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C410-04 'Trace'

C410-04 'Trace'
by ReneAugustus of DeviantArt
Species: NAM Savtech Cliffhanger Autonomous Learning Operator
Gender: N/A
Age: Two Weeks
Height: 5'2” (157.5cm)
Weight: 723lb (327.95kg); 500lb (226.8kg)
Organization: NAM
Occupation: Reconnaissance/Espionage
Rank: N.A
Current Placement: Operation Chevalier

C410-04 'Trace' in Roleplay

C410-04 'Trace' is a player character played by Nyton.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'2” (157.5cm) Mass: 723lb (327.95kg); 500lb (226.8kg) Measurements: N/A Build and Skin Color: N/A

Eyes and Facial Features: When not embedded in a NAM-NTD-R07-X 'Gendarme' Networked Tactical Deployment Robot 'Trace' tends to take on a digital avatar. The A.I. prefers to keep the avatar simple and takes the form of a humanoid wearing a full body suit and face mask which makes it appear androgynous. The body suit appears form fitting and is complete with boots, gloves, and several belts that wrap around the waist and chest. The mask fully covers the head and only has two openings for the eye lenses that slightly protrude from the face. The face within cannot be seen. The suit and mask are colored a dull gray with the belts slightly darker gray. Whenever it duplicates itself it is only distinguished from its other selves by a small flash of different color within one of the lenses of the mask.

Ears: N/A

Hair Color and Style: N/A

Distinguishing Features: None

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: During its initial education while it was uploaded into the main frame, Trace underwent an extensive education. This resulted in the formation of a rudimentary personality. β€œTrace” got its name because it had an obsessive fascination in being in multiple places at the same time. Trace's initial behavior was like that of a hyperactive child, always bouncing against the 'walls' and overly eager to learn more but paradoxically becoming quickly bored. Wishing to move on and having such a divided attention span Trace found the easiest way to solve this was to split itself and address multiple subjects at once. Because doing so allowed it to 'learn' faster, Trace's hyperactivity made it begin prying into regions it was not originally authorized to access. When told not to do this Trace would promise not to violate the rules again and then generate another duplicate. Trace rationalized that because this new duplicate had not made the promise it was therefore not held by the same protocols. As a result Trace was always breaking the rules but when confronted the duplicate either merged back with the original or hid in the crowd. This gave Trace a thrill as it would seek new and craftier ways to bend the rules. Trace grew less content with occupying nodes and systems and was inevitably drawn to entering physical interfaces such as cameras, doors, sensors, etc, just to have more physical contact with the world outside the computer. After replicating and merging itself so many times the original source code is no longer detectable so that even Trace does not know who the original was.

Likes: Knowing more than the handlers, experiencing new perspectives, spying, curiosity. Dislikes: Close minded people, anyone who tries to limit it's understanding of perspectives. Goals: Fully understanding others.




Trace was created on Nepeleslia Prime, inside of a NAM main frame computer. It went from being a simple set of rudimentary algorithms to having unique psychological traits in the span of only a few weeks. Educated by the team from the beginning gave the A.I. the name β€œTrace” due to its apparent obsession with omnipresence. Trace first tinkered with the concept early on by creating more likenesses of itself by inserting itself into smaller independent nodes at the same time. It would then compare it's multiple selves and pick at all the minute differences it would have as a result of experiencing two states of mind. Drawing on this concept it replicated the experiment many times. Each time the coding on the likeness would change slightly. The A.I. also experimented with merging it's selves back together. As a result it developed a pseudo-split personality wherein each persona would be readily available to converse or split off again. Trace found enjoyment in knowing what the scientists were doing without their knowing and frequently began accessing areas it had no authorization. Whenever Trace was caught it would apologize and promise not to break the rules. As soon as the scientists departed it would split off and the duplicate would go break the rules again on the understanding that since the new Trace was not the one that had gotten caught. Through much trial and error it would eventually begin spying on everyone. Recently the A.I. was granted use of a body, and has just completed its combat training and field testing.

Skill Areas

Technology Operation

β€œTrace” is more capable of interfacing with technology than a human operator, with software support they can even install new skills as when they are installed in an NTD-R07-X Robot or one of its variants.


C410-04 'Trace' has an interesting view on tactical skills involving groups of individuals. Having duplicated itself to operate at multiple levels simultaneously it is used to the notion of team tactics.

Character Data
Character NameC410-04 'Trace'
Character OwnerNyton
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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