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Kachimi (Victory) Park

Kachimi Park was created in YE 34 to commemorate the events of the Battle of Yamatai.

Kachimi means Victory in Yamataian.

The Tamahagane Corporation chose to establish the park as a memorial in the heart of Teisenjou. Kachimi Park is a 8km (5 mile) diameter circle, it is surrounded by a side walk and a two meter tall wall. The wall is composed of stone columns with grates that allow people to see into the park. There are six foot entrances to the park, and one access road.

There are also two subway stations within the park that connect to the Teisenjou City mass transit system. They are built to blend in and look like natural stone outcroppings.

The park is a wide expanse of water features, sculptures, rock outcroppings and expanses of flowering bushes and manicured lawns.

An amphitheater is near the center for entertainment.

Battle of Yamatai Memorial

In addition to serving as a recreational facility, the Kachimi Park is also a memorial to the civilian side of the Battle of Yamatai. A series of markers are placed throughout the park, with a gold bellflower simply that is referred to as the Bellflower Memorial symbol.


Battle of Yamatai

โ€œBloodied but not Broken.โ€

Memorial Bellflower Symbol

Just as the bellflower symbol has five petals, the memorial markers are grouped in areas that correspond to each petal.


Along the various paths are marble obelisks 1.5 meters tall. Each obelisk has a bronze marker plate in it. The marker has a Bas-relief of a person or object, with the name below it. Above the plaque a holographic projector is mounted. Waving your hand within six inches will cause the projector to turn on and a visual image appears with sound providing details about the subject. There are twenty obelisks within each section of the bellflower



Section one is the north side of the park, and is closest to Nejiro Tower.

1 Cities, Towns and Villages

These are the municipalities that were either destroyed or damaged as a result of the Battle. The visual provides images of the municipality as it appeared prior to the battle. It then shifts to images after the battle and lists relevant details, casualties, injured, missing, and damage to the city.

Some of these include:

2 Events of the Battle

This section provides an sequential overview of the battle as experienced by the civilian population. Examples of key events:

  • Alert sounded calling for evacuation to bunkers.
  • Break up of Hoshi no Iori and the subsequent rain of destruction.
  • NMX strikes at the city of Port Xenn
  • The day of black skies

3 Acts of Heroism

These markers record acts of regular citizens that helped save lives of others in their community.

4 Acts of Sacrifice

Most of the people / events of this section were performed by local Emergency Services (EMS) personnel who lost their lives in the performance of their job.

5 Restoration

This section outlines the most significant actions/contributions by people, companies, and organizations to help restore Yamatai.

Note: It should be noted that Tamahagane Corporation having built the city surrounding the park and the park itself chose to have an obelisk that just lists the company's name.

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