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Versa Light Vehicle

The Versa is a simple four-wheel drive vehicle, capable of taking two people and their gear just about anywhere on land. It is manufactured by Origin Motors Corporation, a branch of Origin Industries.


  • 4WD
  • Reliable
  • Manual or Automatic transmission
  • Durandium Alloy construction
  • Windshield wipers
  • Rear and side view mirrors
  • Five-point safety harnesses
  • Independent suspension
    • Smoother ride
    • Increased handling


  • Combustion: 3,500KS
  • Electric: 3,900KS
  • Fusion: 4,000KS

The Versa is available in any color one can name or provide a sample for, at no extra cost. Specific color schemes and patterns may also be requested, but may carry an extra charge (around 50-150 KS depending on the complexity)


The Versa is a small, boxy vehicle with a large enclosed cabin, relative to its size. the front end is much lower than the rear end, with the height difference made at the windshield, which is just forward of the center of the vehicle. The wheels are tucked away in wheel wells to protect them from things coming from above.


The Versa is a small recreational vehicle which May use either an old-fashioned internal combustion as a power plant, or an Electric motor powered by batteries, getting power to the wheels through a transmission, which is connected to a transfer case, which is connected to a driveshaft, then a differential, and through the axles, finally entering the wheels. It is constructed of light Durandium Alloy with transparent Durandium windows, making it fairly tough for its size. Safety systems include a radio that can be used to call for help, and 5-point harnesses to keep occupants in their seats no matter how crazy the terrain is. The cabin is reached via doors on the side which are hinged directly beneath the windshield and swing forward and outward.


Top speed: 120 MPH Range: Limited to land and shallow water. Crew: 1 Driver, 1 passenger. climb/descent: 65% grade


Mass: 1/2 ton Length: 2.7 meters Height: 1.6 meters Width: 1.7 meters



  • Combustion: The Versa is powered by a very small Internal combustion engine, which can run any kind of fuel from fossil fuels, to synthetic fuels, to cheap alcohol. The engine is a Six cylinder, V-configured block which makes about 400 Horsepower, but only weighs about 200 lbs. Because this Engine is made from Durandium, it is unlikely to need servicing, and the advanced seals within it are extremely hardy. The engine is estimated to last around 1 Million miles before needing replacement, assuming it has the oil changed regularly. The fuel tank carries enough fuel to take the Versa about 800 miles before refueling, and is accessed from a screw-on, vacuum-sealing cap on the driver's side rear quarter panel.
  • Electric: Due to Yamataian laws, Combustion powered vehicles are prohibited on several planets, so there is an Electric version available, which uses an electric motor and batteries instead of a combustion engine and fuel tank. It gives the vehicle roughly the same performance and range, but takes One hour to fully charge, as opposed to minutes or less to fill the fuel tank.
    • Solar Panel: The Electric version comes with an optional Solar panel roof, which can extend the range of the vehicle by about double, as long as it is sunny. So long as the vehicle is not moving, the Solar panel can fully charge it in about two hours. Price: 200 KS Extra
  • Fusion: The Fusion powered version of the Versa is actually an electric powered vehicle, with a very small fusion power generator in place of the Batteries or fuel tank. The Fuel cells for the fusion Generator last for about 10,000 miles before replacement is needed.


The Versa has a choice of two transmissions, a Manual and an Automatic. The manual transmission is a six speed with a low range option and overdrive, while the automatic is a four speed with lower range and overdrive. The manual transmission puts more power to the wheels and is more useful for offroading, but the Automatic transmission is great for general use and people not used to manual transmissions.


The tires are made of Silicone rubber with Durandium belting for strength. The wheels these tires are mounted to are made of polished Durandium.


The Versa uses independent suspension, which gives it a very smooth, comfortable ride, and helps the vehicle around corners. This suspension has a travel of about one foot, meaning that, from its fully compressed position, it can move one foot down to its fully extended position. Independent suspension reduces body roll and helps to keep the tires planted firmly on the ground, making the Versa more efficient then a vehicle with solid axles.


The Versa contains a radio system which allows the user to hear any public channel. It also has a handset which allows them to call for help, or communicate with nearby people.


The Versa's rear cargo area is an open space behind the front seats in which stuff can be thrown. There are small D-rings which allow elastic cables and ropes to be used to tie down equipment. The Versa can carry about 1,000 lbs, including the driver and passenger.

Modifiable parts

  • Suspension: The suspension is easily modifiable, and can be lifted or lowered, bringing different effects to the vehicle.
  • Intake system: The Air intake for the engine can be modified in several ways. one is larger filters, which give a slight boost in horsepower. Another is adding a 'snorkel' which allows the Versa to ford 2m deep water.
  • Wheels: The wheels can be changed out to either give the Versa a more comfortable ride on the street, or to make it more capable off road.
  • Roof: The roof can be easily chopped off with a welding torch, making the Versa into a convertible, if desired.
  • Body paneling: The body paneling is removable, and can be replaced with panels made of other materials, or in other shapes, depending on the owner's tastes.
  • Exhaust system: The Exhaust system is modifiable, which can allow the vehicle to sound different, or increase horsepower, or even reduce the emissions out the back which may bother some people.

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