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She'sha'sho System

The She'sha'sho system was discovered initially by a passing Kingdom of Neshaten exploratory probe, much of the system is shrouded in mystery largely due to a strange interference that resulted in the probe malfunction and stops sending telemetry. What scientists do know is that its central star is strangely dimly lit, and there was no evidence of other planetary bodies in the area; although scans did show large numbers of asteroid fields.

The system is located to the south-east of Jui'varen


More facts about the She'sha'sho System are listed below.

  • The system was first discovered and mapped by the Kingdom of Neshaten in ER 001-V (YE 35).
  • The science division has concluded that the star system unique anomaly's to intervene with any FTL drive that comes in an eight light-years radius.
  • In EE 003-V (YE 39) the science division finished the construction of a space station that would serve to research the star system further by its unique anomalies.

The heart of She'sha'sho

About the Nesha System Star, Planets, and other features.

The She'sha & Sho stars

The twin heart of the She'sha'sho System:

She'sha & Sho stars
System Registry She'sha-DB-6 Sho-K-7
Star Names She'sha Sho
Type DB6 White Dwarf DB6 White Dwarf
Distance Central Star
Radius 6.22 x 103 km
Surface Temperature 8900 K
Average Mass 2.19 x 1030 kg
Luminosity 1.43 x 1024 W

DB6 is the main sequence star found within the She'sha'sho star system, the star is constantly active and always spewing out solar flares at a rate of once every few seconds; its gravity is slowly pulling other objects toward it. The star alternates between white and red as seasons go by, giving off the impression that 'something' is happening within the star itself. There are violent eruptions on its surface that can spew out molten ores up to a hundred and twenty thousand kilometers away from the surface.

DB6 was originally located on the outskirts of the system, but a mysterious event has resulted in it now being the main sequence.

K7 V or known as Sho is the original main-sequence star, but an event eons ago resulted in its destruction; what remained were large pockets of cold debris that has a crystalline appearance to them, reflecting light from DB6 to other areas of the system.

Asteroid Fields

Located throughout the star system are various pockets of debris that are in a relatively stable orbit around the main sequence star. These fields contain a variety of different asteroids, including Metallic, Siliceous, Carbonaceous, Gelidaceous, and Aggregate types. Many of these pockets have debris that is covered in a glimmering, crystalline surface that further reflects sunlight from the system's star.

Their locations bear some resemblance to the locations of where planets once were.


The Kingdom of Neshaten science division has constructed an outpost in YE 39 to research the anomalies of the star system. Or'ion has constructed few surveillance satellites to keep the kingdom borders in check.

The Kingdom Acivities

This system is being patrolled actively by the 2nd Fleet of the Shukara Volunteer Navy positioned in the No'menshan.


The population of the She'sha'sho System is consistent with Shukaren Daur (Sub-Species) and My'leke (Species) at the outpost.


These Characters are present in the system:1)

Nothing found


Transportation throughout the system can be proven difficult as anomalies intervene with FTL drive-engines.

RP Opportunities

Great roleplay opportunities.

  • Get involved in some off-the-record scientific experiments.

Local Rumors

Maybe true, maybe not.

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