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The OIF Atuan III is a Serendipity-Class. It directly continues from the OIF Atuan and the OIF Atuan II. Roleplay on the Atuan began July 20, 2009. The OIF Atuan III is a Mecha test carrier, whose purpose is to ferry experimental frames to test grounds. After the Mecha Test team's Haiatus from YE 34 to YE 36, however, they have been reactivated in order to combat a Pirate scourge that has been attacking Origin shipping lines with what appear to be versions of Origin's own Mecha…

To the Tombs of our Enemies
GM(s): Kai Cadetnewb Origin Industries OIF Atuan Subforum
Current Crew
Rank Name Position Player
Commander Arah Tenner Ship's Captain Kai (NPC)
Corporal Mecholic Nora One-Three 1314171 Frame 'Test' Pilot Kai (NPC)
Ship's Computer Ged Ship's Computer Kai (NPC)
Ensign Coltan de Zall Lead Frame 'Test' Pilot Cadetnewb
Doran Haverthorn Fighter Pilot Straken
Thalath Zaim Frame 'Test' Pilot Gwathdraug
Sergeant Taela Kaila Frame 'Test' Pilot Moogle
Sergeant 'Lucien' McGarland Frame 'Test' Pilot/Hired Gun Luca
Sergeant Ritter Victoria Frame 'Test' Pilot ShotJon
Sergeant Mark "Master V" Vintropolis Frame 'Test' Pilot Lamb
Former Crew
Rank Name Position Player Reason
Private Maki Oyu Pilot Kai, NPC KIA
Corporal Shinji Inakura Test pilot/demo expert Kai (NPC) Stuck at a desk
Ensign Kelly Williams Lead Test Pilot Cadetnewb Stuck at a desk
Private Meena Vershan Test pilot Kai(NPC) Stuck at a desk
Private Tachibana Yoshiko Test Pilot Cadetnewb Stuck at a desk
Private Zenny Ontarius Pilot Teddo Player Inactive
Private Asyncronus Seven Three Pilot Cy83r K0rp53 Player Inactive
LAWL?! Linda Fark1) ??? Revolver Guest
Master Sgt Camellia Sarri PA Team Leader Chris Young Inactive


Atuan II

Second Life

After Bringing down the Kensuke/HiGa conspiracy, the Atuan was heavily damaged, and left in port for a long period of time, Stripped of mecha and supplies, it lay forgotten for nearly two years before a resurrected Frame Test program called for the ship to be Refitted and rebuilt to make it perform its job even better than before. Given extra defensive armament, a catapult for launching frames, and a new main entrance to the hangar, the Atuan II was re-Christened the Atuan III and loaded with the next generation of powered frames. This 'test program' however, was actually to be a campaign to bring down a group of pirates whom were preying heavily on Origin lines as well as shipping lanes in Nepleslian space in general.

Available Positions

The OIF Atuan II is seeking the following:

  • Mecha Pilots
  • Mechanics

Frame Test Team

The OIF Atuan III has Twelve frames, which are each assigned to a pilot or pilots as deemed necessary for testing. The following is the current arrangement in the plot:

Unit# Frame Type Frame Nickname Pilot
01 OI-M3-1A Gekido Blazing Vanguard 'Lucien' McGarland
02 OI-M3-1A Gekido UNNAMED Coltan De Zal
03 OI-M3-1A Gekido UNNAMED Thalath Zaim
04 OI-M3-1A Gekido Unnamed Viktoria Ritter
05 OI-M3-1A Gekido Bangarang Nora One-Three
06 OI-M3-1A Gekido Two Seater UNNAMED Taela Kaila, Mark "Master V" Vintropolis
07 OI-M3-1A Gekido Two Seater UNNAMED UNASSIGNED
08 OI-M3-1A Gekido Two Seater UNNAMED UNASSIGNED
09 OI-M1-3A Antiarmor Support Frame "Garuda" UNNAMED
10 OI-M1-3A Antiarmor Support Frame "Garuda" UNNAMED UNASSIGNED
11 OI-M1-3A Antiarmor Support Frame "Garuda" UNNAMED UNASSIGNED
12 OI-M1-3A Antiarmor Support Frame "Garuda" UNNAMED UNASSIGNED
Misc Vehicle Type Vehicle Nickname Pilot
001 Scimitar Starfighter 2) The Revolver Doran Haverthorn

Posting/Joining Requirements (OOC)

Players in this plot are expected to post at least once every other day, But posting every day is preferred.

Players who refuse to post for more than a week run the risk of being removed from the plot, unless they have provided proper reasoning and/or warnings for their absence.

You don't really need that much to join the Atuan, you just need to have a good attitude and outlook, as well as be available to post.

Ship Inventory

The supplies aboard the OIF Atuan III are currently unknown to the crew due to a hasty mission deployment and departure.

Medical Center

The Medical center is fully stocked with everything needed to treat just about any injury possible on a starship. some of the contents include:

Hangar Bay

The hangar bay has been modified from the original Serendipity type. The original front hangar opening has been replaced with a deployable mecha launch catapult, while the rear bulkhead has been replaced with a much wider cargo ramp making deploying or retrieving Mecha, shuttles, and other craft much easier.

Shuttles and other small craft

The Atuan III can carry two shuttles and a few other small craft.

Powered Armor

Assigned Mecha

The Atuan II can carry up to twelve Mecha

Accessories Available

Ship Weapons

  • 500mm Gauss Impelled Positron Cannon: 6, Tier 12, Heavy Anti-Starship (3 turrets of twin-linked barrels)
    • The Atuan III has a total of 600 rounds on board, 100 for each barrel. Up to 6 rounds a minute per unit. attempting to fire to the weapon's standard ROF will cause Shielding and auxiliary propulsion problems.
  • OI-Z3C Space Missiles: 560, Tier 7
    • Up to 56 a minute
  • Origin Heavy Laser Turret 5, Tier 11, Medium Anti-Starship
    • Mobile
  • Plasma Flak Cannon 22, Tier 9, Heavy Anti-Mecha
    • Evenly spaced. Defensive armaments.

OOC/Extras/GM Notes

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