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Ki'kayshea'ne is a star system discovered by the Neshaten in ER 547-V, but it wasn't until the beginning of ER 550 that exploration of the system started up. The system consists of two habitable planets, one ice planet, and a gas planet. In ER 550-v, new mining and food production operations were launched by several independent trade families to begin mining minerals to be used on a large-scale project and food industry. The system is located on the south-west edge of the Neshaten border, serving as a way-station for travel beyond the territory.

The Flag

The Flag of the Ki'kayshea'ne is below.

Food and Trade

The Ki'kayshea'ne system is seen as a trade hub for most Neshaten citizens, this is due to its location, the planets that the system has that attracted industry, and seen as a luxury relaxation location. Istea, the secondary planet of the system, is a prime example of being considered a paradise planet with perfect conditions in the weather, beaches, and fertile ground. While Ciziea, the third planet, is seen as an oceanic planet to be the prime industry for unique resort locations on islands or underwater. Both planets have gained great interest in trade-related production, food production, and unique minerals that can be found but are restricted to a certain degree to keep climate clean and pure.

The ice planet, also known as Ki'kayshea'ne III is vital for the industry of water harvesting and collecting metals that got formed under huge pressure. The last planet is used by the industry to win the gas and export it to systems such as No'menshan and U'ia.


More facts about the Ki'kayshea'ne System are listed below.

  • The system was first discovered by the Kingdom of Neshaten in ER 547-V.
  • Yet it was not until ER 550 that the Kingdom of Neshaten could further explore the star system to be mapped and in ER 550-v colonized.
  • The Kingdom of Neshaten granted various companies with trade and food-focused service or products to be settled on either Istea or Ciziea with an exception of certain mineral harvesting/mining on Ciziea if it didn't harm the ecological system in ER 557.
  • In ER 557-v granted license for gas and ice mining at the remaining planets of the star system.
  • In EE 001-v (YE 35) Istea is seen by the Kingdom of Neshaten as the most important recreational planet for the Neshaten citizens.

The Heart of a Ki'kayshea'ne

About the Ki'kayshea'ne System Star, Planets, and other features.

The Ki'kayshea'ne Star

The heart of the Ki'kayshea'ne System:

The Ki'kayshea'ne Star
System Registry Ki-G-9
Star Names Ki
Type G9 V Yellow Main Sequence
Radius 7.18 x 105 km
Surface Temperature 5000 K
Average Mass 1.80 x 1030 kg
Luminosity 2.29 x 1026 W
Number of Planets 4

The G9 is an ancient star that shows its age, as it gives out a smaller amount of light compared to other star systems.

Ki'kayshea'ne 1

Ki'kayshea'ne I is the first planet of the system. It is classified as a gas planet that consists of hydrogen and helium. The Kingdom of Neshaten allowed gas mining to be performed here that would benefit the industry at No'menshan and U'ia.


Istea is a habitable planet that can be classified as a Gaia planet. The Kingdom of Neshaten has colonized this planet originally with the goal for food production. However, the policy of the government changed when industries of trade-related services and products showed interest. Istea is seen as a popular location for Neshaten citizens to hold their vacation. Kingdom of Neshaten allowed harvesting of minerals on certain locations with restrictions on methods that could damage the ecological system of the planet.


Ciziea is a habitable planet that can be classified as an ocean planet. The planet has various islands spread over the various locations. The Kingdom of Neshaten primary focus on this planet is primarily the food industry of specific fish that is popular with for example the Shukaren Laibe (Sub-Species) and Shukaren Daur (Sub-Species), while the sea fruit is popular with My'leke (Species). Underwater mining is allowed but the restriction on methods that could harm the ecological system of underwater life. The islands are used as resort locations for Neshaten citizens.

Ki'kayshea'ne 4

Ki'kayshea'ne IV is the last planet of the system and can be classified as an ice planet. The planet is mostly used for the harvesting of water by mining corporations that sell it to various Neshaten planets.

Export and Trades

The Ki'kayshea'ne System exports and trades the following goods.

Primary Industry
mining, food, fish, tourism and trade


The population of the Ki'kayshea'ne System is consistent with Shukaren Daur (Sub-Species). Other species of other factions are not allowed to settle down on the colony. The Shukara Volunteer Navy 3rd Fleet is responsible for protection of this system.


The Characters that are located here:1)

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RP Opportunities

Great roleplay opportunities.

  • Go on a holiday at Istea or travel to the islands of Ciziea.
  • Explore the underwater life of Ciziea.

Local Rumors

Maybe True, Maybe not.

  • There is an underwater creature that is as large as an island at Ciziea.
  • Rumors that terrorist hide on Istea.

OOC Notes

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