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Arvillael Castor

Arvillael1) Castor is a player character played by Arbitrated.

Arvillael Castor
Species & Gender: Elysian (Patrician) Female
Date of Birth: YE 12
Organization: The Elysian Senate
Occupation: Senator, Populares Mollesco
Rank: Senator
Current Placement: Elysian Senate

Physical Description

  • Height: 5'
  • Weight: 37 kg (81.5 lbs)
  • Eye Color: Dark Blue
  • Hair Color: Auburn
  • Hair Style/Length: Slightly wavy, reaching down to her waist
  • BWH: 28A, 24, 31

Arvillael is a diminuitively-sized Patrician woman. Combined with her youthful features and voice, it's common for her to be mistaken as an actual child. When in public, Arvillael typically has to step quickly to keep up with other people, giving the impression that she is sunning and always in a hurry. Despite this, she's actually a very relaxed individual.


Arvillael Castor is often prone to taking her time with decisions. She waits while other people dive into the fray, gathering information she deems important before trying to join the discussion directly. Arvillael tries to keep herself as calm as possible, pausing to take deep breaths when needed. When she actually does talk, however, Arvillael often seems to drop the grace and elegance of traditional Patrician dialects, opting for a much more blunt and to the point series of sentences.

Of course, Arvillael can't keep herself a stoic-she gets excited quite easily around cute things and loves to have fun with her friends and family. She rarely refuses to go to a party unless she has a good reason to, and loves meeting new people and talking with them. When she isn't being a highly-businesslike individual, she loves to talk in a less devastating manner, and one of her favorite things to do is have a long debate with someone over sometimes the most mundane of things.

When stressed out, Mrs. Castor typically tries to escape from the situation at hand when she can - sometimes even with a parting insult to the problem, if she's angry enough. Being diagnosed with Agrippa, she handles stress incredibly poorly.


Arvillael Castor was born in YE 12 on Elysia Novus. Despite the turbulent political situations of the time2), Arvillael was raised in relative safety and comfort on account of her patrician status. She was raised in a political family, with both her mother and father being senators for quite a significant amount of time in her early life. When she was approximately ten years old, Arvillael was diagnosed with Agrippa, a disorder which causes cardiac arrest to its victims if they are over-stressed.

As she grew up, Arvillael was subject to a rather unique upbringing - she had regular appointments to counselors, the yoga lessons, and the other methods wherein her family tried to fight the young girl's condition. Additionally, the occasional loss of memory whenever Arvillael did die put her at a sort of disconnected relationship with other people.

Even with the struggles of Agrippa plaguing Arvillael's development, the young woman managed to acquire surprisingly good conversational and social skills. She often was taken along to parties with her parents who typically held a social front while engaging in private conversations, as per the typical behavior expected of politicians. After years of her life being imbued with the political and social interactions from her parents, Arvillael herself only found it natural to engage in the political scene as well-even if it did put her at a higher risk of a heart attack.

When she was just beginning her career as a senator, barely even a month into office, Arvillael met a man named Antonius Castor in an incident with a broken-down elevator, something she doesn't always like to talk about. Through a few awkward conversations, Arvillael found Antoni to be pretty enjoyable individual - if occasionally a bit too direct with what he wants. It took some time for the two to grow together, but they finally did marry each other - allegedly, with a small ceremony despite their status as senators.

Skills Learned

Arvillael Castor has the following notable skills:

  • Communications: Arvillael is capable of speaking in Seraphim, Trade, and Yamataian. She can read and write much like an average person, though her personal handwriting is difficult to read unless the reader is familiar with it - even her husband still needs help sometimes. She can of course use telepathy to speak to other people.
  • Leadership: Public speaking is a key part of being a senator - Arvillael still struggles with this goal, but she tries her hand anyways. She's much better at stating the facts than convincing people of them, especially in larger groups.
  • Knowledge: Arvillael is a bookworm at heart, and she enjoys to read about the history of nations, as well as their laws - and she also loves to think about how things could be done differently, and what unique outcomes might come from these possibilities.
  • Entertainment: Mrs. Castor is an excellent host if prepared, and loves to both partake in and host parties. She also plays the flute, a hobby she uses to relax or simply enjoy life. She occasionally records her flute playing, as well.
  • Physical: Arvillael knows a variety of body relaxation techniques such as yoga, which allow her to stay in a relatively relaxed state3). These techniques often have the side effect of purifying her body and keeping it healthy without having to β€œburn off” energy in normal ways such as intense exercise. Additionally, she knows how to give a nice massage!
  • Domestic: She's perfectly capable of cooking meals from basically scratch. She also handles much of the cleaning up around the house after her husband and herself, and even sometimes figuratively strongarms her partner into helping her. Though, she doesn't trust him with laundry still.
  • Culinary: Arvillael loves to cook, and she loves to cook for lots of people as well. She has a series of recipes, some from her family and others of her own design, forming an expanding list of dishes and foods to show off. One of her favorite food types to work with is fish.

Social Connections

Arvillael Castor is connected to:

  • Michael Shoftiel (Father)
  • Asariel Shoftiel (Mother)
  • Antonius Castor (Husband)

Inventory & Finance

Arvillael Castor shares ownership of her and her husband's residence. She has proprietary ownership of a single Seraph servant.

She has a wardrobe of traditional Elysian clothing, and a personal computer.

Mrs. Castor has a small slate-gray card with a rust-red chevron on one side, wired to her bank account. The account contains 10000 KS.4)

OOC Information

In the case Arbitrated becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? HECK NO
Character Data
Character NameArvillael Castor
Character OwnerArbitrated
It should be noted that she typically is referred to as simply β€œArvilla”
Primarily the Elysian-Yamatai wars
This is mostly to combat the effects of her Agrippa Disorder
50000 Aureas

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