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Service to the Free State

Service to the Free State is a proposed Nepleslia & The Free State plot to be run by GM Lamb. It is a plot that focuses on joint Nepleslian and Free Spacer operations in Free Spacer territory. It was approved by Kampfer & Sigma as of 11/11/2014. Role Play began on 12/1/2014.

Plot Details

Service to the Free State
Age Requirement: None
Format: SP on Forums
OOC Thread: Here
Pacing: Players are expected to make one post a week, minimum
RPG Rating: Nepleslia Level

About The GM

Lamb has been a SARP member for years, and has GM'ed four plots before now, two in Nepleslia. He typically uses (tries to) a comedic writing style, and tends to focus on character development rather than combat.


Lamb is a courier who is often on call. Therefore, he often keeps strange hours. It's best to send a PM over the forum or to 'lamchopsthenosy' on Skype. Skype calls are welcome, but an answer isn't always guaranteed. That said, if you call him he will either answer or call you back as promptly as possible and this is the best way to get a quick question answered.


In YE 36, the The Cult of War approached Nepleslia for aid in the creation of a Freespacer defense force. This proposed force would be able to take over routine inspection, customs and anti-piracy operations from the Nepleslians, allowing them to withdraw major fleet units for other duties and retain a more symbolic naval presence.

Though it was agreed by many that such a force was needed to at least show the the Freespacers were not going to let someone else solve their problems, hardline pacifist Spacers remain unconvinced by the plan's goals. They felt that the Cult of War was attempting to address symptoms of a greater problem rather than its root causes. In addition, it was viewed a direct violation of the tradition of solving problem through pacifist means than violence. Using the The Art of Never Again as their counterpoint, the Cult of War felt that it was only appropriate that the Free State never again be defenseless when surrounded by hostility. They further believed that it was unjust and inappropriate for them to continue to solely rely on Nepleslia's fleets for protection like a helpless child.

While the proposed defense forces debate rages in the Polysentience, it has not stopped the Free State from creating a small number of frigates to test the concept. As agreed, Nepleslia withdrew most major fleet units, leaving behind only a few destroyers and frigates, led by a single battlecruiser, the NSS Ulfberht.

More military personnel, including Marines, however were transferred to act as trainers, advisors, and boarding teams. Many in Nepleslia were skeptical that the Freespacers would be able to follow through with the Cult of War's intention for a national defense force but they appreciated the thought into which the Spacers were giving to the issue. Even temporarily, the removal of Naval vessels to other areas such as the quarantine of Vordachibea or the blockade of Ukk was a great help.

For the moment, the Nepleslians intended to utilize Nepleslian boarding teams, with seconded Freespacers, transported by the new Freespacer frigates. For most things, a simple scan and processing of the ship and crew IDs by the frigate would be enough. However, it was also necessary to conduct random searches, chase down and board suspicious or non-compliant vessels, and to interdict known pirate craft. For that, the Freespacers had no experience and would have to learn from the Nepleslians.

Joint patrols began in late YE 36.


These are items that are usable by SFS Player Characters. Some are issued standard issue whilst others require GM permission. Items requiring GM permission are labeled with (*) Some are only available in limited quantities, others not anymore. All PA can use the weapons systems listed in their wiki. Maximum of two forearm weapons per PA. Limit of two hand-held weapons per PA. Forearm weapons, unless standard equipment, take the place of hand held weapons.

Other Nepleslian power armors not listed below require GM approval but are available for use if justification can be provided.

Personal Weapons And Armour

All personal weapons listed here used by the SMDIoN are available and do not require GM permission, excepting sniper/marksman weapons. The list below are weapons not listed in the SMDIoN equipment page but available for use. The (*) denotes GM permission required. Players may request a modified shotgun which uses plasma shells instead of solid shot.

Characters and Players

Rank Character Player Notes
Auxiliary Harmonious Solarsailor 44808-5I GMNPC Is a ship
Auxiliary Mindtwister Cloudheart Nixton Nine-nine 99991 GMNPC Liason
Auxiliary Dollmaker Diharmonious Phase 46-9084-314 Moogle Robotics Specialist
Auxiliary Gearhead Halcyone Three Seven 37-4252-9653 Gunsight1 Engineer
Auxiliary Dr. Domicile Yoshi Doctor Kidface
Auxiliary Regalia Antisepticizer Beep 32-6589-8745 Riko Hulking Metal Monstrosity
Commandant (Old Nepleslian Rank) Killroyal Black GMNPC Loves you very much
Master Sergeant Thaddeus Elway GMNPC Commandant Black's Batman
E-4 Corporal Linda Nelson Syaoran IPG Intel Attache Cheza Evans in disguise
E-4 Corporal Lisa Simmons ShotJon Marine
E-2 Private First Class Eir Nygaard-Smith Deathevn Marine
E-2 Private First Class Elijah Garvey Born-on-board Marine
E-2 Private First Class Adam Edison Whitehart Marine
E-2 Private First Class Alistair Thorn Gunhand4171 Marine
E-2 Private First Class Roy S. (Samson) Rotundo Mrmister Marine

Open Positions

Service to The Free State is not accepting new players. If you really want to join, find and kill one of the current players. When you kill them, please force them to write themselves out of the plot at gun/knifepoint before you end them. Thank you. (Please don't kill ShotJon, though, he's my internet husband~ Lamb)

Plot Audits

Jan 2015: Here

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