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LSDF Standard Primary Bridge

The LSDF designed standard primary bridge is intended to be fielded by the Lorath Self Defense Force, and by affiliated manufacturers and organizations. The standard primary bridge is intended to serve as a dedicated command center for stations, large starships, and similar structures.


The standard LSDF bridge has been designed to incorporate key features in the command and control of a starship, and the coordination of other ships in a given task force. The design of the bridge is also indicative of the need for coordination, this is made apparent by the structure of the bridge holding the command position in a centralized location, while placing other control stations in a circle around the command staff. The bridge's dimensions are twenty-five meters in length, twenty meters in width, and five meters in height. The décor of each bridge is often left to the commander to decide, however, by default the bridge design is often painted in a white and gray color scheme.

Command Area

Located in the central section of the bridge is the command platform. The command platform comes in a standard configuration which consists of a centralized command chair or control interface podium intended to be manned by the ship commander. Secondary chairs or podiums, as selected by the ship commander, are placed on this platform as well in positions which would allow for an optimal line of sight over the bridge workstations.

It is also noted that in some cases, command staff may choose to alter the layout of the command platform. In some cases commanders may choose to substitute other furnishings on the command platform instead of the conventional podium or chair configuration.

Located behind the command area in ARIA compatible ships is the ARIA Ship Control System's dedicated interface tank, which retracts or extends from the command platform deck.

Primary Monitoring Screen

Placed relative to where the forward portion of the vessel would be, the primary monitoring screen is often utilized as a 'window' to allow for a general feel of where the ship is going. At times, the primary monitor can be used as a communications window, tactical display, sensor display, or as an interactive display. Additional uses can be assigned to the monitor at the crew and command's decision.

Bridge Work Stations

Workstations on standard primary bridges are placed along the bulkheads of the bridge in a circular configuration to allow for an optimal 'flow' to the workspace and to optimize accessibility to a workstation when the need arises for the station to be manned quickly. This configuration also provides optimal capability to a commander to watch over the crew manning the workstations.

Each workstation is able to be configured to a variety of tasks, however, a default configuration is assigned to the bridge upon manufacture, which can be altered at a commander's whim. Despite being able to be configured to a variety of tasks, there are several features which are always standard to a bridge workstation; a chair with Neural Interface System compatibility, a volumetric display, a standard OLED display, a tactile key interface, a flat panel configurable interface, and a biometric identify confirmation system which utilizes a DNA scan, retina scan, and facial recognition system.

Commander's Office

Attached standard to each primary bridge is a room which is assigned to be the commander's office. The office is manufactured bare, but can be decorated at the commander's specifications. The room is manufactured to have a standard width and length of ten meters, and a height of three meters. Not counting the attached sleep chamber, closet, and commander's head.

Bridge Armory

Each manufactured primary bridge includes its own armory. Bridge armories are to be equipped with the following within a five by two meter room.

Bridge Work Station Listing and Bridge Layout

  • 12 O'clock Position: Helm
  • 1 O'clock Position: Storage Area Door
  • 2 O'clock Position: Tactical
  • 3 O'clock Position: Communications
  • 4 O'clock Position: Access Doorway
  • 5 O'clock Position: Engineering
  • 6 O'clock Position: Commander's Office Door
  • 7 O'clock Position: Sciences
  • 8 O'clock Position: Access Doorway
  • 9 O'clock Position: Computer Control & Interface
  • 10 O'clock Position: Operations
  • 11 O'clock Position: Bridge Armory Access
  • Central Position: Command Platform

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