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Alex Burning

Alex Burning
Species: Yamataian
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Family (or Creators): Sydney “Syd” Burning Sr. (Father, 50), Bill Burning (Uncle, 48), Erika Aoi (Burning) (Mother, 47), Sydney Burning Jr. (Big Brother, 29), Vince Burning (Big Brother, 27), Ken Burning (Little Brother, 18)
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Height: 5’11”/180.3cm
Weight: 135 lbs/61.2kg
Bra Size: 36-F (32-41-34)
Organization Independent
Rank Civilian
Occupation Freelancer/Thrillseeker
Current Placement N/A

Alex Burning In Roleplay

Alex Burning is a player character played by Toshiro and is currently not involved in any specific plot.

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5' 11“
  • Mass: 135 lbs
  • Measurements: 41-28-39
  • Bra Size: 36-F (32-41-34)

Build and Skin Color: Alex is a knockout tomboy, with lots of curves. Though her muscles are well built and her waist slim, the fat on her chest simply won't vanish, leaving her with a very large chest and making her grow with slightly larger hips to balance that weight. Her skin is slightly on the pale side, due to the inability to tan very well.

Facial Features and Eye Color: Alex has expressive, bright green eyes which are possibly her face's fest feature. Her face is smooth and feminine enough to be considered attractive, but is capable of expressing her emotions with surprising clarity and intensity when needed.

Hair Color and Style: Alex' hair is brown and somewhat swept back from her years of airbike enthusiasm. She likes it, and does style it to a degree, but mostly it is simply how her hair is trained to grow.

Distinguishing Features: The things most would remember most distinguishing about Alex are her breasts and buttocks, but getting past her curves would attract one straight to her expressive eyes. She has no tattoos or marks on her body.

Flavor: Vanilla with a light tinge of Cinnamon.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Alex is fun-loving and somewhat rebellious, due to the sheltered life she led on Yamatai in contrast to her earlier life on Nepleslia. Air and Starbikes are things she has a love of, as well as money and material things (like many Nepleslians). She likes to thrill-seek, sometimes going to other worlds and trying out their more extreme sports. She's also known to salvage, looking for fun things as well as for money. She also enjoys pleasure, sometimes indulging in more private pursuits. She's not above sparring with others either, the girl having learned different types of physical combat from her father and brothers. During the time she was sheltered by her mother, she used her brains more than her brawn and took up Engineering.

This uninhibited tomboy did inherit a gentle and caring side from her mother, but only those she is close to really get to see it for any great length of time. In spite of her love of thrills and money, friendship is valuable to her perhaps even more so. She is especially close to her younger brother, toward whom she is very strongly defensive, as well as her father.

  • Likes: Airbikes, Starbikes, Extreme Sports, Salvaging, Money, Sex, Porn, Firearms, Friendship, Sparring, Nepleslian Culture, Family
  • Dislikes: Boredom, Traditionalism, Being Restricted or Confined in her activities, being called by her birth name “Alexis”.
  • Goals: To have fun and preferably earn money doing it; to generally enjoy life


Alex was born the third of four children on Nepleslia in early YE 11 to the Nepleslian Sydney Burning Sr and the Geshrin Erika Burning(who had fled to Nepleslia after the plague in YE 08). Her father was so convinced he had the Super-Y Chromosome that he had already named his third child and signed her birth certificate when she was born, much to the dismay of her mother. Fortunately the name was semi-gender neutral and Alex likes it well enough – though her mother took to calling her Alexis.

Alex' youth was spent on her homeworld of Nepleslia, absorbed in airbike races, shoot'em up video games, roughhousing with her older brothers, and going to school. Since her father was a soldier and later an Officer, she lived relatively well – though the tomboy refused to be as jaded and protected as most girls. She learned some Engineering at this time, and was aware of the terminology and general operation of Airbikes by the time she was ten. She often helped her Uncle Bill in his Bike Shop when she didn't feel like going home to her strict mother.

She earned her scrapes and bruises in her youth, if not from her brothers, then her classmates. While her father would just laugh and enjoy that she was tough, and even help teach her to fight, her Geshrin mother strongly disliked this attitude. After Syd Sr. became an officer and both of his elder sons followed him into the military, Erika finally had it with Nepleslia and took the 15-year-old Alex and her younger brother Ken to Yamatai.

Alex liked Yamatai well enough, and actually had friends there, but she DID hate living with her mother. Being introduced and known as Alexis to everyone, being forced to wear more traditional clothing and dresses, watching her mother's cold attitude toward Ken…these things made Alex' blood boil. Alex' life on Yamatai was one of forced restraint as her mother tried to shape her into “A proper Geshrin lady” with kimonos, flower arranging, and other such things. Alex was permitted the continued study of Engineering, which was the only real avenue of release she had during that time.

Alex was compelled to change over to a Yamataian body at 17, as was Ken (at 12), which their mother justified by telling them stories of the Plague and getting converted to a Yamataian herself. In reality, however, Erika's motives were more to fully change her remaining children into a different cultural and biological identity to prevent them from leaving Yamatai, as the Nepleslians had recently gained independence.

Upon turning 18, however, Alex was flooded with e-mails and messages from the previous three years, and discovered that her mother had intentionally used her status as a minor to prevent her from having any contact with her father. Finding from the e-mails that her mother had not consulted him in her actions and wondering where his children were, Alex made a decision. She left Yamatai with her younger sibling in tow just as her mother had taken her from Nepleslia.

Her brother now in the care of her Uncle Bill and helping out in his airbike shop, she's re-established contact with her father and older brothers, while more or less shunning her mother. She is known to commonly visit Yamatai and Nepleslia both, enjoying the best of both cultures. Her mother's strictness has resulted in a backlash; where Alex is deeply enjoying her freedom and independence as an adult by traveling far and wide, trying new things and pretty much enjoying herself.

Alex has purchased a large capacity shuttle and has taken assorted odd jobs as a salvager and courier. An interesting encounter in Funky City with a Mishhu left her with her free will and mind intact, but Mishhu arousal toxin amplified her existing desires. Whether or not this is permanent remains to be seen, but she befriended Wazu and Harm(actually Uso). The insurance payout which she obtained for being attacked by the Mishuu went to good use, however, used in part to anonymously purchase a Type 30 Mental Transfer and Backup Unit for the use of herself and her brother – who are in Yamataian bodies.

She would eventually start doing courier work for Nepleslia's military, and even provide information to the IPG. She upgraded to a larger ship for this purpose, and resumed earning wealth and traveling around known space. She also opened a salvaging business, selling salvage over Lazarus' public communications system.

In YE 40, she would participate in massive salvage operation alongside Blues Arnoul / Catharsis Black and Yuki Toshiro in the area to the galactic west, and earn a small fortune by salvaging Elysian, NMX, and other vessels.


Alex has a wide array of skills, though she is not a soldier. She is a 'jane of many trades' sort.


When she was on Yamatai in her late teens, Alex' only true freedom allowed by her mother was the further study of Engineering. While it couldn't be considered a military-grade training, Alex has practical knowledge of how various systems work and a fairly logical and analytical mind in troubleshooting or modifying them. Given sufficient time she can accomplish a great deal, especially with propulsion systems.

Maintenance and Repair

Alex was both a fan of Airbike/Starbike racing growing up and hung around her uncle's Bike Shop growing up. She was helping maintain and repair equipment even at that time, and her Engineering training on Yamatai only pushed her skills further. While she can fix and maintain many things, she typically uses her skills to push as much power out of airbike engines as possible.

Technology Operation

Alex has a standard education in using her own body's enhanced functions, is capable of quickly figuring out most Yamataian and Nepleslian civilian systems, and has experience in piloting Air and Starbikes. She is not yet soldier-grade, but she is capable.


Alex is able to drive many civilian vehicles and can also pilot Air and Starbikes effectively. She is skilled in maintaining and repairing such vehicles as well. The Airbike circuit and the standard Nepleslian Driving test combined have given her respectable training in defensive(and aggressive) driving.


Alex learned how to spar and brawl from her siblings, but actually learned how to fight from her father and her uncle. In this respect, her training is roughly identical or even slightly better than the training a soldier would have had in the mid YE 20s. This was less for any actual military plans than the fact she was a Nepleslian woman who needed to learn to protect herself from any fresh guys who got the wrong idea.


Alex has always been physically fit, though her stamina has gotten a notable boost from her new Yamataian body. While she is capable of using her enhanced functions like her Antigravity, she prefers not to do so while on Nepleslia. Her body's ability to heal and its improved reaction time does, however, help her in Airbike racing.


In the past three years, Alex has gone to many different places and met many different kinds of people. Her training in flower arranging and traditional Yamataian forms of entertaining sometimes comes in handy, but she is also constantly learning more about more private skills.



  • Brown Leather Airbike Jacket
  • Leather jacket, large snake pattern on back
  • Airbike Helmet
  • Airbike Jacket
  • Airbike Gloves
  • Airbike Boots
  • 10 Civilian Space Suits (a little bulky; 6 hour air supply)
  • White shirt with Green stripe
  • Pink shirt with Purple stripe
  • Aethersperm Concert T-Shirt (Left breast autographed by Jon-Jon Rocketass)
  • Brown Belt with buckle
  • Black Belt
  • 2 pairs of Blue Jeans
  • Black pants
  • 2 pairs black Socks
  • 2 pairs white Socks
  • White and Green Boots
  • Black Boots
  • Traditional Green Kimono with sash, yellow flower pattern (rarely used)
  • Traditional Yamataian sandal-toed Socks (rarely used)
  • Traditional Yamataian sandals (rarely used)
  • ipg_operator_shades (acquired in trade with IPG, legally. Only pair in civvie hands!)
  • Cheap Sunglasses
  • Expensive designer swimsuits (female)
  • 2 Shipments of male/female Formal Attire, 20 outfits total
  • 2 sets of Sexy Lingerie
  • 2 Expensive Dresses
  • Duffel Bag of nice sets of businesswoman clothing (skirts, blouses, stockings, jackets, etc)
  • Absolutely gorgeous wedding dress

Cosplay Outfits (Genuine Military Uniforms!)

  • Type 23 Female Dress Uniform
  • Star Army Type 30B Female Duty Uniform (Long sleeve)
  • Type 30 Helmet
  • Yamataian military belts, Boots, and gloves
  • NMX Field Uniform (Type 31)
  • NMX Field Uniform (Type 31 Hot Weather Version)
  • Crate of SMoN Uniforms
  • Star Army of Nepleslia Beret
  • SMoN Commisar Rank Patch
  • SMDIoN Uniform jacket, ragged

Workout Clothing and Undergarments

  • 3 “industrial strength” white bras (36-F, tested to hold in three times normal gravity!)
  • 3 pairs white panties
  • Duffel Bag full of unisex sports clothing

Personal Hygiene

  • Bar of Soap
  • Toothpaste
  • Toothbrush
  • Comb


  • Electronic Money Card
  • Type 30 Mental Transfer and Backup Unit (Illegal to own by Yamatai's laws, hidden outside Yamataian space)
  • Organic Tissue Culture Unit - Large
  • Backpack Nano Assembler
  • 5 x Generic Datapad
  • 2 x Stack of Data Disks
  • 2 x Anti-Insect (Direct)
  • Mass detector system
  • One Guaranteed-To-Work Lorath Slave Collar and Remote


  • Banjo

Key Miscellaneous

  • Letterhead thanking Alex for returning Military Hardware to SMoN via IPG
  • 1 “favor” owed to her by the IPG (intangible)
  • Green Duffel Bag
  • “Home Video” (Alex and Ken Miller, in Ge-T1 shuttle)
  • Crate of ore, Platinum
  • Small Box Full of Gold Bars
  • 2 Small crates of Silver (20 kg each)
  • Crate of Silver Ore
  • 5 x Crate of refined durandium, crates are fairly large
  • 3 x SILVER Type Android (2 male, 1 female)
  • Chrome Egg
  • Envelope With Five Week-Passes To The “Fruna Ruica” Pleasure Ship!
  • Whole Cargo Module (empty)
  • Whole Cargo Module (Nepleslian Military Rations)

Minor Miscellaneous

  • 3 Adult Magazines
  • 2 x Silver dining utensil
  • Bust of Admiral Davis
  • Bronze Mindy Armor Statue
  • Emrys Industries Pheromone
  • Large Crate of Freight (has “entertainment media” and booze)
  • Full collection of Aethersperm Music Disks and full sensory + holographic suite to enjoy it in
  • 3 Coolers
  • Oven
  • 8 x KS Card (mod determines amount, salvaged but not used)


  • Makeup
  • Nepleslian Chocholate
  • 2 x 12 pack of condoms
  • 2 x Small Box of Lolipops
  • Two gallon water jug from escape pod or shuttle, full
  • 10 Elysian-made Scented Candles
  • 1 Barrel of Pine Tree Seeds
  • 2 x Bartender's Cabinet

Weaponry and Tools

  • 1 crate containing 40 Zen Armaments Precision Sniper Rifle and 40 BU-P50R batteries
  • Crate of Telescopic rifle sights
  • Crate of Ammunition, Nepleslian .45 ZA
  • Small Laser Pistol (damaged, repairable)
  • GP-12 Phased Pulse Rifle
  • Sawn off shotgun
  • E-Knuckle Duster
  • 2 x E-Knuckle Duster Large Battery
  • 0.25 ESG SMG Pistol
  • 2 x Mortar Launcher
  • 2 x Charged Particle Launcher
  • various Styrling and Zen Armaments small arms
  • Zen Arms 10mm Covert Ops Pistol with Silencer
  • 2 Crates of 10mm pistol ammunition (500 rounds each)
  • Crate of NAM 12mm RPB pistols
  • Gun Modification Tools
  • Pneumatic Nailgun

Spacecraft and Vehicles

Power Armors and Parts

Salvage for Sale

Items Pending

  • Blown apart Fraswortch Battle Pod (S Hyulughflar, TC: 38-21, IC: 817-4278-55)
  • Damaged Mishhu Weapon Pod (S Hyulughflar, TC: 31-15, IC: 522-3432-43)
  • Escape pod, unused (S Hyulughflar, TC: 22-94, IC: 2125-24027-114)
  • Subspace Skipping Missile (S Hyulughflar, TC: 30-52, IC: 1617-10613-79)
  • Subspace Skipping Missile (S Hyulughflar, TC: 38-53, IC: 2033-11240-87)
  • Tactical Missile Launcher (S Hyulughflar, TC: 47-68, IC: 3253-19233-110)
  • Scalar Pulse Cannon components (S Hyulughflar, TC: 28-76, IC: 2185-15561-101)
  • Section of Scalar Wave Array (S Hyulughflar, TC: 42-79, IC: 3375-21545-116)
  • Intact section of an aether shock array (S Hyulughflar, TC: 73-86, IC: 6335-25169-151)
  • Antimatter Mines (dangerous!) (S Hyulughflar, TC: 43-7, IC: 315-2115-45)
  • Sex Droid (S Hyulughflar, TC: 18-95, IC: 1767-22192-111)
  • Nekovalkyrja clothing (stockings, uniforms) (S Hyulughflar, TC: 68-40, IC: 2777-8417-100)
  • Uniform jacket, ragged (S Hyulughflar, TC: 90-28, IC: 2577-8065-108)
  • Star Army rank pin (S Hyulughflar, TC: 81-48, IC: 3864-12633-120)
  • Diamond Survival Knife (S Hyulughflar, TC: 90-10, IC: 957-2297-90)
  • Diamond Survival Knife (S Hyulughflar, TC: 73-11, IC: 787-2752-76)
  • Intact medical kit (S Hyulughflar, TC: 93-20, IC: 1917-4097-102)
  • Intact medical kit (S Hyulughflar, TC: 82-21, IC: 1697-5706-94)
  • Oxygen canister (S Hyulughflar, TC: 14-58, IC: 869-17051-71)
  • E-Knuckle Duster (S Hyulughflar, TC: 12-23, IC: 321-5140-34)
  • E-Knuckle Duster (S Hyulughflar, TC: 8-23, IC: 233-5370-31)
  • Bullets for Type 28 10mm Mass Production Pistol (S Hyulughflar, TC: 87-45, IC: 3885-10497-122)
  • Weight Set (for workout) (S Hyulughflar, TC: 22-35, IC: 805-8492-55)
  • Dead Mishhuvurthyar (S Hyulughflar, TC: 35-13, IC: 477-2826-44)
  • Severed tentacle (S Hyulughflar, TC: 45-5, IC: 282-1127-45)
  • Frozen, dead Mishhu Brain-slave pilot (S Hyulughflar, TC: 34-14, IC: 499-3081-44)
  • Corpse with Mishhu Eggs Inside (S Hyulughflar, TC: 29-82, IC: 2435-17851-108)
  • Corpse with Mishhu Eggs Inside (S Hyulughflar, TC: 44-82, IC: 3665-24247-121)
  • Tortured Neko corpse (died crying) (S Hyulughflar, TC: 65-23, IC: 1552-5945-81)
  • Disgusting biomass (S Hyulughflar, TC: 71-2, IC: 128-515-65)
  • Disgusting biomass (S Hyulughflar, TC: 33-2, IC: 90-501-32)
  • Disgusting biomass (S Hyulughflar, TC: 52-2, IC: 109-583-48)
  • Frozen Hemosynthetic Blood Globule (S Hyulughflar, TC: 33-32, IC: 1113-7097-62)
  • Globule of frozen hemosynthetic blood (S Hyulughflar, TC: 68-43, IC: 2981-12570-103)
  • Dead Bio Organic Life Support System Section (S Hyulughflar, TC: 42-15, IC: 645-3627-52)
  • Dead Bio Organic Life Support System Section (S Hyulughflar, TC: 49-14, IC: 743-3683-58)
  • Dead Bio Organic Life Support System Section (S Hyulughflar, TC: 59-15, IC: 883-4107-67)
  • Trash (S Hyulughflar, TC: 53-3, IC: 163-924-50)
  • Trash (S Hyulughflar, TC: 45-3, IC: 147-876-43)
  • Wad of burnt plastic (S Hyulughflar, TC: 74-1, IC: 57-265-67)
  • Neko dissection manual (S Hyulughflar, TC: 35-46, IC: 1667-11097-77)
  • Small broken nuclear reactor (S Hyulughflar, TC: 95-54, IC: 5092-11397-138)
  • Control panel, cracked (S Hyulughflar, TC: 93-16, IC: 1452-4009-98)
  • Control panel, cracked (S Hyulughflar, TC: 2-14, IC: 83-3977-16)
  • Damaged computer board (S Hyulughflar, TC: 30-36, IC: 1107-9093-63)
  • Cracked weapon barrel (S Hyulughflar, TC: 40-22, IC: 897-6129-58)
  • Optical sensor, smashed (S Hyulughflar, TC: 64-12, IC: 761-3657-69)
  • Section of catwalk (S Hyulughflar, TC: 20-48, IC: 1017-11529-66)
  • Section of catwalk (S Hyulughflar, TC: 3-49, IC: 201-14267-52)
  • Sharp shard of starship armor (S Hyulughflar, TC: 54-5, IC: 273-1452-53)
  • Complete Zanarium plate (S Hyulughflar, TC: 58-77, IC: 4523-18152-129)
  • Chunk of Zanarium plate, intact (S Hyulughflar, TC: 49-64, IC: 3193-14585-108)
  • Chunk of Zanarium plate, intact (S Hyulughflar, TC: 64-64, IC: 4153-15673-121)
  • Neutronium(from Super Demon Power Armor) (S Hyulughflar, TC: 9-88, IC: 849-18185-96)
  • Neutronium(from Super Demon Power Armor) (S Hyulughflar, TC: 25-88, IC: 2257-21881-111)
  • Hull pieces, interlocking Neutronium (S Hyulughflar, TC: 35-88, IC: 3102-21969-119)
  • Blast shutter assembly, Diamond Composite (S Hyulughflar, TC: 32-74, IC: 2425-22183-103)
  • Diamond Composite Armor chunk, some holes (S Hyulughflar, TC: 60-55, IC: 3357-12927-108)
  • Transparent Zesuaium window (S Hyulughflar, TC: 96-72, IC: 6969-18633-157)
  • Transparent Zesuaium window (S Hyulughflar, TC: 56-79, IC: 4425-21466-129)
  • Transparent Zesuaium window (S Hyulughflar, TC: 32-78, IC: 2553-23145-107)
  • Blast shutter assembly, Zesuaium (S Hyulughflar, TC: 64-74, IC: 4729-19815-131)
  • Zesuaium Armor chunk, some holes (S Hyulughflar, TC: 33-54, IC: 1839-14853-84)


Alex Burning is currently a Civilian with IPG and SMDIoN ties. Her pay is intermittent.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
6000 DA (3000 KS) Starting Funds
0 DA (0 KS) 6000 DA (3000 KS) Shuttle + Spare Parts
400 DA (200 KS) 400 DA (200 KS) Job for Ken Miller
0 DA (0 KS) 400 DA (200 KS) Purchases
60000 DA (30000 KS) 60000 DA (30000 KS) Transporter Insurance Payout (Mishhu Encounter)
24000 DA (12000 KS) 36000 DA (18000 KS) Purchases
23950 DA (11975 KS) 50 DA (25 KS) Purchases
22950 DA (11475 KS) 1000 DA (500 KS) Purchases
48010 DA (24005 KS) 25060 DA (12530 KS) Sale of Salvage
19010 DA (9505 KS) 29000 DA (14500 KS) Purchase of Henkei (IPG covered remainder)
30010 DA (15005 KS) 11000 DA (5500 KS) Sale of Salvage
5010 DA (2505 KS) 25000 DA (12500 KS) Purchases
40010 DA (20005 KS) 35000 DA (17500 KS) Sale of Salvage
85010 DA (47505 KS) 45000 DA (27500 KS) Sale of Salvage (40K DA more pending)
57510 DA (28755 KS) 27500 DA (13750 KS) Purchase of two Impulse to cobble together
137510 DA (68755 KS) 80000 DA (40000 KS) Sale of Ge-Y1-M3500 - Building Module concept
127510 DA (63755 KS) 10000 KS (5000 KS) Payment on Loan, (11/30/35)
777510 DA (388775 KS) 650000 DA (325000 KS) Sale of Salvage
127510 DA (63755 KS) 650000 DA (325000 KS) Payment on Loan, (12/21/35)
227510 DA (113755 KS) 100000 DA (50000 KS) Sale of Salvage
276510 DA (138255 KS) 49000 DA (24500 KS) Sale of Salvage
226510 DA (113255 KS) 50000 DA (25000 KS) Payment on Loan, (1/27/36)
176510 DA (88255 KS) 50000 DA (25000 KS) Payment on Loan, (2/27/36)
126510 DA (63255 KS) 50000 DA (25000 KS) Payment on Loan, (3/27/36)
76510 DA (38255 KS) 50000 DA (25000 KS) Payment on Loan, (4/27/36)
1676510 DA (838255 KS) 1600000 DA (800000 KS) Paid by IPG for swag, (5/30/36)
1383176 DA (691588 KS) 293334 DA (146667 KS) Payoff of on Loan, (5/31/36)
1716509 DA (858254 KS) 333333 DA Sale of Salvage and Data)
32,214,508 DA (16,107,254 KS) 30,498,000 DA (15,249,000 KS) Sale of Salvage, split 3 ways

OOC Discussion - Submission thread

I hereby opt out of adoption. This character cannot be reused by someone else even if I am not active on the site.

Character Data
Character NameAlex Burning
Character OwnerToshiro
Character StatusInactive Player Character
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