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Ketsurui Prison

Ketsurui Prison is a mostly-underground prison facility on the extremely-cold world UX-19 II. Above ground, its appearance is a nearly windowless, sturdy black castle looking in the midst of white frozen wastelands. The prison looks much like a square medieval castle, with the middle area serving as the landing zone for ships dropping off prisoners.


Ketsurui Prison was built in built in YE 30 and used for prisoners of the Star Army of Yamatai and Ketsurui Clan.

In YE 41, the prison was taken by forces from the Interstellar Kingdom Of Kuvexia during the Kuvexian Invasion of YE 41. It was used to house some Prisoners of Kuvexia.

Inside the Prison

The prison is designed to hold up to 2,400 prisoners (400 per floor), but some lower levels of the prison are still under construction at this point. There is a tunnel from the local Star Army Intelligence base that connects it, so the prison can store prisoners needing interrogation.

Floor Facilities
4 Watch Towers (extend two stories from the top of the wall
3 Battlements
2 Administration Level
1 Processing Level, Landing Area
B1 Storage Level
B2 Standard Prison Cells
B3 Standard Prison Cells, Tunnel to SAINT Base
B4 Standard Prison Cells
B5 Standard Prison Cells
B6 Standard Prison Cells
B7 High Security Cells
B8 Engineering Level
B9 ???

Prison Cells, Standard

These cells feature a foam mattress on a raised area at the back of the cell that serves as a bed or bench. The floor and the raised area are coated with an extremely durable, fire-resistant plastic to protect the concrete floor and to prevent the prisoner from hurting themselves on the floor. The cells also include a plastic toilet, built into the floor, against either the left or the right side of the wall. The ceiling features a metal heating vent and a transparent Durandium Alloy window from which lights shine down; both are permanent (lights are replaced via a maintenance tunnel above the cell).

The actual cell door is made of transparent Durandium with a white stripe across that is labeled with the prisoner's identity and/or number. There is a small slot at the bottom of the door for food tray delivery.

Prison Cells, High Security

High security prison cells are lined with Zesuaium and have two sets of airtight doors.

List of Prisoners

The following list should include the prisoner's name, crime(s), and expected release date (in OOC time).


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