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ECS Civetta di Cielo

ECS Civetta di Cielo was a Concordia-class Scout Ship built at Veritas Shipyards in YE 30 for the Peripolo Fleet. She was commanded by Duplicari Ariel Remora.


The Civetta di Cielo was a scout vessel, lightly armed and lightly armored - but equipped with a king's ransom of sensors, and very agile. As a part of the Peripolo Fleet, her primary goal was exploration. Civetta roleplay will be a combination of SP and JP, the pace will ideally be moderate to fast. Ideally there will be at least one plot JP per week, with more as time allows. Between JPs, all members are expected to continue by SP unless otherwise indicated. The Game Master is Orion.

Latest News

The ECS Civetta di Cielo was newly christened, awaiting launch on its maiden mission. Currently, the Civetta was located at Elysia Novus, taking on its crew and preparing for launch.

Missions of the ECS Civetta di Cielo

Mission 1

Goal: The crew of the ECS Civetta di Cielo are to investigate the detected alien artifact on the fourth planet in the system EX-1 (Keren). As the world is to be the site of a mining colony, the Civetta's crew is also to assist the colonization effort wherever needed.

Aesthetics of the Civetta di Cielo

  • Name: The name Civetta di Cielo translates literally to 'owl of heaven' or 'heavenly owl', a somewhat grander title than one may expect for a ship of such small stature.
  • Motto: “Sempre Vigile, Sempre Leale” - “Ever Watchful, Ever Loyal”.
  • History: History will be added once the Civetta di Cielo has actual history.

Modifications/Customizations of the Civetta di Cielo

  • Modifications: None have yet been made.
  • Optional Elements: The Civetta di Cielo is equipped with the optional hyperspace fold drive. Two of the Seraph kept in stasis are S14, the other two are S17.

Crew Manifest/Available Positions

Note: As the Civetta di Cielo is a Concordia scout vessel, captained by a Plebeian, all crewmen should be Plebeians.


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