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Dr. Domicile

Dr. Domicile is a player character played by Yoshi.

Dr. Domicile
Species: Freespacer (Type 3)
Gender: Female
Age: 8 But tells everyone she's 18
Height: 5'5“
Weight: 200lb (lots of metal in there…)
Organization: Messy
Occupation: Medic
Rank: Not at all, She's very Hygienic.
Current Placement:

Preferred Plots:

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5'5”
  • Mass: 200lb
  • Measurements: 34E-31-35

Build and Skin Color: A bit heavy set, though she is healthy and in shape. As for her skin color it is pale pale white, for wearing her fully enclosed lifesuit.

Eyes and Facial Features: Her eye color is purple, a side effect of the radiation she grew up around. Her eyes are framed with a small button noes and high rosy cheek bones.

Ears: At first glance they are normal, but there are bionics that line the interior of her ears, giving them a metallic shimmer.

Hair Color and Style: Her hair is kept short only reaching a few inches at most, dyed bright red, though the coal black roots normally show, since she rarely gets to a salon.

Distinguishing Features: Her faceless lifesuit mask hide her face and skin form most. She rarely takes it off on duty, and only then if she is quite comfortable with anyone around.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Being a pacifist Dr. Domicile (Dom for short) doesn't believe in violence, nor feels the need to use any unless someone's life is at risk. She is disorganized at best, a complete scatter brain at worst, but her doctor's bag is kept full of all the prober gear. even if it takes her a minute to dig it out. She is fairly happy and jolly but can fly into a good rage if things of her are being messed with (ie. her medbay) or if some one is being hurt for no good reason.

  • Likes: Bloody marys, helping people, and most of all she like sour lemon candies.
  • Dislikes: People screwing around in her Medbay, people hurt, and people screwing around with her personal belongings.
  • Goals: She would like to open a children's hospital that would not charge the families of the patents.



  • Father: I. Jet (Dead Lighthouse indecent.)
  • Mother: Dot Matrix (Dead Lighthouse indecent.)
  • Cousin: Crash McKill (Though he thinks she is dead, with her family.)


Dom 376-Charlie-46-Lamba started life like most type three Freespacer. She grew up with her loving parents that loved her and tried to protect her from the outside world the best they could. She did the usual things a young freespacer would do, from schooling to putting stickers on the type four brain jars and running away. Life went on for her until the Lighthouse indecent. she was on a holiday with some friends to see the black hole up close near Ether. It was then they got word that the Genocide had started and they fled. Being only 10 years of age at the time she bounced from one refugee group to another. until she was about fifteen. Then she came up with a brilliant idea to become a doctor.

She started watching as many doctor, er, hospital movies and vid shows she could fine. And when she needed to learn a particular operation she watched videos on Yamatube, to gain an understanding. Even though she is starting to get a good handle on how to be a Doctor, she still seems to believe all medical procedures benefit from enemas.


Starship Operations

Living in starship environments their entire lives, they naturally learn quite a bit regarding starship architecture and related systems. In a pinch most Freespacers can fill a wide range of roles.


(Accelerated learning, digital memory, knowledge.)

Freespacers all have basic neural tech installed at birth for childhood education. These may be used later in life to accelerate learning ability, allowing a Freespacer to learn a skill in a fraction of the time it may take most humanoids. These also provide a small digital memory bank, allowing one to privately record and store memoirs, or share these with others. Finally one can download reference books or instruction manuals into this digital memory, giving others the illusion that a user knows much more than they truly do. This skills also allows them to stay connected to Polysentience and to access the collective consciousness of their race, and to remotely connect and interface to most technology.

For more information on Mindware and how it works see Mindware Technology.


Though she seems to be pretty decent with a scalpel, please remember this was all learned from web videos and Vid shows…


You can't watch enough movies and shows to learn medical stuffs, with out picking up on how people enteract and behave with each other. Or at least how the actors do…


Dom has learned a bit on biology after watching the web vids and actually preforming a few operations herself. One thing that is great to know is that the spleen can not substitute as a spare heart… Learned that one the hard way…


She has spent the past six years as a wondering child, there were a few things she had to learn on the fly to survive. Pickpocketing to eat, being able to bust out tears in a second to fool people into believing she is the victim, and just plan blackmail. Each of these skills have helped her get to where she is today.

Maintenance and Repair

As a child going through school she learn how to deal with different aspects of Freeespacer tech, namely how to fix and or build different parts. As a good girl she learn all of these. She also paid attention to how her own cybernetic parts went in, so she feels she can handle building and installing other cyborg parts in others.

Technology Operation

Of coarse she know how to use a computer, she's a Freespacer, SHE'S HALF COMPUTER…


Dr. Domicile has the following items:

  • 1 Worn Pressurized suit (various patches sewn to it)
  • 1 Heavily customized Medical helmet
  • 1 Medical bag filled with stolen medical equipment
  • Duffel Bag (for storing personnel items)
  • Personal Clothing
    • 5 Black Sleeveless Tee shirts
    • 5 Black Poly-pro long sleeve shirts with thumb holes
    • 3 Heavy Over-shirts (1 OD, 1 Tan, 1 Black)
    • 2 Heavy Canvas pants (1 OD, 1 Black)
    • 10 pairs of white tube Socks
    • Black boots
    • 4 sets Scrubs
      • 1 pink set
      • 2 light blue
      • 1 black set with starships printed on the top
  • Stolen Medical Dr. coat name printed on chest Dr. Domicile
  • EM-J5-6a - FARS GP Panted pink, it follows her around and answers to the name Sweety, it carries her medical bag so she doesn't have to. (side note it is one of the few things she did not ever steal, all the funds to buy it came from her working as a medic.)


Upgrades or repairs she's had done over the years.1)

  • Ear upgrades, can hear further and in higher frequencies.
  • Right hand, replaced
  • Left leg, replaced
  • Freespacer upgrades in her skull, wifi cards, data ports, and a few memory drives for added storage.
  • Replaced lungs and Heart with cybernetic pumps and air sacks, though still breaths air.
  • Right hip has three pins in it.
  • Rib Cage replaced with metal one, at the same time as the lungs and heart.


Dr. Domicile is currently a Medic in the .

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds
2550 KS -650 EM-J5-6a - FARS GP
Character Data
Character NameDr. Domicile
Character OwnerYoshi
Character StatusInactive Player Character
OOC Note: List of upgrades she has, though this is subjected to increase for I'm spit balling them here

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