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Emrys Industries A TC Company

Emrys Industries has recently decided to expand its genetics technology through the creation of a new life form: Kawaii.

About the Kawaii

The Kawaii are designed to be cute, and they are in all their different forms. The basic version is something that simply looks like a small ball of long fur, with an adorable little face in the center, like that of a kitten, and with little arms and legs with little paws on them. It waddles along on its little legs and loves to rub itself against its owner. Its legs are actually surprisingly strong, and it can leap over two meters straight into the air. Its fur is amazingly soft and silky. When happy it produces a soft β€œKrrruu” sound with ultrasound undertones which is especially modulated to create a feeling of calm and tranquility in the listener, but without them knowing. It has a little tongue which it likes to use to lick its owner's hand. Its eyes are especially large and have a very deep color, such as blue, green, brown, grey, etc. Its fur comes in an enormous number of colors and patterns, from tortoiseshell to tabby. Its form is 6 inches high by 6 wide.

There are special alternate versions for those with different tastes including one with little horns and tiny (completely useless) fangs, for those that like the horror look, or find that kind of thing cute.

A Kawaii eats small amounts of vegetables or fruit, peas and grapes being perfect for it, although it can eat meat. It only needs to be fed once a day to keep happy, and only a meager meal, but if not fed for a week it will run away. Seru would not allow an animal to die for an owner’s stupidity.

A Kawaii is also surprisingly intelligent for its size, and can understand the gist of what is being said to it in English or Japanese, and tries to follow commands as well as it can.

A Kawaii costs 50 KS, or the equivalent in Nepleslian Credits, and has a life expectancy of 20 years, after which it gently dies. If you wish to keep it for longer, Emry industries can either sell you the long life version (lives indefinitely) or make certain modifications to the one you have already.

The Kawaii can also be outfitted with many useful modifications, and accessories.

OOC Notes

Written by Zakalwe. Approved by Fred on August 27, 20061).

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