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Neural Processor Pack

Also known as: Neural Data Packs or Neural-Gel Packs Designer: Lorath Matriarchy Psionics R&D Manufacture: Lorath Psionics Energy Supply and Genetic Labs production division. Intended Use: Data storage and processing.

Information: The Neural Data Packs are intended to be used to process and store electronic data. The packs are comprised of organic matter that is genetically engineered for its intended use.

Technical Information: The Neural Data Packs are intended to be used as a processor and storage device, the packs are built similar to a Lorath’s brain matter, the backbone to the creation of the packs are strains of Lorath DNA, the DNA is manipulated into only being brain matter information then is cloned repeatedly. Through the use of genetic engineering the brain matter’s ability to process information and store information is increased by manipulating the use and efficiency of the protein based processing and storage. The input of data to the neural packs is conducted by a series of micro-pulses of electrical transmissions intended to mimic the pulses of electricity in the Lorath brain. With the use of a series of electrical transformers, the electrical impulses transmitted through the neural packs can be stepped down to prevent damage to the packs, and the transmissions from the packs can be stepped up to be more easily read by standard electrical devices. The packs also will have a buffer built into them that prevents harmful electrical surges and data from entering the packs and damaging them.

The structure of the packs is quite simple, a plastic like bag is used to contain the neural matter and protect it from external interference. A series of small tubes and microscopic wires are fed into the bag and provide basic nutrition and electrical impulses to stimulate the tissues, and also transmit and receive data. The bag, tubes, and wires are attached to a module that varies in size dependant upon the application, the module usually measures the same width and length of the bag of matter, the height is usually only a few inches. The whole assembly is placed inside of a “shoebox” sized metallic containment unit that functions much like a computer case. The containment unit allows for external attachments to be connected or for the unit to be easily inserted into ports on larger pieces of equipment allowing the Neural Pack module to be used as a processor device for various machines, computing devices, and vehicles. The power supply for the unit can be provided by an outside source when the unit is attached to another piece of equipment. When used alone the unit is powered by a bacterial pack, nutrition for the neural matter is handled by an automated system integrated into the module, the nutrients can be supplied ether by an injection of a nutritional supplement into a port on the module that would refill a storage tank that would allow for a regulated ammount of nutrients to be “fed” to the brain like matter, or by drawing atmospheric organic matter in through a series of vents on the outside of the casing, the atmospheric matter is processed in the module and chemically “digested” into nutritional material that is then passed into the pack. Waste matter is expelled in an odorless gaseous non-toxic form that is passed out of the casing of the unit.

With the use of genetic engineering the need for nutrients for the organic matter is brought to a minimum, and with the regulated automated feeding over time from the storage tank located inside of the module thus allowing for the packs to require “feeding” or “refueling” once in a 30-120 day time depending on the processing strain placed upon the pack.

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