden from the public because it was only on an obscure character page. In January 2012, the First Commissions Project was canceled due to the above concerns the high cost of character art and due to other items in Star Army's budget that needed more. Before the cancellation, Wes ensured every character still on the list got art.

See also: Chibi Commissions Project.


The following rules were in place for operation of the project:

Adding and Removing Characters

If you would like a character portrait, please edit a link to your character's wiki article (preferred) or approved biography post. If an artist has already been requested to do a particular work, it should also be noted in parenthesis. Please note that older and more notable characters might be given priority when assigned to artists (we want to spend money on the players we know are sticking around first, no offense) and that inactive characters should be removed. Preserve the order. Only edit onto the bottom of the list.

Requirements to Add a Character

  • Character bio must be approved at least a month ago.
  • Character must be actively played in a current plot (or be a admin-approved significant historical figure)
  • Player controlling the character must have at least 50 posts on the forums

Removing Characters

Anyone has the right to remove a character that:

  • Just got a portrait completed.
  • Is no longer actively played, or is permanently deceased
  • Already has recent artwork, or is played by a person who already recently got artwork. (exception: Wes since it's Wes's money)
  • Is not fully Wikified. Characters without their bio completely moved to the StarWiki are not eligible for art.


Money Spent

The amount spent on the project is unknown, but it guesstimated to be over $4000.

Characters Drawn

This list in not comprehensive.

  1. Jo Midori, drawn by Wes, Zairyo (x3)
  2. Miles Gunn, drawn by Zairyo
  3. Hanako, drawn by Wes, Valhammer, Freshpaint, Zairyo (x2), Lexxy (x3), Saejin Oh (x2)
  4. Rufus Sydney, drawn by Zairyo
  5. Yuriko Towa, drawn by Zairyo
  6. Yuki Toshiro, drawn by Zairyo
  7. Akamaru Datenshi, drawn by Zairyo (x2)
  8. Elisa Metea (Deceased), drawn by Valhammer, Zairyo
  9. Tohoe Kairi, drawn by Zairyo
  10. Luca Pavone, drawn by Glynn Furby and coloured by Luca Pavone.
  11. Tohoe Kairi, drawn by Zairyo (x2)
  12. Kurohoshi Masako, drawn by Valhammer and Zairyo
  13. Miyamae Eriko (Celesse)
  14. Inaba Reiko (Celesse)
  15. Tom Freeman (by Nyki)
  16. Fian Vel Steyr Female Version (By Nyki)
  17. Takeda Junko by Lelenia
  18. Okano Yoshiko by Lelenia
  19. Jalen Sune (by Horus)
  20. Ramiro Trinidad Valencia (by obsessedkitten 6/6/10) @ $50
  21. Rin (Assigned to Lelenia 10/9/10 - PAID $50 11/4/10 - completed 11/22/10)
  22. Helen Klein (Lelenia)
  23. Star Army Prisoner Uniform, Type 33 (offered to Lexxy 11/24/10 assigned and paid 11/29/10 and delivered 1/9/11)
  24. NMX Night Light Infantry (night camo) (Assigned to 12/5/10 $70)
  25. Kumiko Endoh (Lelenia)
  26. Aendri Shasos'Shol (sketchasmile)
  27. Dominic Valken (Sigma) - Assigned to ThePlanPony - PAID 1/3/12 ($80)

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