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Tsumi main fleet

β€œGlory in battle. Or die trying.” The Tsumi plot, not to be confused with the sewerdogs, is run by GM IQ. Featuring the struggle of the war-mongering, destructive race of Tsumi as they establish their position in the known universe with nail and tooth, willing to carve a place for themselves with fire and sword. And mark it their territory with the blood of their foes. These battle-hardened soldiers are bred for war. And war is what they bring.

Status: The Tsumi main fleet is accepting new players. Though at the moment, only Tsumi are allowed in the plot. Chapter one is set roughly 20 years after the tragic events during the grief battle, where the Tsumi are reduced to nomads, in a search of a home to settle.

Current Thread: Volume 1, Chapter 1: With Overwhelming force

Plot Details

Below are some basic details about the plot and its intended group of players.

Age Requirement: 16+
Format: Play-by-Post/ Joint Posts
Pacing: 1 post per fortnight minimum, will adapt to players

About The GM

IQ is a relatively new member to the site, and quite unaccustomed to GMing as a whole. Having joined around nine to ten months back, they toured a bit of the site, before finally settling into Section 6 and deciding that would be the main faction they write for. Having been promoted as a co FM by Jack Pine. Having a multitude of characters and a passion for writing, IQ remains somewhat uncomfortable with their GMing and appreciates any and all criticism on their writing, hoping to learn from what's thrown at them and make this plot one worth joining.




As a GM, I hope to have people here that will thoroughly enjoy themselves and immerse themselves in the plots I provide. While the Tsumi as a whole are pretty hectic and intense, certainly from the first few threads, the second volume will slow down a bit more and allow for calmer RP. I would hope people feel free to write as they please, but due to the nature of the Tsumi, some restrictions are in place, which are best left discussed with me over DMs.

Previous Experience

IQ has little to no previous experience in actual GMing on site. Having attempted at a plot for the ISS Brimstone, it sadly never took off. Though throughout various other media and roleplay, including D&D, they have shown somewhat of a capability to write and develop storylines with multiple people.

Players, characters & notable NPCs

Player Character Notes
IQ Mithrandis Ustarra-ae Bariss Supreme Sovereign, dictator and spiritual leader of the Tsumi
IQ Affin Bariyye-ae Shrat Rebel leader, lowborn slave turned to rebellion leader
IQ Marraken Ranna-ae Saweyal-Bren (NPC) Strike force commander, leader of several purges. A controversial character due to her nature and way of attaining power.
IQ Brax Larra-ae Karchunutum (NPC) Lowborn Tsumi, green skinned, sporting a buckler and spear. A prestigious warrior and more than capable commander
SirSkully Rekkin Barran-Ae Karch-Tre Lowborn Tsumi, The One Horned Bull, an older, tempered warrior who favours four axes on his search for a glorious death in battle
club24 Jaytorr Verhasdas-ae Saweyal-Bren Lowborn acting highborn, delusional warrior priest
Jack Pine (Inactive) Horus Averon-ae barris Veteran Tsumi soldier
Sageshooter Sekhmet Agaden-ae Saweyal Rebellious highborn looking to make a name for herself
Primitive Polygon kmza_lassarae Heretic weapon-thrall, a danger to themselves and others

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