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Geshrinopolis was the original capital city of Yamatai (Planet). Its name means “City of the Geshrin.” It was described as a “megacity” by the YSS Yui's MEGAMI. It was settled over 1000 years before YE 01.

By YE 10, most of the residents were members of the Geshrin species, a type of enhanced human developed by PNUgen Corporation.


During its existence, Geshrinopolis was the capital of planet Geshrintall (now called planet Yamatai). It was the largest city on the planet by population.

During the Fourth Elysian War, in YE 24, the Elysian Celestial Navy destroyed the city with a large-scale orbital bombardment, killing millions of people. There was a large crater left in the planet afterwards.

Once the war had ended, the Yamatai Star Empire almost immediately began work on a new capital on the same site, which became the city of Kyoto.


Notable Locations

  • Empress Hotel
  • Imperial Theater
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