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Treatment and Examination Bed

This is a Kakutama Heavy Industries Product.


The TEB, as it is called due to shortening of the name is an advancement in conventional medical technology. The TEB was designed by Shichou Tai for use within the Lorath Matriarchy and United Outer Colonies. Where as ship's utilize hand held scanners, or a whole medical sensor unit the bed combines bed, scanner, and life support system into one. These beds usually stand at 3 1/2 ft in height twin sized, making them at about waist level for a typical Nepleslian. The height is adjustable to suit the heights of all patients, allowing for them to hop on to the bed easier, and to ensure the doctor or nurse performing any action has easy access to the bed's systems and the patient. The bed is also adjustable to suit a patient's need for comfort, allowing the bed to be situated into upright, and flat positions.


The bed appears like any other, a bed. While the base of the bed is encased in silvery material where the majority of the systems are held. The bed is twin sized, and stands at 3 1/2 Feet, but can be adjusted to suit individual needs. Along the base of the bed are two cylindrical protrusions, one on each side.

Bed Construction

The bed frame itself is constructed of sturdy, yet lightweight metallic materials allowing for easy installation, and to ensure the internal systems are well protected the materials also shield against EMP allowing the bed to continue operating should an EMP pulse go off. Another reason for sturdy materials is in the case of 'unruly' patients.


The Mattress of the bed is made of memory foam, allowing it to conform about the patient's body and to ensure maximum comfort. There is also a variation for surgical beds for a more hard surface.

Internal Systems

The TEB features a series of inbuilt sensor systems and medical diagnostic tools to allow patient analysis as efficiently as possible. The diagnostic and sensor systems are housed within the bed's base. These sensors and diagnostic tools are capable of monitoring neurological, and cardiovascular activity. Also included in with the diagnostic and sensor package is an imager capable of showing the body's internal workings on a volumetric projection above the patient's body. This system allows a doctor or nurse to better locate the patient's problem, and allow easy monitoring of patient vitals. These sensor and diagnostic systems can be an invaluable tool for the medical and surgical staff using this system.

Life Support Functions

Due to the nature of the bed it contains its own built in life support systems for patients. These systems include a list of the following. These systems are contained within the left, and right sides of the bed inside of cylindrical protrusions. They will exit via extend able rods or racks for use depending on what is required.

Bed Computer System

The TEB utilizes a Neural Processor Pack as its computer system. This system is capable of linking to the ship or facility AI in which the bed is located in. The need to link to a ship borne AI or facility AI allows diagnosis to be more quickly decerned via up linking with the ship or facility AI's medical database. While conventional means can be used, this feature is built in,and will transmit the patient's symptoms etc etc to the AI which will cross reference their on board medical database. In addition the Neural Processor Pack regulates the TEB's functions ensuring the internal systems run effectively, and efficiently.

Emergency Power Source

In the event of facility or ship wide power failure, or medical section failure the TEB uses a Bacterial Charge Pack as its emergency power source. This power source will activate in the event of power failure.


The TEB comes standard with two modes of interacting with it for doctors or nurses. One is a volumetric panel which can be projected from either side of the bed. The panel is more then capable of handling all interface needs, and includes several in depth and customizable menus for use. The second system is a more direct approach and is a small keyboard interface located on both sides of the bed. This is intended for use should the volumetric interface be malfunctioning.

Bio-Hazard Containment

Pico-Jelly Shell

In the event of a hazardous epidemic, the TEB can form a 'shell' or 'dome' if you will above the bed enclosing it in a shell composed of metallic and plastic Pico-Jelly. The shell is very strong and durable, able to contain all manner of disease, pathogens, and harmful substances that may originate from the patient. Also, the pico-jelly can become amorphous enough to conform around a doctor or nurse's hands to allow them to work with it on “like a glove” and still be quite durable and resistant to damage.

EM Containment Field

This is a late addition to the TEB, due to past encounters with parasitic life forms, namely parasitic Mishhuvurthyar a EM containment field was added. This is designed to either supplement the Pico-Jelly shell, or act on its own should the shell become compromised, and is considered for extreme level containment only. The Field has variable strength from DR 1-3.

OOC Notes

This page was originally made by Soresu.

It was approved by Wes on 8/18/2008 in this thread.

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