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No'menshan is a star system that is located within what the Kingdom of Neshaten refer to as the Va'haken Nebula, an area located to the east of the home system. The system is rather small compared to other worlds, but has a considerable number of asteroid fields and only three planets, giving off the impression that it was once a much larger system but that a possible stellar event reduced its number of planets to a bare minimum.

The Flag

The Flag of the No'menshan System is below.

Industries and Mining

The No'menshan system is the primary source of mining operations and refining the minerals. Heavy industries can be found in the No'menshan to provide metalworking and mass production of various items for ships, building, construction materials for the Kingdom of Neshaten. Corporations that have industrial goals will be asked to start their companies in this system.


More facts about the No'menshan System are listed below.

The Heart of a No'menshan

About the No'menshan System Stars, Planets, and other features.

The No'menshan Stars

The heart of the No'menshan System:

The No'menshan Star
System Registry No'menshan-M-1
Star Names No'menshan-1
Type M5 V White Dwarf
Distance Central Star
Radius 2.89 x 105 km
Surface Temperature 1800 K
Average Mass 6.70 x 1029 kg
Luminosity 1.31 x 1025 W
Number of Planets 6

M5 V White Dwarf is the parent sun of the system it appears to be rather old in that it isn't very hot compared to stars of a similar size and color. It has a dense ring of asteroids that orbit around it in a near-spherical formation, for some reason, these asteroids have yet to burn up or even be pulled 'into' the star's gravity.

No'menshan 1

No'menshan 1 is a rocky giant that orbits the parent star, it is a planet that has a strange glassy smooth surface to it.

Asteroid Belt

A dense asteroid belt that appears to be the remains of a destroyed planet.

No'menshan 2

Nomenshan is the only habitable planet within the No'menshan Star System, it also a strange one due to its constantly blue-like cloudy atmosphere. It gives off a large amount of energy that is produced by a series of anomalies beneath the clouds, the cloud layers are so dense that scanning of the planet is nearly impossible. Most of the refinery of minerals and resources is done on No'menshan 2 and one of its moons got recently added to the expansion of industrial areas.

No'menshan 3

No'menshan 3 is a broken planet, split into three pieces that orbit around each other. It is unknown what caused the planet to shatter only that its inner surfaces are covered in a bluish crystallized substance. Division of Science has deployed a few research vessels to investigate the history of the planet.

Asteroid Belt

A belt of dense asteroids that are being mined by mining corporations within the system. It is known to have various metals and crystals.

Asteroid Belt

This asteroid belt appears to be the remains of what was once one or two planets, as there are considerably large chunks that are mixed in with smaller asteroids. The Science Division is investigating the history of the collision origin of the two planets, it is believed that there was once life on these planets. Mining corporations are mining areas that are flagged to be clear from the Science Division.

Asteroid Belt

A belt of dense asteroids that has yet to be explored. Mining operations are on the way in this belt, recently found metals are iron and copper.

Asteroid Belt

A belt of dense asteroids that has yet to be explored.

Export and Trades

The Jui'varen System exports and trades the following goods.

Primary Industries
industrial, mining, refinery and metalworking


The population of the nomenshan System is consisted mostly of Shukaren Laibe (Sub-Species) and My'leke (Species), Shukaren Daur (Sub-Species) are in smaller numbers present in this system. Other species of other factions are not allowed to settle down on the colony.


The Characters that are located here:1)

Nothing found

RP Opportunities

Great roleplay opportunities.

  • Perfect place to begin a Neshaten industry.
  • Explore the planets that got exploded.
  • Explore the asteroid belts.

Local Rumors

Maybe True, Maybe not.

  • An unknown civilization was present at one of the asteroid belts.
  • People say that a weird looking flying snake formed fly in the skies of No'menshan 2.

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