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YSS Ryūjō (Plot)

The YSS Ryūjō is a ship added to the 9th fleet, put into service in YE 35. It has the registration numbers NJ-S9-01. The ship is captained by Sibyl Gorganis. The plot's new Game Master is Navian.


The YSS Ryūjō is a modified Urufu-class light destroyer, designed to partake in operations not typical for a ship of its class or even those of the Empire itself. The ships intended mission is the recapturing of systems, retaking of ships seized by enemy forces, and the exploration of the empires south-western areas. However, while that might be its planned mission, it'll also encounter new foes and find out the hard way that the ship, and its technology, might not be enough to take on what is about to come.

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Play Rating

  • Language : 2
  • Violence : 2
  • Sexuality : 1


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