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Bowhordia System

Borhordia is a star system with a habitable desert world in it, named after Star Army captain Kestral Bowman.


YSS Mikomi crashed on the planet's yellow-colored, sandy surface in YE 28 after it investigated a strange beacon and was hit by a large beam cannon from the surface. After the crash, much of the crew was massacred by combat drones. The ship was repaired and left, abandoning some of the crew members to die.

“This is Natalie Dawning reporting. I found Carlos injured at my current location. The enemy is still present in the perimeter. I am wounded as well. I need backup now!… please captain, order our temporary retreat!… this is insane, we´re about being slaughtered!” she finished the transmission with a anxious voice. “My god, Carlos… what are we doing here? we don´t even know what are we fighting, the damn enemy is everywhere, the computers are being hacked and the worst of all, we´re starting to fall!!… look at yourself, who the hell knows how did you get hurt in that way?”

In YE 30, the YSS Miharu conducted a successful campaign to defeat Black Spiral rebels using the system as a base.

System Details

Bowhordia's star is a white dwarf orbited by three planets at a distance of 2.7, 5.5 and 9.2 Astronomical units. There is no significant other planetary body.

Bowhordia Prime is a terrestrial planet having a dense atmosphere. The surface of the planet is mostly mountains or desert, very rich in iron deposits which has for the most part turned to rust on the upper layer. Temperature is very hot thanks to greenhouse gases - there is very heavy cloudcover, strong winds and frequent electrical storms. The atmosphere is breathable but only for a limited time,and the planet current only supports a bacterial-level ecosystem. Planetary gravity is 1.4 G and has no moons.

The second planet is a gas giant, mostly composed of hydrogen, helium and a surface layer of metallic hydrogen. It has a very powerful magnetic field, very strong winds and a gravity of 3.2 Gs. On note is an extensive asteroid ring made mostly of rock and ice along with 76 moons.

The third planet is a planetoid with enough gravity to be round, but really amount to being little more than a big asteroid composed of rock and base metals minerals.

Map Locations
Map to UseKikyo Sector
Map Display NameBowhordia
Map Coordinates1870,1091
Map ImportanceMinor RP Location
Show label?yes
Marker AnchorBottom Center
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Place Categoriesstar system

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