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Blue Rift Expanse

Very little is known about this beautiful and mysterious phenomenon. It is massive, spanning almost 20 lightyears across.


After Freespacer Massacre and Related Battles in YE 30, those Freespacers who did not take refuge in the space of nearby nations instead fled here. The unstable space creates a natural defense that not only prevents FTL travel, but disrupts sensors, which makes it virtually impossible for outsiders to locate their ships.

In YE 31, the YSS Miharu entered the expanse in search of Amaya's Gate, a space-time portal, and entered it, emerging in YE 33 during the portal gate's destruction.

By YE 38, there are many small fortified objects now imbedded within this space, including not only the rogue planet Arsenal, but also many unstable and forgotten former-Independent Worlds League holdings.


  • Size: 19.773 LY in length, 0.3 LY in diameter
  • First recorded: Unknown, 29th June, BY-40, (North West, 120 LY)
  • Ownership: None (de facto Astral Locksmiths control)


  • The exact cause and effect of the Blue Rift are not understood.
  • The location and circumstance of the Blue Rift phenomenon makes visiting it a virtual impossibility (it is within an FTL deadzone). Freespacers, however, circumvent this restriction by using Ley Lines to safely move from one sheltered zone to another within this region.
  • The energy levels recorded exceed safety limits, even at a distance of 6 LY from the phenomenon.
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