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NSN Galgus

The NSN Galgus is a roleplaying plot created March 22, 2020 by GM Legix. Originally conceived in 2019, the plot was initiated as Operation INSECTICIDE on an IC broadcast across Central Corps' High Command channel, this page is for the plot. If you are interested in the highly experimental ship, visit nss_galgus.

Status: This plot is currently open for players. Your character must be an active member of the NSMC or IPG, as all Hellions are chosen/activated from these two groups.

Plot Overview

The NSN Galgus is a plot focused on a shadow war waged on Kuvexians by members of the IPG, specifically their most elite and dangerous commandos known as the Hellions. Faced with the prospect of never existing and armed with extremely experimental hybrid technology built and tested by members of the Freespacers and NAM. Although equipped with the one of if not the most advanced stealth technology suites in the entire Kikyo sector, they have one job: cripple the Kuvexians, buy time for Nepleslia's top secret projects, and ultimately win the war. Whether they survive or not.

Rules and Pacing

All roleplay is done in the current thread. Once a thread is closed out (marked with BRIEF ENDED at the end of the post), no more posts can be made. Side threads and plots can be made as-per-request, but are not considered canon if they bend/mess with the canonicity of the main storyline (marked as BRIEF).

Players are expected to post once a week; if not, they will be assumed “zoning out” or doing a menial task; ultimately, they will be skipped in that round. This is to keep the plot moving.

Characters and Players

Character Player Notes
"00" Zero Legix GMPC / Operational Commander
"01" One KrimsonWulf Intel & Sci-Ops Hacker
"02" Two Rawolfe Marksman / Sniper
“03” Three Demibear Demolitions & Heavy Weapons

Open Positions

Any squad role (except a dedicated medic as Hellions expect to die) not filled is technically open.


In late YE 41, in the onset of the Triple Front War's quiet months, the IPG began creating and assembling assets that had been in long-development. Assets created using older platforms and modified with superior Freespacer tech - dubbed “FreeNEP-Tech” - were ultimately pooled and assigned an order to hold and form teams. The NSS Galgus was chosen as the ship and an entire crew trained for it, before it “disappeared” in an IPG clean-up job during a scheduled mothballing. In the early part of YE 42, the formed teams of IPG activated and assembled various members of the Hellions; all members on the ship were granted the code name “Garden Snakes” before being launched into their silent war.

Their first objective was to complete BRIEF 1: PREYING MANTIS; the infiltration of a Kuvexian ship to assassinate an admiral tied up in mercenary debt to ultimately set the sellswords against the Kuvexian forces.

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