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Gallery of Masako

Masako Portrait by Valhammer

Masako in Bikini by Krieg

Masako in Old Star Army Female Bodysuit, Type 22

When Drawing Masako


When creating a picture of Kurohoshi Masako, it is important to remember several things. One factor when dealing with drawing Masako is her race. Being a Nekovalkyrja, Type 33, Masako has characteristics that are not really human. The most noticeable are the cat-like ears located where human ears should be, which is a primary characteristic of Nekovalkyrja. Then there is the fact that all Nekovalkryja have a bar code tattoo located on their body in some location. On an Tennyo, this tattoo is located on her left rear-end.

Compared to most Nekovalkyrja, Masako is on the short side with her height only reaching 4'11โ€œ (150 cm). And though she is often described as having a petite body, her measurements often make her look less petite. If you were to refer to by Somatotype, it would normally be Mesomorphic. If you were to describe her via her own measurements it would be visually close to an hourglass-shape, yet quantitatively slightly bottom heavy. Muscular structure is often detailed as toned, much like that of a swimmer than a body builder or runner. Facial structure would be described as heart-shaped more than oval or triangular. Her hair is worn loose so that is drapes down to her shoulders and her bangs slightly past her eyebrows.

When it comes to coloration, both the eyes and the hair are said to be black, but in different tones of black. Her hair is often described as raven-black, while her eyes are often thought of as 'black as pitch' so that it makes it difficult to tell where the pupil begins. Her eyes are also described as almond-shaped with the outer corners slightly slanted upward. Her skin coloration is often described as cream-toned with a baby-soft smoothness to its texture.


Masako has two styles of dress: Professional attire for when she's on duty and Casual attire for the other times.


As a member of the Star Army of Yamatai, Masako has a variety of uniforms she has to wear for a variety of situations.

Duty Uniform

SEE: Star Army Duty Uniform, Type 35

The Duty Uniform is a Uniform used by the Star Army of Yamatai for desk work and formal events. Masako's Type 35 Uniform uses the Infantry Color Panel for the Type 35A Jacket with the rank being shown as sleeve bands near the jacket cuffs. The Star Army Hinomaru is located upon the right arm between the shoulder and elbow and the Planetary Infantry Patch is placed on the left arm in the same location.

Masako's Type 35 Uniform uses a Standard-type Skirt with opaque, light-blue Stockings and a pair of black-gloss, calf-height Boots. A black pistol belt with a brass, rectangular buckle is worn around the waist with an additional strap below the waist that attaches to the holster.

Working Uniform

SEE: Star Army Working Uniform, Type 31

A uniform designed for usage aboard starships, the Type 31 Working Uniform consists of dark blue pants with knee pads built into the design. The form fitting shirt is dark-blue along the abdomen, elbows, forearms with a color panel lined in sky-blue along the chest and shoulder areas for her designated specialty, which is Infantry in Masako's case. The collar of the shirt is dark-blue and mandarin-style A police-style, utility belt of blue-gray is worn about the waist with the holster being held by an additional strap attached to the belt that hangs below the waist and a thigh strap. Calf-high boots and gloves should be blue-gray as well.

Reference Pictures of Patches

Masako's Uniforms use the following ornamentation.

Rank Patch

Note: Rank Patches are used on the Duty Uniform and Working Uniform and are normally located

Sleeve Band

Note: Sleeve Bands are only used on Duty Uniforms


Note: the Star Army Hinomaru is always located on the right arm between the shoulder and the elbow.

Fleet/Branch Patch

Note: the Unit Patch is normally located upon the Left Arm at the same level as the shoulder.

Unit/Ship Patch

None Available Currently.


The following are outfits Masako can be seen in for certain situations.

Winter Attire

Used when heading into snowy, winter climates, Masako prefers to wear a Black Snow Bib over a forest-green, turtle-neck shirt and black sweatpants. To protect her upper body from the cold, Masako also wears a black parka with gray fur-lining around the hood. She finishes the attire with a pair of Black, Insulated, Winter Boots and a pair of gray, insulated, gloves.


In the warmer seasons of a planet, Masako will often opt to wear a sundress. For this, Masako has two styles of dresses to chose. One is a sky-blue sundress with thin shoulder straps and flows down to her shins. The other sundress is a sea-green dress with thicker shoulder straps and a floral pattern that goes from the waist down to the hem, which reaches Masako's knees. Masako typically wears a pair of brown sandals with rubber soles and braided, leather straps.

Personality in Pictures

Dependant upon the background or attire, Masako's personality gave vary greatly. While in uniform, Masako normally has a friendly, yet conservative personality. She will smile and chat politely with anyone and everyone, but won't make any grand gestures or expressions.

While in civilian attire and in a non-professional setting, Masako's personality becomes more cute and playful. She is willing to make more pronounced poses or gestures, but nothing too extreme.

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