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NSS Surprise

The Surprise is a Longsword Class Frigate Under the Command of Captain Jacob "Lucky Jack" Canterbury II


What fights has the Surprise taken part in?


Rank Name Job Notes
Captain (NSN) Jacob "Lucky Jack" Canterbury II CO
Commander Tom Calamy XO Has served with Jack for many years
Lieutenant (NSN) William โ€œPoetโ€ Mowett Navigation Likes to write and recite poetry
Lieutenant (NSMC) Mike McCain Marine Commander Red haired tough officer.
Lieutenant (NSN) Rei Witman MD Ship's Doctor newly joined
Ensign David Doyle Jack's aid Young, idealizes Jack.
Sergeant Caffran Canterbury CCS/IPG Jack's Cousin


The Surprise has a long history of boarding enemy ships. As such, she has four squads of Marines instead of the standard three.

Jack likes to follow very ancient Navel Traditions. Once a week, he holds a formal dinner for his Officers and NCOs. This dinner is considered a treat because Jack likes to make the dinner feel special by serving fancy food and wine that his officers might not normally receive. Jack also likes to entertain guests this way.

To better get to know his crew, Jack will invite the officers of the night watch and two or three regular crewmembers to breakfast with him. At this breakfast there is generally better food than what the mess hall serves and it is a much more informal time.

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