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Hanako Shall Resist

Hanako's Resistance is a group of Yamatai citizen/military on Hanako's World that form the resistance against the invading forces of the Interstellar Kingdom Of Kuvexia that happened in YE 41. Its Game Master is Rawolfe.

Hanako Shall Resist
Forum Link Hanako Shall Resist Plot Thread
Type Play-by-Post/Joint Posts
Faction Yamatai Star Empire
Game Master Rawolfe
Pacing adjustable, ideally one post per week
Number of Players 5 (with 1 guest)
Accepting Players? Yes
Joining Requirements Requires to be in Yamatai. If you have another idea, do contact GM
Starting Date October 13, 2019

Hanako Shall Resist in Roleplay

Hanako Shall Resist plot deals with the aftermath of the Hanako's Falls to Kuvexian invasion. The plot deals with general combat, infiltration, guerrilla and ambush attacks towards the Interstellar Kingdom Of Kuvexia. But also explores the social element and interaction between the characters that suffer emotional and physical pain from the invasion. Currently, this is PG16 rated.

Recent Information

  • Location: New Kyoto, New Yamatai * Current Mission: **Chapter 1 β€œAnd so the skies burn”
  • The invasion at Hanako's World is a sour truth as the Interstellar Kingdom Of Kuvexia defeat the Sixth Fleet and Tenth Fleet in space and land onto Hanako to resume their conquest. Many cities and vilages are burning, yet remnants of reistance is forming. This story begins at H Bunker 789.

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Hanako Shall Resist

Plot History

Hanako Star gets invaded by the Interstellar Kingdom Of Kuvexia with overwhelming forces and defeat the combined forces of the Sixth Fleet and Tenth Fleet. The Kuvexians landed their forces onto Hanako's World and started their overtake of the area piece by piece. As bravely as the Yamatai had fought in space, they fought with the same spirit on the surface. The resistance begins to shape at one location, an H Bunker with number 789. There the people find themselves in a chaotic state and wounded are brought in by the minute. Until Narita started to gather information about what was really going on and manage to get a few healthy soldiers, even a Caelisolan who was seen as an intruder and an alien-looking freedom fighter. Yet the team was put into action when the ships that fought so bravely in space were shot down. They split up and they arrive at YSS Yoshikiyo where they started to evacuate and give support fire to the wounded soldiers. There the resistance to the gifted and small Amatsukaze who has her hands in information warfare. With a brutal retreat, the team acknowledges that supplies were in dying need for their bunker and their next target would be the General Supplies depot in the south of New Kyoto.

The team was ambushed in the forest on the route towards the General Supplies to get their supplies. They manage to take down all Rixx and even saved a civilian soldier that joined their mission. In New Kyoto, the Resistance met the enemy forces in the main streets and after a long battle, they manage to take ground back, but not without solid support from the remnants of Legion II that was still fighting this forsaken war even after losing their HQ. The team meets up with the Legion II members and exchange their information to only resume their mission towards the General Supplies, now with the strong support of a sniper they assaulted the General Supplies. It was quick, it was savage but it got the work done and the team took control of the General Supplies. They load up a truck as much as they could and even loaded up some puppies and their mother doggy to riding back to their bunker. Their next target would be the Communication tower that controls mostly over the general communication grid and on the lookout for a buildup airbase.

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Plot Will

When this plot becomes inactive, its story and the structure remain their own and can't be reproduced without the consent of the GM. However, if you wish to create a similar story plot with different names and such, you are free to do so.

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